PS4 CUH-1215/1200 Motherboard Replacement (BLOD Repair / Turns On then Off)

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hi this is sure Austin fasttech and today I'm going to be showing you guys how to do a motherboard replacement on a ps4 CH 1 2 1 5 8 these consoles are sold in Asia as and Europe as CH 1200 a or 1200 B and I'm going to be showing you guys how to do a motherboard replacement today your your your ps4 CH one two one five a could look like this like the regular black model or it could be a special edition black ops console like this one or it could be an uncharted edition or it could be a Star Wars Edition as well most of the special edition ps4s were CH one two one five eight consoles so yeah let's start so to get to the motherboard on a co h 1 to 1 v a we have to pretty much disassemble the whole console and this is a black ops 3 Edition but your your console might not look like this the most important thing to look at is the model number that's here I'm going to focus on there it says CH 1 – 1 5 B you could have a CH 1 – 1 5 a or a C weighs 1200 a if you're in Europe or Asia so it's important to look out for that because all the model numbers are different so to get to the motherboard we're basically gonna take the console apart we're gonna look at the back here there's two stickers we're gonna remove both of them and there's two Torx t8 h screws in there that we're going to be removing and we sell the screwdriver on our website you can't find it at Home Depot or a general hardware store because it's a specialty screwdriver and I'm going to put the link in the description for it so once you've removed the stickers you can see the two Torx t8 h screws we're gonna remove them and remove the bottom piece the bottom side of the case like so once that's removed we're going to remove the power supply there's three Torx th screws and two Phillips screws remove the grounding shield and remove the connector that hook that connects the power supply and then you can just pry the power supply out like so now we're gonna remove the antenna cable here by just lifting it and we're going to remove all the drive cables so I'm gonna flip the console over okay now we're gonna remove the hard drive cover and remove the Phillips screw that holds the hard drive in place I'm just gonna pull the hard drive out like so we'll just come out that's the hard drive I'm gonna remove these two screws to remove this part of the case once we remove these screws you're gonna remove this side of the case by lifting it from the front I'm gonna just come off like so and we're gonna remove the power button here on this model since it's a black ops editions orange but yours might be black or a different color and what you want to do is you want to lift it from here and then just push it out like so and we'll come out now we're gonna remove the eject button cable here and then all these screws have to come out there's a bunch of torques and Phillips screws I'm gonna just bring it up here a little bit closer to the camera for you if you want you guys can pause the screen here and take a look at where all the screws go there's quite a lot of them and these there's torques there's black Phillips and there's silver Phillips screws I know where all the old Oaks I've taking these apart thousands of times but in case you're wondering where all the screws go so all the screws are gonna have to be removed and then this black piece is gonna be removed note how there's this little piece here this piece holds the the long screw that holds the power supply in so you want to be very careful with this and be careful when you're putting it back in I'll show you that this screw is stripped and even though this is the first time this console has ever been opened I find that really odd that this crew stripped even though this this unit was never opened before like no one ever got to the motherboard but find that a little bit peculiar but anyway now now that we've removed this plate we're gonna remove these two Phillips screws that hold the board against the heatsink and now we're gonna remove the fan connector on on the lid on this side here and then we can just lift the motherboard out like so I'll just come right out and that's our motherboard that's the item we're gonna be replacing today so we've got a replacement motherboard here it's in sa c001 that's the model number of the motherboard that these units use it's an SI c – 2 0 1 and we do sell these on our website at WWF as texier or fasttech taught us here in the United States and the ones that we sell come with this warranty sticker here and we normally give out a one-year warranty – lifetime warranty on our motherboards as long as you don't remove this warranty sticker so let's start installing our new motherboard in the back is gonna go in first for the ports are that side goes in first you just got to angle it and then you got to make sure that the power cable goes true like so and then this these are supposed to be over the motherboard we're going to connect the fan then install this piece on stall the power button back pushing it in now you might want to pay attention here this hook here goes in like this like that and then this black piece is gonna go on top of it like so and then now we're gonna screw this piece in just to that or just that little piece doesn't fly away I get lost now we're just gonna start putting all the screws back in I'm putting these screws in with a hundred percent accuracy but you can refer to early on the video where I showed you where all the screws go all right I've done hundreds and thousands of these units so to me it's really no problem this is the screw here that was stripped I'm debating on whether I should put it in I think I'm gonna actually replace the screw but it's very interesting I'm gonna keep this screw it's very interesting I've never seen a stripped screw on a new unit that's never been over so I'm going to replace the strip screw so I don't want next person that's gonna open it to having problems [Applause] drive in connect the eject button cable here back on stall the hard drive cover back on I'm going to flip it over install the drive cables and then turn my cable we're going to install the antenna cable and pushing it down and reinstall the power supply you install the grounding shield and the screws that hold it over the bottom cover by angling it from the front and then pushing in the back and then reinstalling the Torx screws and we're pretty much done now we're gonna put our fast tech warranty sticker on it because this is a client system and they do get a one-year warranty with a motherboard replacement and we're all done again guys all the parts needed for this repair are on our website including the tools the screwdriver the mainboard we also sell all other kinds of parts for PlayStation 4s on our website at WWF ASEA so do check us out and don't forget to subscribe comment and like our videos and also click the bell button next to the subscribe button if you want to get notifications from us and we'll see you in the next one

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