Roblox LIVE! Playing YOUR Games! Day 23 of 31 Days of Streaming! SallyGreenGamer

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Roblox LIVE! Playing YOUR Games! Day 23 of 31 Days of Streaming! SallyGreenGamer

I’ll be playing games that you made today on the stream! Make sure your game is published and public. I will play as many games as I can today!


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Here’s a fun family friendly Roblox playlist from Geegee92 aka SallyGreenGamer a famous girl roblox youtuber

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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is the best place to Imagine with Friends™. With the largest user-generated online gaming platform, and over 15 million games created by users, ROBLOX is the #1 gaming site for kids and teens (comScore). Every day, virtual explorers come to ROBLOX to create adventures, play games, role play, and learn with their friends in a family friendly, immersive, 3D environment. ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where kids of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects.

Thanks for watching another family friendly video! Yes, I make 100% family friendly gaming videos. This means that everyone can enjoy my content because they have no cursing and no adult situations. I’m a mom, too! I make content that I know my son can watch safely.
I am so glad you’re here, I hope you’ll stick around!
hello everybody hi green gamers hello robloxians hi we're not completed again we will play the theme song again hi everybody good morning hello or good afternoon or good evening or good night or wherever you are in the world and whatever time it is for you hello I'm super glad you guys are here we're gonna play some more roblox today so yesterday stream I had so many of you guys want me to play your games that I read at a time I sit have enough time hi I are TIA hello welcome to the stream really glad you're here hello hi Artie so that's like hey guys hey green gamers hello I'm super glad you guys are here Vegeta Prince of all asite Saiyans like Super Saiyan is that like it's like that are you the prince of all sands like that okay well thank you for subscribing I appreciate that very much so here are the rules the deal so if you want me to play your game a game that you've created on roblox that would be more than happy to do that today just let me know the name of the game if it's searchable or your name and I could look at your profile and find of your creations hello well hello there hello there Shadow Man oh six hello patrick Star hello Patrick Gilligan hello let's Patrick's in the chat Callum school toys hello hey Timmy thanks for being here moderating hello Li you're just watching today awesome air can play along that's okay here's what Ajay me my robots name is Gigi 92 hi Lilly L ilyin big letters hello little Slytherin of 4033 I don't know what I'm reading today can you read today hi bunny buddy okay here's the list I have so far I have karma May 2006 wants you to play a game called home Cal and the best persons wants you to play their place Lucy adorable three seven eight one Wesley to play their place I will only play blocksberg cluster ckl USTR I will only play blocksberg if you send me a super chat begging me to play I'm only gonna play that if I get bribed hello Lilly I'm doing great thank you and Nelson girls hi I saw you in the stream before the street movement started I saw you in the chat hello blah blah blah blah if you want me to notice you here's a good way for me to notice you just say hi um don't think I'm ignoring you because that's my biggest pet peeve cuz I try not to ignore anybody on purpose if I were gonna ignore you I would ban you from the chat that's last thing I'm gonna say Oh queen valina hello welcome to the stream hey foxy Vanessa hello um I have seen a bay hi Maura beep city I should get a beep City today that would be really fun weekend might end with you city I'm playing games you guys have made so I'm playing Jake Ruby 281 they have a game called Jurassic world shake though snake lover girl wants you to play their place um spark I forgot your numbers spark what's your numbers 10 spark 1080 wants you to play their place I don't know who that is why didn't that load in that's weird that ping didn't load in on who that was hey Joshua B hi bubblegum hi Lola rolls Taylor hi I will send you a thousand dollars when you play blocksberg I'd do it for a dollar if you wanted a super Chad a dollar you can't hit i'ma play blocksberg for a for a fee can you check my house beep city if we blame you city I will do that I've got a couple of games on a play I got an email but I don't really do very much with that but I got an email and it says they want me to play help I'm trapped in a horror movie so we're gonna play that too and this guy who made haunted hunters wants me to play their games we're gonna try that also hey arena hi Selma Chima hi my voice is still really scratchy it's not 100% yet so just letting you know please react to loonie who's that who's Looney I don't know about it hey anne-marie Dodds hi welcome to the stream really good that you're here um you sucked to me thank you so much a wild cynic appears hello I want to play games that you guys created hey Lola Rose Taylor hello hey s h sm h HX hello welcome back at Ino 1 3 2 Mike if you want me to be your friend hey Katie waffles hello please Sally please tell me why I didn't see remember last dream I gave you a link to the game in the comments the last June sorry for spamming please forgive me that's ok don't worry Oh Timmy's asking for a geek can we get a big key way to eat in the top kena here a big geek cat I got a big pink give me a big key and if we get our hundred likes on the stream no you know what I think I hunter likes is too easy let's get 125 likes on the stream for a friend spot giveaway so if you guys give me 225 likes on today's stream we already have 50 likes on today's stream so if you guys give me a hundred twenty-five likes in the day stream I will do a friend a spot giveaway I'm running out of friend spots there very quickly dwindling so I've got to save them play cars flying it's on my profile Pope Eddie you are actually on hear me right they are cars cars flying okay I got chief Pope Eddie you on my list I promised we could see you today hey take your tips and got a big get give me a big geek Kim again a big get we got a big geek got a call for you Sal you have a list of yesterday yes they do actually this is the exact same list I was working off yesterday it's right here my voice is so scratchy I can hear it in my headphones I am like not myself today it's like really dragging off this illness that I have is like just clinging on hey men maybe thanks for the eat appreciate it Timmy likes to eat too um give me a eat at Tina 1 3 2 Mike thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate it why don't you play any game I am playing a game calm down hold – hold your britches don't get your don't get your knickers in a twist as your grandma would say um just chill we got this we're hanging out hello life of Lucy hello welcome to this training really glad you're here hey dubby dubby boy 1009 you won the competition so we have not voted on the costume contest voting