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01:09 – New PS4 Games Revealed

06:46 – Rainbow Six Quarantine Leaked

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wouldn't be a day in III week if more games were not announced and that's what we're going over today not only do we get several new game announcements but there's also seemingly a brand new e3 leak pointing to a brand new rainbow six PvE shooter and a Zelda style RPG coming from Ubisoft we'll talk everything as far as the new games go we've got Destroy All Humans yes THQ Nordics final announcement in terms of new game releases is a brand new destroy humans rather it is a remake so they're probably gauging fan interest in how Destroy All Humans will do it's gonna come at a pretty reasonable price and much like spongebob battle for bikini bottom they're bringing back a pretty iconic game so we'll talk that also Touhou sky arena developer area zero has announced Valkyrie a phantasm a brand new PlayStation four title we'll go over that also announced is the strategy game immortal realms of vampire wars and that's also announced for the PlayStation 4 and ukulele is getting a sequel in ukulele and the impossible lair that's coming to the PlayStation 4 in 2019 and again as I mentioned at the top Rainbow six PvE and a Zelda style RPG probably gonna be announced at e3 from Ubisoft we'll talk that at the end of this video but first up I want to go over all of the new game announcements Destroy All Humans is coming back with a brand new remake coming from THQ Nordic black forest games and pandemic studios the game will be coming in 2020 and it will be priced at $39.99 the cult classic returns terrorized the people of 1950s earth in the role of the evil alien crypto 137 Marvis DNA and bring down the US government in the remake of the legendary alien invasion action adventure and Nile a puny humans using an assortment of alien weaponry and psychic abilities reduce their cities to rubble with your flying saucer one giant step on mankind the game has already touting several different elements including experience the evil side of a 50s alien invasion story discover why this game is considered one of the funniest ever created faithfully rebuilt from scratch in new galactic glory enjoy crypto is unique weaponry like the anal probe gonna pose as pathetic humans to infiltrate their fragile democracy use cytokinesis to send enemies flying or bombard them with random objects freely traversed explorable cities from 50s Amer using your jetpack obliterate humanity's primitives architecture with your flying saucer and it also includes the restored much rumored never-before-seen lost mission of area 42 so a lot coming to destroy all humans it's coming back in a big way and THQ Nordic man it seems like this is their mo Oh a lot of the infrastructure and creating a game like this creating a game like spongebob battle for bikini bottom that's already taken care of considering these are remakes of games that already came out so they're tapping into fan nostalgia trying to get these games successful and they can probably make a pretty big profit off these games as well and it seems like gamers are just overall very enthused over these games as well and it just seems like gamers are also overall very excited for these titles I'm relieved that you were THQ Nordica's taking things not only do they have games like Destroy All Humans they've got gives a spongebob battle for bikini bottom but they've also got original titles they've Darksiders Genesis like bio mutant and they're just building up a very very compelling roster of games and Destroy All Humans is adding to that in 2020 next up the Touhou Skye arena developer in area zero has announced Valkyrie a phantasm a tentatively titled new Touhou project aerial action game plan for release on the PlayStation 4 switch and PC a trailer is out in the game's official website notes freely fly through the sky dodged the barrage of bullets coming away and flyer spells a new aerial battle action game project from area zero is fully underway using the area battle action experience we gained developing Touhou Skye arena magical battle arena we're progressing the project with a goal of aerial battle action that is more magnificent beautiful and fun than ever before you don't have an official release window for that one this one's definitely gonna go under the radar a little bit but I wanted to give that a mention as well as it's being announced ahead of III it's trying to miss the wave of all of these big announcements but at the same time so many games are being announced anyway so I do think this one's gonna get lost in the shuffle a little bit but let's see how it turns out all right next one is a strategy game immortal realms vampire wars dad's coming to the PlayStation 4 quarter 1 2020 this was announced by publisher Calypso media and developer palindrome interactive it's a brand new strategy game where you descend into a mythical world filled with horrors and legends with immortal rebels of vampire wars and hurl yourself into a compelling gothic adventure paired with a challenging game it's an engaging strategy game set in a dark vampire world in turmoil that combines Empire management and turn-based combat with unique card game elements let's go over the secrets of nem r and experience it and thrall e story from the perspective of four mighty vampire Lords each with their own goals and agendas the game notes twelve meticulously crafted missions and four unique environments from the perspective of four mighty vampire Lords each with their own goals and agendas discover various bloodlines command one of three unique vampire clans with distinctive units powers gameplay mechanics and characters you've got vampiric power strategy and tactics and