Top 3 Logitech Gaming Mice 2019! Dear Logitech..

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Top 3 Logitech Gaming Mice 2019! Dear Logitech..


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Logitech has been one of my favorite brands for the longest time. They make the best wireless mouse on the planet and it’s time I give some credit where credit is due when I list my top 3 gaming mice from them currently.

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  1. Been grind on my setup for years and still dolt have a pc wish for me to get a pc by next year so I can actually do homework home instead of a shared laptop

  2. You should probably check out Corepad Skatez or Tiger Arc mouse feet, they're much cheaper alternatives to Hyperglides and use essentially the same material. These companies also do a much better job keeping up with new mouse releases compared to Hyperglide. I'm sure mousereview would love if you did a comparison video between different feet as well!

  3. Their mice are great,awesome specs etc. but i always end up going back to my Zowie Ec2-A.The shape of zowie mice is just so good,there is simply nothing better at the market right now even tho the specs are not that good,but as RJN says all the time,"shape is most important".

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