for that is Saturday sometime by Friday I'm gonna have the semifinalist video up and then we're going to vote on the finalists on Saturday the squeeze Saturday during the breakfast with Sally stream so stay tuned there will be a video with all semi-finalists sometime between now and Friday I'm having a really hard time working on this video because I there's over a hundred and fifteen and trees for the costume contest excuse me so 115 entries to the costume contest at local Pug army hello Miriam nobody won yet so we haven't voted yet so we don't vote until Saturday nobody can win you guys are gonna decide the winner not me I decided the finalist because you guys are gonna decide the winner so don't worry if you're worried about if you're in the giveaway the giveaway entries are closed I'm not accepting any new entries for the Halloween costume contest because I've already started look I'll show you I'll show you look at this I'm editing the video right now so this is what its gonna be this is the format of the video as I went on everybody's profiles and hello cast them okay okay thank you so much for subscribing and I win it everybody's profiles and I looked as your profiles and so I used to have an Albert hours with the footage going on everybody's profiles following everybody recording all of that then I put it in the editor and I put everybody's names on the screen and I've only done 20 out of over a hundred and ten okay I am not accepting anymore I've already recorded myself looking at everybody's profiles okay so that's what's what it is that's how we're doing it I'm working on that video right now but everybody who was on my list for the Halloween costume contest has been followed on roblox so check your follow list make sure I'm on there um yeah so there you go those are the only ones I've edited right now that's what the video is gonna look like gonna have some cool music mid maybe it's asking for a geek somebody give man maybe last GI Floyd Gill hello play LBG Lucy's rainbow world alright we're new this Ella BG Lucy rainbow world I'm excited that sounds cool I like rainbows rainbow world sounds great Oh Queen Mellie gave you a geek yes thank you the doge just please do mine your do your place do you have a place to me to play because I'm doing that um okay please play my game a breaking point okay what is your name Patrick Gilligan breaking point we're gonna play a game here in just a second but this is actually this is the video this is the video editor that I do you guys are seeing the video being edited at this moment thank you Dad goes 19 731 for the heat thank you Maggie for the heat thank you the Doge for the CMI video editors even freaking out because there's so much editing to do so I'm totally working on it will you play a flamingo only if they ask me to probably not I don't know maybe my voice is so cracky it's crazy but Hannah Bob got the heat in the chat thank you so much Oh like breaking point isn't your your your cam I'm playing your game can I get a big kick give me agita zeiss victory in life blue see they want to eat somebody get my eight don't give them a geek I love you guys are awesome you are Li has cupcake Lily I has cuff quake Lily okay um all right I got the list we're gonna play a game you guys so follow me oh I dropped my pin hold on I gotta pick up my pin son under my desk hold on alright hi straight life spikes is till six mr. Kitty's giving you eat thanks for the eat got the meet the little eat you pumpkin ping wait Blackie the kitten you like tacos what about pumpkin spike my tacos you like cookies pumpkin spice tacos let's also pumpkin spice tacos and I've been streaming every single day every I've done it you guys I'm so knocked this out of the park I am so excited at myself I'm sorry I'm like moving away from microphone because I'm getting excited um I have streamed for 23 days straight I am so proud of myself for doing this you don't even know every single day for 23 days straight and I'm so excited Thank You irony for the best friends forever peeing I'm gonna join a really low server of haunted hunters I was asked to play this game um alright let's play this haunted hunters haha I don't know maybe it's like that um finesse and whitey amor she's only playing the games we make yes I only play the game that y'all's made so if you have a game you made or you helped make that'd be great Callum school toys and more on night but hated your message and it's deleted it I don't know I'm not diving women be I don't do it Cal the best person ever yes I have that on here Cal the best person ever is on here they're like right there see how the best person how the best ever person Cal the best ever person Cal the best ever person there on my less is it best ever are just best person proto gave me a make you happy thank you you make me happy thanks for being here whoo I'm up separated look at this I'm in the I throw avatar I know everybody's really excited about what is this I'm like dying oh my gosh I'm laughing so the are throw is broken I'm in the are thirteen wolf and the are throw is broken oh my gosh you guys look at this the goal has you jump to escape jumped up Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Tom oh I died oh all Ghost Hunters were scared away Ghost Hunters we don't on the sound on in here do we okay good just in case look at all the pumpkins you guys look amazing I love your avatars I was linking all these avatars for the contest it was great Nancy so linky are you on the list of you want to play your game if you want to play your game let me know and I'll write you down um did you make theme park Tycoon Zoe's alright I want to play games you guys made today that's why I want to place if you guys made a place I want to I want to do it breaking point did you make it Patrick Gilligan only want to play games as you guys made right now I am playing haunted hunters um and I think it looks really cool it's like a little laggy but it's okay I was asked to play this so the creator of in the game so Haunted hunters is by that let me enlist I'm NASCAR zoom 44 yes I do right here in the corner from yesterday NASCAR zoom 44 really messy handwriting cracking myself up man um what's for Halloween are you dressed up funny are you gonna call Ghostbusters oh you did it okay no I want to play games you guys made Timmy what you can we play your game Timmy Trevor water program Trevor Trevor Trevor what is up with this this is so crazy I think that our throw sometimes breaks these older games or games that aren't really really like equipped for it cuz my avatar is so broken and it's super laggy right now this is like super laggy and that's what happened yesterday I was getting into maybe I should change off the Arthur avatar that's what I think I need to do um are you doing to play your game until tix you man play your game that's what I'm doing I play your game sally has a b-minus on socialblade hey that's pretty good I'll take it b-minus passes to high school oh thank you yes snake lover girl you're on my list for you to play your place I'm gonna play your place – it's right right there stake Lavagirl right underneath Jake Ruby so I know you can't really read it but it's right there your phone is ringing it was me I was calling you ha ha ha okay your name is happy