Nintendo Switch – Hands on with the 2-in-1 console

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This is the Nintendo Switch, the company’s most exciting product since the Wii came out ten years ago.

It’s essentially a 2-in-1 tablet and console. You can use it plugged in to a big TV using a bespoke base, making it feel more like a proper traditional console in your living room.
Or pull it out and use it as a tablet. And it has these controller called joy-Cons which make that possible.

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haha hey guys cam here from pocket-lint and this is the Nintendo switch the company's most exciting product since the we came out 10 years ago it's essentially a two-in-one tablet and console and you can use it plugged into a big TV with a bespoke base making you feel more like a proper traditional console in your living room or pull it out and use it as a tablet and it has these controllers called joy cons which make that possible can use them attached to either side of the tablet for mobile gaming or you can detach them from the tablet and then use them as remote controllers separately in multiplayer or join together to make one big controller now these joy cons have a joystick and an Xbox style xyb and a buttons on them for gaming or you can use them like the old wii motion controllers strapped to your wrists physically boxing to play boxing games or placing one inside a plastic steering wheel for playing Mario karts a Nintendo is releasing a more traditional game controller this year too called the switch pro controller this looks similar to an Xbox one gamepad and is immediately comfortable to use the company has been a bit quiet on specifications wanting us instead to focus on the gaming experience so we don't have a lot to tell you there but we've played a number of games including the latest version of mario karts the brand new Legend of Zelda title and of course the reboot of super Bomberman it was a lot of fun now on the whole it's unlikely that it'll come close to competing performance wise with the latest Xbox or ps4 consoles and definitely not the ones coming out at the end of this year but it's new it's exciting and finds an intriguing gap between console and tablets we think it's rather fantastic at least on first impressions pre-orders are available now with the release planned for March the 3rd and it will cost two hundred and eighty pounds to buy I think gamma mat cam Bunton on Twitter and I will see you again soon

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