Tiemu T3206 – 32-Inch 144hz Gaming Monitor for $320USD?!

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If you’re looking for the best bang for buck 144hz gaming monitor, this is just that.

The Tiemu T3206 32-Inch 144hz gaming monitor sells for a low, LOW price of $320USD (P15,950).

You can get yours (if you’re in the Philippines) at EasyPC!
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if you're running a game PC and life expander game experience one of the best way to do that is by getting a game monitor not just any gaming monitor but again we monitor that would have a better refresh rate than 50 frames per second and yes we're talking about 140 for her to gaming mind like it or not having those extra frames that your beef video cart display can make your game experience more exciting and some it does give an advantage so if you're looking for a higher refresh rate monitor you probably notice a trend in Christ that's said for example the 24 inch and the 27 inch was 40 for her refresh rate gaming monitors of ensued what have you paying around three hundred three dollars or four hundred eighty dollars inspected personally I've gotten accustomed to playing in front of a 42 inch LED TV at arm's length and the 24 inch display would be smaller on the other hand the price tag for a 27-inch 144 her monitor is to speak for what it's worth and yes 27 inches would still be comparatively small to what I'm used this is there is a T mu T 3206 140 for her skin monitor come from this is the first and probably the only review video but the kind is English after muted I haven't come across any review video monitor and that's why I decided to make this is the 3rd two inch 144 her led gaming monitor bites the China brand but don't boycott it just yet this may just be a banker book of campy mod when it comes to refresh rate viewing size and of course print will get more into that later dubbed Iron Curtain mighty move or at least asked how interprets translation off of the product page which is all in Chinese out of the box the monitor comes with a metal base plate an adjustable stand power supply a DVI cable and that's about it it supports four inputs HDMI dual link DVI your standard D plug VGA and a 3.5 millimeter audio input should you choose the player sounds whose monitors although it doesn't support this play port it's the mind dueling vbi is enough to give you up 100 new hertz and 144 her to refresh rates perspective if the 3rd two inch TN LED display the viewing angles aren't all that good coming from any other angle or then being hurt of course it's being ATM display I already expected and accepted that output its maximum resolution is 1920 by 1080 and for a 32 inch display some may find 1080p smaller resolution prices places it has a 1ms response time which is something that expected from a gaming monitor so that is good colors reach up to sixteen point seven million and is backlit with W LED difference between W LED and led I don't really care and from what I've heard and read on the forms there really isn't any difference although not too pretty freesync or g-sync it does have a feature which FPS clear could definitely gain a little or it's not some advantage while playing FPS game this monitor features three quick excite functions that's play over in your screen like what you see here while I tested it out on PS go while using this it does help especially when using sniper rifles as there are no crosshairs while you're not it at a certain distance the AWP in this instance can be used like shotgun and that's for the quick read function help it also helps tracking an opponent when you're not zoomed in because you know as users monitor the quick let shows where you're in center me being an FBS player this is extremely well now let's talk about why this is probably the bang for buck twenty four inches three seven ish 140 for her gaming monitor killer while depressed of the known 24 and 27 140 for her skinny monitors set you back at around three hundred three dollars and $480 respectively this 32 inch gaming monitor from Teemu only costs an incredibly low $320 yes you heard me right $320 for those of you who are not too particular with wanting a higher resolution than 1080 on the 32 inches play wanting precinct or g-sync or it's being ATM display this one 44 her 32 inch gaming monitor from Teemu is your best bet at the moment here in Philippines easy PC is the only store that sells it I'm honestly surprised if not a lot of people know about I know most shorts sell you been cute suits or Zowie gaming monitors but for their price tag but if you want a very display that can do 144 Hertz for almost the price of a common 24 inch gaming monitor in the end it would really go down to user preference as for me a 32 inch 144 heard skimming monitor for the price of $320 is a winner for me thanks for watching my unboxing and review video for this awesome product if you like this video go ahead and hit that like button it didn't send tech gibble do subscribe if you want to see more awesome videos and I would love you for that this is all those thanks for watching okay

31 thoughts on “Tiemu T3206 – 32-Inch 144hz Gaming Monitor for $320USD?!”

  1. Funny in PH looking for monitor, only option to this is Amazon for 200$ can get LG 32ma70hy-p, but the shipping is 200$, so for 2 going to cost $800, and thats actually not to bad a price, but came accross your review, looks like its selling for only 14k pesos on lazada now. btw Easy PC isn't carrying this anymore. ALso the TIEMU design shown on lazada looks much different, pretty cool looking to me, but one of those things you probably either love or hate.

  2. Sir, how do you reach that 144hz (lets say there's no prob with the specs, I'm asking about what video port to connect to and what cables are required) refresh rate on this monitor? I'm looking to upgrade from a 1080p 32" 60hz monitor to this one and the only cables I know are HDMI and those DVI cables (like the white bros of the VGA) with either a plus or minus connecting pin. Which do I use for that full 144hz?

  3. sir ask ko lang, how about the ghosting? is there any ghosting? and the durability?

    I have Benq GC2870H VA Panel type, kakabili lang then i don't know what is ghosting pero nung ginamit ko na to doon ko lang nalaman meaning ng ghosting since nakikita ko talaga yung trail.

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