Nexus happy Nexus all right I got you you're on the new list boom right here Blackey the kid you stole my song ah-ha-ha buddy all right I don't know I'm having a hard time playing this game I think I need to switch to my regular avatar oh whoa how come I Drive a gun I do have a gun where is the ghost oh there's the ghost it is so laggy though I'm out of energy fine more batteries okay I'm gonna use any energy I like shot like twice oh you don't have a game okay I just want to play games that you guys have created this game is super laggy and my PB I'm afraid that yeah I think this is bringing it um hi please sing what would you like me to sing ash victory my voice is really horse so I don't know if I'm gonna sound good at all or it might be the thing you know like you ever hear Mariah Carey you guys know Mariah Carey is Mariah Carey has this amazing amazing voice right but her talking voice is so hoarse like if she talks like take her regular talking voice is really hoarse WWE boy you don't really like answer oh really ah how to carve a pumpkin that would be cool I'm gonna carve pumpkins this weekend oh hi hi oh I'm already out of energy oh no it's bad this is a really cool game I like this game though I made it's a little laggy but I really like it it's pretty awesome before we switch games again I'll switch my avatar out of the Teen Wolf or throw avatar yes it's our throw and knot and throw that is correct Shanna Gallagher is correct um hi your 2002 and Murray understand what that means yeah I know Nancy cute start do you have a game you made a play do you have a place that you've created oh I'm not gonna escape no bye died oh it's ready that's at the top hi Chris Truby hello bgg did you make shark bite I'm a little play games you guys made and things that's you have created and you want me to play so if you created it I'll play it um and then we might play move city just to add to the stream but mostly it's gonna be you what you guys have created eleven more is hello welcome to the stream you create jaws I would love that play my game please is Daniel Robox what is your Robox name or what is the name of the game can I search it it's art throw coming out today um I am not entirely 100% I'm pretty sure it's coming out today um but I'm not exactly 100% sure um cupcake girl says joint B are you in your game cupcake girl I know you have a cool game I'm gonna change my avatar really quick to regular avatar out of the Arthur o avatar that I'm wearing right now um let's see my costumes and we're gonna be or we're gonna wear our Halloween costumes yes that's our dog Raja where ha when we go back to the game um I think we should go ahead and switch games so somebody else can join and since I died anyway we're gonna go out and leave this game so guys want to join me the next game its GG 92 right here's my profile name um your username is happiness I got you got you happy Nexus sounds a little X right there did I see your reply on Twitter I never applied to a lot so as your Twitter name the same um guys did the like button yes please we have 125 likes in the stream I'll do a friend's bike giveaway hey am i green hello aren't those coming out today possibly to me baby shark dude who's it dude wait it gets the melody gets mixed up in my head I could sing baby shark cuz my little niece she's almost 2 and she's staying with us right now and she's am listening to baby shark over and over and over and over and over all right so I got an email to play this game help I'm trapped in a horror movie it's the name of this game and it looks really cool and I got I got an email with my on my cuz I have a business email if you guys don't know um help I'm trapped in a horror movie and I think it sounds neat so you guys gonna try and play with me are they to be super fun um hello geo hello-o rude hashtag rude Blackey and taco you guys are crazy Oh Geo you're on the server awesome okay help I'm trapped in a whore I don't know how to people while I don't know how do people can play it at a time we're gonna try it I'm gonna listen to the music inside the game hopefully it's not copyrighted I hope not because sometimes they are and it's bad um oh yeah do you wanna play sing baby sorry now I got a lot of baby sharks to the chat that's funny help I'm trapped in a horror movie hold on me turn this music on speak in here this is that gonna be too loud I know that's gonna be too loud I'm gonna start this hey ash victory high low low cod hello Jacob the noob and Russia hello welcome to the stream really glad you're here baby shark wait baby shark do do I can't think of the Bella Dino I will send it to it's so long it's in my brain and I can't even think of the melody Oh was it full I'm sorry I didn't know how many people were in it was an empty server um okay so what are we supposed to do that's VIP room I don't have VIP all right so click me on here on the remote we're gonna click the remote huh oh I'm looks like I'm in a tent of some kind oh and there's can I go out there no I can't go out that way am i sleeping my wings stuck hello Doge hello hey Dragon League hi welcome to the stream hello what glad you guys are here hi I'm skully or trapped in a corner movie Congrats that's really helpful thank you got my dress yummy – oh you got the same dress that I do awesome I love it it's super cool Davy shark the chat ended cuz you didn't reply Oh oMG how did that happen how would I know I'm just a floating skull how do I get out of here find the exit before the movie ends or you'll be stuck here forever okay fancy enchants a puppy hello welcome to this dream really glad you're here hello epic kid hi lucky to the stream all right we are in we're trapped in a horror movie this camp has a dark secret so beware anything else I should know well it's kind of scary it also has a hockey masked killer running around that's even worse how do I escape but I hear that key to surviving is in one of the cabins okay whoa alright the cue survived using one of the cabins so I guess we need to search the cabins and try to find whatever it is the key I guess a literal key possibly to try to get out of here um this is pretty cool it's Friday the 13th that we're in I guess we are okay that's I can't open that door and I see a mess well there is a scary killer oh no mmm Phoebe died no no no no no no note wha what's on the notes can I see it what's the note coffee laser sharks no I can't read it can I join security please that's weird Ramona commented on your video is your birthday October 8th we'll happy Labor Day to you Jacob the noob sorry for spamming can you join my game the stream isn't timing correctly can you mark my profile to the list it's crystal underscore dream 505 okay crystal dream I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die goodnight I know you can't friend me unless we get 125 likes Sun City stream and then I will do a friend's bike giveaway so here's one of the cabins that's open how I died ah no no we all died we all died we're still trapped I walked right through the fire we're just gonna sit down and have a nice little campfire hello Xbox one my pro hey miss pineapple fam fam can i play your game sure what is it Sally can you please shut out my friend Adam Siri Adam mystery Adams sir that's a cool name I love it so time to you