Streamers React to *NEW* Reverse 90's Strategy In Fortnite! **SWEATY** (NEW Build Meta)

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In this video, streamers react to the new sweaty Reverse 90’s strategy that pro players have been using! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!

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have you seen their new reverse in 90 strategies you hi girl check it out so this is the new one this is much better in my opinion because you're like you get a lot higher than the reversion alright I think it should only work on bad boys I'm gonna show you guys this in a slow pace so one thing you need to know is make sure the bottom rep is further away than the top Ram because otherwise you cannot place the pyramid like this you're gonna mess it up and place the pyramid below so make sure the bottom ramp is further away than the top ramp ok the wind outside is really loud I'm not sure if you guys were tired but yeah so then you you need to place a pyramid TransAm to do it without the pyramid so you can just jump Darren thanks a prime oh yeah I saw that cliff the new reverse 90s hmmm it's kind of like I feel like it only works it's not gonna work every time it's a situational thing you know like it's not going to work literally every single time easy Oh baby the cannon rocky ride boys Hey nope well they're in that both way again West with us which one I fucking freaking out laughs I'm ready nice laughter three two one go literally just fucking noscope then landing he's nothing I'm clean ring he land on that tree he's going he's oh nice get the other one fuck him up dude relax him you only haha dead a lot the nine months welcome back card you got a question if I babe upside down does the vape come out my ass alright guys it's gonna do it for today's stream but yeah so much for watching and tuning in to talk to us later that landed I think it's in there oh my god my news gonna edit up to place the next wall but he was faced through his war so it fell through with him dude that's so unfortunate I feel bad for the guy meow its Katrina I think of her the one I'm actually an idiot and I just fed him a kill I literally just edit saved his life holy crap on the bottom that's not mine I quit I'm so confused this game is booty oh there was a gardener oh my oh my god oh I thought my getting crash for a second I love that shot was different I don't know oh my another part spawn you yeah know that I got I only know that because that secrets tarnish I was chasing a guy I saw that all right well I go grab the other chef I get my office I don't trust you I saw that dude I thought I could get around it I'm not dying off spawn this time absolutely no shot I die off spawn this time I'm guaranteeing a dub okay is she wearing courageous leggings hold up is she wearing courageous leggings oh I'm never getting a caning again oh my god I just yeah I had the same thing it was it you were like spinning in a circle or whatever and you can build it even though oh yeah yeah it was weird it was like you're rotating over there this thing is they they said nine kills he's like the most fake brought his dad's better than Keith was sort of off Eileen oh so I am I think he can play and Nate is a probably the best game I've ever seen thanks man what what is this game these guys actually decent the hell feels bad the team on the Shipley's kind of sucks oh here we go look I'm using no skin teeth or you bow to me Evo you can't miss you just can't miss brother always [Applause] Oh oh my god I just I just you know I just shit on below decks oh he's just wait you could say come on champ

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  1. After a few tests with both 90's. They have equal times in how quick they can be done. It's a cool method. One I imagine ill use when I accidentally place a pyramid above my head,

  2. I actually hate how sweaty people are at this game it kinda kills it for some people who are just tryna have fun then end up runnning in to a guy that's doing reverse 90's and all that other sweaty shit. SMH

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