SNES Classic – Playstation Classic – Will and Can it be hacked or modded!?

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Hell Yes!:) Enjoy the video!

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  1. How good is the Playstation 1 game emulation on the SNES classic? Is it a good number of games that compatible? Does anyone have a list? The ones you show here seem to work so well. I recall having tried n64 games and there was all kinds of problems with them so I didn't even consider trying Playstation games.

  2. Tbh, since the snes classic can run psx games well enough I'd most likely pass on a ps1 classic. I'm much more interested in a n64 classic due to the notable issues with emulation. A ps2 classic I might get but at that point a PC would do just as well

  3. Would be nice with a compatibility video, where u show which PSX games works well on SNESC – and which ones works well with the SNES controller 🙂

  4. Hey Kyland! Please lower the volume on the TV, it would make it a ton easier to hear what you're saying without the game system sounds being in the background.

  5. Thank you Kyland! Excellent work!! Watching this, the PS1 seems petty flawless on the snes mini. Is that right? I thought it would struggle since it can be a little glitchy on a raspberry pi.

  6. Been good seeing classic games coming back, especially arcade games I could only emulate until now. Buying a legit version of Prehistoric Isle 2 for a few bucks on the switch is whats up.

  7. You bring up a good point, it’s only $5 per game with a free hdmi system to play them on yet there are detractors who find reasons to complain. Jumping flash sucks imo, but no matter which 20 games go on it, no one will be totally happy.
    Been planning on starting to collect ps1 games for my PS3, been side tracked building and collecting for my AES most of this year, so imo the ps Classic is a good start for $100.
    If MGS is on it, I’ll have to change my underwater when the announcement is made. Boy my wife won’t be happy with the load of laundry that day.

  8. Those classic non analog ps1 controllers are my favorite. Its so light and perfect for fighting games. In fact, md luffy won a Ultra Street Fighter IV Evo fighting game championship with those standard controllers. I really hope there’ll be a way to use those controllers on pc or ps4.

    20 games, 2 ps1 controllers and the console for 100$? I think that’s a great deal. And golly with 20 games u think they may have included a 1tb hdd in there?

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