and your friend thank you for nominating your friends cuz that was really awesome of you can I go through here how's this open open open open door open how does that door open before I press E or something ah died again I died again the dough just wants to join please keep trying that would be great shouting shadows hello cat Sally can you Posey my game what's Posey play you play our game I can yeah just let me know uh what it's called or what your robox profile is and I'll look under your creations and I'll play your game I'll add it to the list we'll see how many we can play in the time that I have to stream today but I already have a really long list in mind a hello puppy gamer have you done a friend spot not yet haven't in the friend spot giveaway yet it's at 125 likes I'll do the front spot giveaway how do we get the door pin there's somebody talking in the chat now in a tie how do we get in here Oh doh are you dead oh no you're stuck oh you're good okay oh I'm scared I'm scared for you oh can we go in this way oh oh what does he have the number 20 18 17 16 what do we owe is he get a blower thing up um okay just oh okay come you get out here come here this way no um we got this way no oh let me let him blow it up you look like a chicken I guess thank you I appreciate that very much et ride t dad hello welcome to this James gee dad lemon hello I'm to this dream hi guys hi can I show your sister acolyte Kalea yes nice locale shalyah thank you for nominating your sister hi writers have you guys leave a like I'm the street that would be awesome if I get to 125 likes in the stream I'll do a giveaway for a spot on my friends list in roblox so you guys want to participate in that it'll be really great I'm playing games that you have created so if you've created a game on roblox that you want me to play on the stream I'll be glad to do that Thank You patty patty thank you for subscribing I appreciate that very much hey gee dad you're awesome you guys don't know who cheetah is he's from g-rated family gaming James sim some 4000 thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that that's super awesome of you um three two one Oh Flo he didn't do anything what did he do it it do anything this guy down here this key card things did not do anything right now I'm playing help I'm trapped in a horror movie and I'm at a list of other people's games that I want to play on roblox – and I'll be following people back on roblox a few minutes all of you hi guys Sally can you play my game is called my version of the roblox HQ it's in your profile what is your roblox name plate games Becky thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that very much and welcome Raiders you guys are amazing thanks T dad thanks for the rig in the rate you brought the raid thanks for bringing the raid haha pop gamer yes I'd love to play your guys game um so you got to tell me what your roblox name is this game is called help I'm trapped in a horror movie and I don't how to I don't really know how to win there's something we have to be finding and I don't know what it is pursue – thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that very very much am I gonna be I'm discord afterwards not immediately couple of blocks and kami videos thank you so much she was describing hey love you said love you rose flower thanks for being here you're awesome James Sims 4,000 follow me yes I'll follow you I need to know what your robach's profile is okay alright we're gonna switch games because I couldn't know how to play this game I don't know I mean you can basically could just sit here forever but I can't even open the cabins um alright you need a geek roll-ups girl lovers asking for a geek Kim somebody give her Yi and the Chuck give her a big kick and a tiki give me a yay in the chat hello I'm a bear 1 2 3 hello thanks Ivan Elson girls for the heat thank you thank you alright so we're gonna switch games right now so if you want to join me my name is Gigi 92 and you can run the command exclamation point roblox also in the tap if you wants you follow me q forevers this game is so cool and so are you love you you're so awesome thank you so much for being here um okay so I'm gonna play the next game on the list is by karma May 2006 they want me to play there their game is called home so karma May 2006 in players I'm gonna play their game from their creations karma May 2006 you are on the server geo that's awesome I think I saw that message already following you karma big dinosaurs go rawr rawr they want to play their game called homes you guys gonna join me it's right here at GG 92 and are we just gonna play yeah thank you for the e thanks Kai madness thanks for the eat hello a Gorton hi welcome to the stream had King of Sweden hello welcome to the stream really glad you're here hello to AMI and Hasan welcome to the stream exclamation point roblox um I don't hear any music oh this looks very haole nice super cool I have a Easter basket for Halloween I have an Easter basket that's super cool alright so I'm not even sure that she's in the stream chat anymore she was yesterday um karma may was if you guys follow me into this game I will follow you back if I'm not already following you which I think I'm following all of you guys okay yes I did SD be 44 I followed you when it comes to me follow me and join me because I'm playing my game okay cool all right I've got a list getting eat Rizzy pizza guy ride ride he's a guy once it can we get a big geek in the attack could somebody give him my eat I don't know what we're supposed to be doing did I fall down okay no are we supposed to go this way I don't think I don't think there's an objective to this game I think it's just the thing she made and created um okay it looks really neat I look super cool little rundown car um nothing much going on okay alright well I'll play a game nothing else here you see owl to 2019 I'll put you on the list we'll see how many I can play in the time allowed for my stream today Oh at least you can sit down that's cool I mean it's you know sometimes the chairs don't work um alrighty then this was karma base place that's full oh no I'm sorry alright cool I guess it's just a hangout it looks like it's just a hangout looks pretty cool I'm not following you what is your a Robox name I love it Morris make sure that I follow you um I'll make a kill I'm playing games that you guys made so if you have a hangout or a place or a game that you're working on that you would like to have played on the stream we're doing that but I'm gonna leave now because I don't think karma vase in the stream anymore and I've already played a place so uh there you go alright so next we're gonna do Cal the best ever person Cal the best ever person we're gonna play their game Cal the best ever person great stream is off Oh what oh g-rated dad's stream haha Alania RTV hello welcome to the stream Marcie Palmeiro if you want to meet a friend you we have to get the stream to 125 likes and get a hundred 25 likes on the stream I'll do a friend's block giveaway play your game it's Jenny therap Jenny Farah ok me write it down we'll see if we have enough time Jenny Barrett alright it's on the list you're on the list you're on the list DJ nerd or girl nerdy girl wants me to follow you I'll try pop gamer do you want friends you we have to get 125 likes in the streaming I'll do a friends block your way we're 11 likes away um Calum school toys games and horses me hi hi Tyler MCA welcome to the stream alright so how the best person ever they think a lot of themselves wants you to play the actually people Vasi to play their place let's see if it's a really cool place oh the game might not function properly um 10 people can join this game nine well eight people now alright guys join me join me GG 92 if you follow me I'll follow you back if you follow me into the game uh follow you back oh it's just a default place it's just the default place oh no oh okay Nancy kids start yours game is called race to try to beat your friends okay I'll write it down Nancy cute star alright play my game any game I made my username is kill blood gamer 12 I'll write it down killa gamer 12 let me follow you guys back if I'm not ready following you I'll follow you back in roblox for giallo me into this game strangest shark masta that's a cool name I like it I like it very cool my voice is still really scratchy so oh man I really wanted something different this is just the default like place aho MMFF bibi you have games too okay MMFF bb1 alright so for gaming up please why I didn't see I'm sorry Fred you rocket 55 we have to get three more likes on the stream will do it for us way through my life's in the stream will do a front spot giveaway um have you done anything new have you made these houses up here oh no those are already there oh there's nothing here it's the regular default place so fort gaming okay mana GU room guys thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that alright Zella fort gaming penguin admin is your okay penguin admin I got it I wrote it down hi can start off slow boat if I do silver seven the trout's gonna go even faster than it does now um Harris can I make sure I can follow you let me know what your robots use your name is oh wait on 25 likes yeah I got it Jax loves Lego is really on top of things with that friend spot giveaway alright guys so all you have to do to join are to enter my giveaway for a spot on my friends list is to type in robots use your name in the chat every active users from the past five minutes are eligible to win I do not automatically friend sponsors and I do not automatically friend mods um so let me pull up my let me pull up my dual screen hold on one second you guys to be one second I'm gonna shoot me to fill up my dual screen actually I'm gonna leave this game because it's just the default place so let me um let me open I fought really quick night but giveaway so I don't have to login hold on okay nope we're good we're doing good okay so on the Glen type euro box use your name into the stream chat right now I'm making mods eligible supporters are gonna get let's do seven times for supporters and let's do four times for regular so if you've been in my stream before you get a little extra luck in the giveaway and this away if you win is for a spot on my friends list on roblox if your pick do you have two minutes to reply with an active searchable roblox username and if you don't have a robot's username or you're already my friend you can give it to somebody else so if you want to give your friend spot away to someone if you win Geoff's loves Lego thank you still one two three thank you so much for subscribing us so if you're um if you win the giveaway I would prefer that you be subscribed or that your subscriptions are private because why would I let you be my friend of roblox safer not even subscribe to my channel that doesn't make any sense so if you're not subscribed I'm gonna roll again Oh blocks gaming videos hey welcome to the stream Gracie hello welcome to the stream coven uh but walking through the stream really glad you're here Nikita Lowe makin welcome to the stream I don't know what I'm gonna do when I run out of front spots I don't know I'm gonna be really sad you look different from before but you look so beautiful thank you I appreciate that I've been streaming every single day for 23 days straight with face cam just say no oh painting our TV thank you so much for subscribing and I have lots of videos before that with face cam and flocks so I put a makeup first face can maybe that's why I'm pretty but thank you – ah made husana thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate it hey one CCX hi I didn't know you were here master red hello welcome Tiffany W hi I'm anali Emily hello hi how are you super glad you're here um hi Magnus hi duckie gaming ROFL ox welcome to stream purple play me roblox hello I'm hitman Saurus biohazard army thank you so much for subscribing Ruby vlogs hey welcome hey busy Fox hi hi Lily's life thank you for subscribing I appreciate that very much I'm kind of killing time give you guys a chance to catch up with the stream delay a cup of nub of thank you so much for subscribing master red thank you so much for subscribing you're awesome yes Lily's life you've been here a couple times um alright busy Fox thank you for subscribing and the kingdom of Sweden thank you so much for subscribing guys are great I'm gonna roll let's give away what thank you so much for paving the way from bomb gamers Simon mom 76 thank you for the super town oh my gosh you're awesome that's so funny you said that I mean um not just cuz I'm my mom and use obviously a mom to I'm doing a um I am doing a presentation at mine fair in Charleston South Carolina in two weeks and the title of my presentation is your mama plays minecraft and it's all about well it's basically how to start a YouTube channel and like giving advice to like parents of kids who lists or YouTube channels or maybe parents themselves so you wanna start YouTube channels and I start the presentation with you know some moms do Mary Kay and some moms sell Tupperware I do YouTube so you know yes moms do play games and thank you for subscribing I appreciate that and it's so funny because in 2016 someone wished me a happy mother's day and somebody replied to the tweets as a tweet it was like happy Mother's Day to sell a green gamer and like one of the best gaming moms I know or something like that and the tweet something replied to the tweet and said ah mom still played games there's no mom who's gonna be celebrating Mother's Day that plays video games and I was like I've been playing video games since I was four years old so I was big enough to hold the Lin Tendo controller that's how long I've been playing video games so don't even give me that okay there we go alright who's asking for a geek can we get a gate in the chat Mattie's asking for Maggie's asking for you is it Maggie or Magi or Maggie I'm a clay Maggie if that's okay we need a gate and the tap the heat will also enter you into the giveaway by the way all right guys five four three two one I love it your little old meme your old view of your frog congratulations or I right pizza guy we can't be friends on robots let me know what's your roblox username it my voice is still really scratchy and I hope it'll be better in a couple days but I think I have to take some voice rest and that's not happening cuz I'm live streaming every single day through Halloween and on Halloween in the chat I love it thank you guys so much for the eat what is your robot username I write pizza guy up a try right pizza guy cuz if it's not my red pizza guy my really sad okay yay whoo you have one minute to tell me what true watch username is this happened yesterday – somebody was really excited and I was like let me know what's your own oxygen if it is Rui Rui pizza-guy one good I'm not I'm not disappointed that's really great I'm glad it's not make sure that I can um search you robbed a pizza game prayer a pizza guy and players whoa you have that scary crazy face oh my gosh and congratulations we are friends I'm your xxx friend as soon as you accept that you said if I'm lucky mr. talents will rub his tentacles on my art that sounds crazy oh my gosh okay y'all should check out my game it's still the process of being made and there's literally nothing you can do yet but it's cool okay and what are you wearing you're wearing in the ninja move pack you're wearing at the roblox 2.0 body shape you're wearing and those shiny teeth you're wearing the spider antlers the pumpkin backpack the imaginary companion and you're wearing a here lies the tombstone shoulder pad clown head that's super creepy you're wearing Spooky's with these monkeys monkeys movies mix movie and you're wearing original rainbows tedious and you are wearing peach dragon's tail that's really cool um and oh you're a genius group yes yeah I would you guys Group Co super cool Sally me ditto all right is a scheme or no can we get it open the check can we move in the tap gave me some move and your favorite games are a power training sim you super duper power training simulator well patty stop spamming me I got you deuce fire breaks out Savin pool Betty some build a boat for Chester phantom forces lab experiment and zombie rush and you join November 1st 2015 you've been playing robots for almost three years dude 30 years that's a long time up well I started playing robots about that time too so oh yes look thank you for loops I see how they loose in the chat awesome guys are amazing thank you for the herbs all the hoops through the chat oh the Doge got creative he's got lots of ha ha you were open all over the place oops and add chat ultra oops is Harris can of ik alter ooh I love it I can't even laugh my voice is so scratchy I want to check out your creation cuz you asked us to play it the really cool game alright let's try that hey super Timmy 23 your super Timmy 23 I didn't write your name down right super Timmy 23 ok hi Timmy hello ok so we're gonna play your place and congratulations on winning a prince like it way so you guys gonna join jiggy 92 hello yes the Doge I could join your yeah I can play your game if you made it I'm playing games you guys made today and I have a really long list of places to play so if you guys made a cool game on to check it out oh there's nothing there's nothing here am i following you guys yes I'm following you all right oh unicorn elephant hello welcome to the stream Jojo you were just sitting there blasting everybody away at the start oh my gosh that's great you like my eye shadow think you just I just blasted it on today I was in a hurry but I'm glad it looks good thank you sorry mmm I had this little cough still pardon me cute for a vs. love the Oh fee SB to dump our gaming her on the list I promise mer just I'm got a list of people's games to play zone play as many as I can during today's stream thank you guys for getting me so many likes so quickly hey sharp red 73 hello welcomes this troop this isn't a game this is a slaughter this is not even a game this is a boom oof like nothing there's literally nothing to do yeah you said that – you warned us you're like there's nothing to do except fly off the map and be crazy oh my gosh hey peppa pig hello riders and Ned rekha hello welcome to the stream LOL was soda and suraíh LOL hello welcome to the stream oh oh oh oh f Queen Milly saw you dump me makeup thank you oh you haven't seen me without makeup before I think I'm gonna do a vlog and I'm gonna show you guys like before and after makeup maybe I'm seeing I don't know if I have enough self-confidence to do that so I might we'll see hey Mia Lopez your cousin Kate Lee says hello hi Kayla hi Mia thank you guys so much for watching this dream you're awesome infinity youth yeah hey Jane hi Kel oh you wrote let's usually miss Alex seven four five six it sounds very haben but can I get a Sally the best in the chat we're looking for a Sally the best and you get it at Magaluf Sally the best mega that's what you need for the chat right there yeah a vlog blogs it's your boy roblox you like yeah I like doing blogs sometimes my life isn't that interesting so I was doing vlogs every Thursday I'm gonna let you leave the game right now cuz I'm just getting exploded um cool game reigai heats like dry bride pizza guy will leave you a thumbs up at least in your game alright so I'm gonna move on to the next person Lucy adorable three seven eight one Lucy adorable three seven eight one in players we're gonna play your place with the adorable three seven eight one right three seven eight wide yes creations this is my game I've made I'm not good at using robots to do so it's very plain but I try my breasts hey shortbread seventy-three thank you so much for the chat for the super chat can we get a shortbread is a chat please tell me that's your best Meg thank you we got it Sally's the best mega ooh yes we got it Lizzie chicken salad the best Ellie the best my goof Thank You Bieber blue taco sure Fred I feel like I'm yelling the gray voice is so tired I feel like I'm yelling I'm like like yelling at the screen right yelling oh maybe I should maybe I should whisper hello powerbomb set Sid hi I'm kind of scared to play this game I'm not sure I'm gonna say we're gonna play this game we'll try it I could do roblox ASMR hallo Ryan game welcome to the stream I'm super glad you're here I know thank you there's nothing else here either Oh building tools oops um what I wanted to do this all right I have HTTP what okay I don't know what we're doing I have a gold box of nothing that I can't do anything with I don't know what this is and I laid it on the ground well I still come out in the next hour since Bo Bo power I'm 99% sure that Arthur is gonna come out very soon um let's see what time is it in Pacific time it is and I can't see what time it is um right now it's yeah it's just like 12:40 at the robox headquarters so I would imagine it would be sometime take cookies this soup if you're my discouraged you know the joke puppies – I don't know what I'm doing apparently a lot of us are stuck in the void down there I don't know what's going on I don't know what's going on Ruby vlogs even came with me to play out or no mr. duck for Jen hello welcome to this dream really glad you're here doom bringer golden hello doom bringer golden all right we're leaving this game is this game it's not quite um not quite done Lucy adorable but thank you thanks for sharing you get a participation award well thank you for the participation award okay Jake Ruby to 81 has a game called Jurassic world we're gonna play Jake Ruby to 81 in players all right oh I am already following you oh this is the same thing they want me to play Jurassic world that's what they said yesterday so this one play now Jurassic Rome are you close to playing any of the games for NASCAR zoom yes you are two more games away all right we're playing Jurassic world by Jake Ruby 281 alright nobody is playing right now join me join me join me your main game is a test game cookie puppy kitty 97 okay I'll write you down cookie puppy kitty 97 okay alright we're gonna try that uh yeah Ruby vlogs what's your robots name and what is your game title oh wait I'm sorry hit my microphone I apologize robots live you're sure one two hundred you became a way to play blocks gaming videos oh nice pot hated your game hey I mean hated your your thing I feel like I've played this before and I don't know what to do here and I can oh I just moved in the volcano I feel like I've played this before but I miss all you guys back who followed me into this game okay amber unicorn hello hey Andy Lee roblox I didn't know you were here hi welcome to the stream I'm gonna follow you guys back yes I have played this before cuz we did this exact same thing before on the stream and you haven't changed it any go home were playing before alright I'm gonna follow you guys back anyway cuz you followed me into this game so we'll make sure that I'm following you guys um but I yeah this game is not even playable does anybody have any games that are playable anything that you know have like actual something to do maybe take Ruby you're in the game with us awesome and it's so loud oh my gosh I'm so sorry I will fix the sound in just a second hold on one second I'm gonna make sure I follow you guys and before I leave this very weird game unicorn elephant I like your name it's super cool it's like a unicorn elf it's like a hippo isn't it would that be like a unicorn elephant and it hasn't worn and it looks kind of like an elephant a little bit I would think that would be all right falling all you guys who followed me into this game but I'm leaving okay wait I can stay here if you guys wanna take a screenshot we can like like I can like stand right here or something and take a screenshot so there you go if you guys wanna take a screenshot really quick I'll read the chat can you play my game sure basically my life let me know what your robots name is and I can play that um Jennifer Sonic PPG paint or you play your game play pick a side legend to caller did you make the game pick a side because I'm only playing games today thank you guys made and I have about 15 minutes left and I have a list so shorter it's your oh boy roblox yeah your name is killer gamer 12 I have you on here killer gamer 12 but I don't know if I'm gonna get a chance to play it um next is snake lover girl so if you're still in the chat sneak lover girl we're gonna play yours let's play our game because this is like a nothing alright so we're gonna do snake lover girl is next on my list snake lover girl in players um I thought I was following you snake lover girl oh I'm following you now Oh follow not friends follow Oh let me follow it cuz I follow too many people too quickly I've to wait a second before I can follow you alright let's play snakes lever girls please alright here we go Timmy yours is called a bee test is it now wait did you fake an ami or is it the default AVI place because I want something that you guys actually make Daniel ruler of USA called the amazing comedy obby oh okay I'll write it down Daniel ruler of USA and raise whitey thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that very much this looks like the base plate in roblox studio oh this is the base plate in roblox studio we're playing the base plate that's over playing right now the base plate in roblox studio what is this this is crazy fight oh right oh and white tea Ruby gamer I'll write you down but I don't know if I have time to play it today because I already have a list of people and I have to leave in about 10 minutes this is not yours that's not mine there's nothing here alright I'll follow you guys back have you fought me into this game let me make sure that I am not already following you guys alright there's nothing here there's nothing here simplistic solutions admin eyelid Ireland I will um simplistic solutions or I'll write it down but I don't think I'm gonna have time to play it all so don't touch the VIP things Oh are they broken how many game are you gamer is subscribed thank you so much gamer thank you for subscribing I appreciate that Celie is ugly bye bye Jamila see you later you're an invisible ghost go away okay pal Patti don't spam me you're on the list stop it spark here today spark I remember your number is spark spark 1080 spark 1080 wants me to play their game spark 1080 players and then your next poll petty and then NASCAR zoom I'm gonna try to get this quickly quickly quickly big thank you guys so much thank you sent me a lancaster for the big eat they could casting their board for the big eat thank you a jibrail hello welcome to the stream um yay awesome robots girl lovers had a good big eat for you you're good with that you subscribe Sylvia Lancaster thank you hate T how long is your list I bet you do a whole nother stream that's how long I listed it's way longer than 10 minutes um we're longer I don't think we're idiots blame Yuba City today i RT probably not because I've got too much to play all right kill the zombies and people spark 10 18 20 people can join the server he said up nope game is private can't play at spark if you're watching a cam player game sorry this game is private alright guys if you wanted to play your game you know make sure it's public and accessible all right Paul Patti I'm playing yours now pull up Eddie I'm playing yourself pull petty in players you guys house-painting me do good stop spamming me now that'd be great um angel proper party do you have a game to play Sally's not sting clever girl at snake lover girl 100 all right well okay hold on steak lover girl 1 hold that makes difference that makes it all deliverance okay hold on I have to do it after cars flying it's a troll game anybody playing right now nope nobody's playing all right we're gonna play pool Patti's game it's called cars of flying yeah let's try it out 154 like 756 likes on this dream awesome you guys are great thank you so much for being here you guys are awesome um princess okay hold on I'm not adding anybody else to the list today because I don't have enough time to play everybody's game so next time I do a stream probably not tomorrow stream by Thursday stream I'll probably do another one playing your creations make sure you get here early and sign up and I'll make another list or play the next list what's the next light gold – hotter likes to Analects on the stream and I'll do another friend spot giveaway but I only have eight minutes to play I'm eight minutes left oh this is different Oh what is this go down this side thingy can I just jump where does this take me this is huge holy shnikeys this is really big thankfully there's no fall damage oh no mmm Phoebe you died this is pretty cool this definitely different I like it you joined a shell Karuna awesome make sure that I'm following you whitey Ruby gamer howl oh I'm glad you went and made it into the stream – girl 2006 hello thanks for being in the game flash key 66 hello cookie pops hi welcome to the stream really glad you're here awesome you guys are great do plus the body thief your avatar is amazing oh my gosh are you pool petty or follow you one was just to do this is a troll game so are there cars because you said it was cars flying which is a little misleading if there's no cars are there cards to play oh you can't come to the stream on Thursday oh I'm sorry about that I'm sorry hello Emma green welcome back and glad you're here I'm glad you're here max rain oh hello um you're not in my game oh no I'm oh no oh no oh no my little of these Gia's Oh Oh No Oh see you so funny oh can I get on that boat well Betty can I get on the boat can I get a boat hi just to do that I'm again the boat hand again the boat I'm gonna go on the boat at least it's some sort of vehicle so what do you do in this game apparently nothing how are you I'm good thank you so much UNK and then me Jennifer Sonic and PBG painter um pull penny and the nest costume for t4 and then I think that's all I have time for today I'm gonna have just add you to the list and come back to the stream on Thursday and probably the same time I would imagine I trying to remember what I have to do on Thursday and I think that'll work so we'll do another playing your game sort of stream so come early to get added to the list so I can make sure I have time to play your game I would love to stream a lot longer hello Bradley VM thank you so much for subscribing I would love to stream a lot longer it's just that my kids all come home at like 3:00 and 3:30 so I kind of need to like do the mom thing and help with their homework and pick them up from the bus stop and all of that good stuff so yeah um okay there's nothing to do here we're jumping on the boat like that's that's all we've done so far this is definitely a troll game cuz there's nothing going on we can take a screenshot that would be super cool and then I'm going to go into um NASCAR zoom 44 and then I'll probably have to go because it's about time to I have to head out Kali 32 hello um I'm not adding any more to the I'm not name we're to the list today okay I know honey we're trying to play any other games but thank you guys for being here I appreciate it very much let's take a screenshot screenshot I mean still get in people's faces stand beside them film up Brutus thank you so much for subscribing I appreciate that very much as 161 light awesome you guys we tuna like this dream as our throw pre free-for-all grow box players you will have to see cuz honestly I don't I don't know how they're gonna do that but when it launches it's gonna be amazing and so um you'll see along with everybody else because I don't have that information I don't know if it's gonna be free or some of them are gonna be free and not every move like body shapes gonna be free you turn all the notifications thank you busy Fox thank you so much I appreciate that and I'm streaming every single day in October alright so we're gonna head out we're gonna play NASCAR NASCAR zoom up 44 by the way Sully you made the game awesome to me hey Sakina hello welcome to this Jay really got you here I'm a dinosaur you're the best youtuber the universe Thank You arena you're awesome on the NASCAR zoom 44 in players we're in players and then that's why you be the last one q4m are your new subscribers thank you so much hi Sakina hi really glad you're here Marcel yes thank you so much for subscribing alright so his creation is a wipeout wipeout cool let's try it I'm excited Garcia Nobby I want to be the last one please um this is the last one for today's stream but I have my list for next time so you guys comes the next stream that it says I'm playing your games and we'll play through that list to jump down from more obby make sure you like and subscribe to sell a green gamer oh my gosh thank you so much that's really nice we follow you guys back if you follow me into this game um let's see I'm following you oh cool hello princess pony um hi welcome to the stream really glad you're here hi athletic hi I'm not following you already I am now oh-hoo Dennis alright we're good we have everybody here hey lock it 1 1 6 hello hallo mage hi Blaine at 10:40 I received that one cringy kid hello Yoshi and Mario are here hello youtube fun 23 um hello one two three love to be very cute cookie pops 3909 hello let's go down a little bit um Emma 99 8 hi welcome to the stream flash key 66 hello Kyle gia 2008 or 208 hello WAPA to the stream crystal dream 505 Doge hello hi I'm glad you're in the game thank you for joining me alright so how do we play this game did I get everybody that's everybody alright let's go down oh okay well this is really awesome I mean so far out of all of the games I've seen this is probably the most original thought it's not just a default sort of thing which is awesome this doesn't make me move that's weird that's really weird I like it it's cool oh it's very laggy though I'm I feel a little laggy I think it's the fog might be making it laggy oh and I'm following followed it works again see this latte hello I have a question is the anthro it's called our throw on roblox check my game go to my profile and it's a profile latte gym mule in one in the game is the mansion well I don't have time to play that anymore today I'm gonna play through this a little bit and then I'm I have to go very soon um and next on Thursday I'll do another or claim your I cannot play this game I keep getting stuck and I have no body where's my body where's my where am I why am i invisible I don't understand you're about to join okay Johnston you should try to join anyway rocket 55 my username is GG 92 it's right here underneath my face right here I keep getting knocked off of the thing and I can't get back on and then I getting knocked over why am i why do I leave one leg here hold on we're gonna reset this why did I die so dramatically I don't even know guys oh my gosh hey turtle Queen hi welcome to this Jay really glad you're here hello painless leg oh hi can you play my game I will play I have don't have time right now I'm gonna have to play your game on Thursday so come back to the stream on Thursday my user name is Gigi 92 beat oh my knees name is Gigi 92 up nope I'm dead okay there we go and I still won't help why do I not have a body in your game that's so weird I like you a lot a oh my gosh is funny hi Amy Wilson hello welcome to the stream Nikita love akin I followed you and you didn't follow me please I will follow you what is your roadblock username um thank you so much it was really fun can someone play playlist Legos game it's called space zombie X I'm super it looks really cool but I'm super laggy here and I don't have a body so I don't know why that is it's really weird isn't that o'clock in the UK it's kind of late um if you want to be friends with me we had to get the stream to 200 likes uh we didn't make it oh man okay guys so next time I will pick up with these games so come back on Thursday at 3 p.m. Eastern and I'll do another one playing your games stream but thank you guys so much for watching and thank you for everything is are amazing it's been a really fun stream lots of cool games I have really great ideas that you guys have for games that I can't wait to see more are guys thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye

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