it does have varied content where you can choose from three different gameplay modes such as the story driven campaign the open-world sandbox and the hard-fought skirmish mode vampire game seems to be gaining a lot of traction last year we had the release of vampire Rose we have vampire blood lines – coming next year and now we have another game in a mortal realms vampire was this one a little bit different being a primarily a strategy game with a lot of other elements thrown in there as well like a card game mechanic put a rather interesting game again it will be hitting the PlayStation 4 quarter 1 2020 and lastly I do want to give a shout that played sonic games have announced a follow-up to ukulele and ukulele The Impossible lair that's been announced for the PlayStation 4 and it will be coming sometime this year no official release date but it will be launching both physically and digitally was noted in this new platforming adventure hybrid Yuka and Layla must combine their abilities to take on a series of challenging and vibrant 2.5 D levels and explore and solve puzzles in a beautiful 3 overall it's on them to rescue Queen Phoebe's world battalion guard from each level as they size of capital B's most desperately challenged yet the impossible we're more information about the game is said to come at e3 the first ukulele game was a very charming platformer harkening back to games like banjo kazooie although it did have its issues it was a charming open-world platformer and played Sonic games I think did a pretty good job with it although they definitely could have improved on it and that's where the sequel comes in and that's what I'm hoping ukulele and the impossible lair will do hopefully it just build upon the successes of the first game while remedying all the issues if you've never played the first game you can find it relatively cheap and released at $39.99 which was a hefty price point but now I'm sure you can find it south of $20 again if you like those old school charming platformers you're gonna find that in ukelele and hopefully you'll find an even better product with the follow-up in ukulele and the impossible we're all right so those are the new game announcements again Destroy All Humans Kariya phantasm a new strategy game in immortal realms vampire wars and ukelele and the impossible there so some exciting games there and this is all ahead of III so just expect even bigger announcements when we actually roll into the e3 conferences and III week it's gonna be a big week for new games and that brings me to my next point we know that Ubisoft is prepping up the announcement of a variety of different games I was hoping for a brand new split herself but it looks like that might not be happening although it was noted by Twitter user Neville who's also been a reliable source of inside info in the past update Rainbow six quarantine is a co-op PvE shooter that will be announced at Ubisoft III 2019 this was also noted by Jason Shara of Kotaku who said that the game is called rainbow 6 quarantine and it's a report of the Akua PvE experience which pits players against an alien threat the game was said to have begun as pioneer the space exploration game first teased and watchdogs too but now it evolved to a brand new rainbow six title how this is gonna turn out we'll find out more at e3 but Jason Tron also talked about another game called Orpheus and he noted that that game had some similarities to Zelda the breadth of the wild but he noted on Twitter quote apologies folks I've misspoke on this week split-screen III extravaganza and the rumored Orpheus project I mentioned is a small scoped RPG not an action-adventure title the breadth of the wild comparison is art style only not gameplay that's a very interesting note as well again I think Ubisoft is gonna come out of a3 with one of the more compelling press conferences and that says a lot because I'm excited for the Microsoft show and the other conferences and Ubisoft usually isn't one of the standout publishers however they've done pretty well recently and it was even noted that Assassin's Creed Odyssey might get a major update announced in the pre shell of the conference not even in the main conference and that would be some sort of community created content so that would be really cool but that would just be in the pre-show in the main show it would just be new game after new game including watchdogs region this new rainbow six title Orpheus and whatever else they have under their sleeves they've got a lot of compelling projects in the works but it looks like a new Splinter Cell project is not gonna happen Schreyer also add a quote I've asked a bunch of people about this because everybody wants to know if a splinter cell game is coming everyone I've talked to has said no as far as they know there is no splinter cell game in production that is so depressing to me it seemed like a splinter cell game was leaked on gamestop based on the listing of the Sam Fisher night-vision goggles we haven't seen a new split all game going back to 2013 and I had speculated maybe we haven't seen Splinter Cell because it's not a game that traditionally sells incredibly well and it's not a game you can easily monetize either look at the games that Ubisoft have been putting out recently for honor the crew – the division – Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon wildlands Rainbow six siege all of these games you can monetize for an extended period of time and in the case of watchdogs Legion I think inherently that game will sell pretty well so they're incentivized in creating a big-budget open-world experience like that in the case of Splinter Cell I don't think that's a game that would sell incredibly well from the get-go and again you can't monetize it in the long term so from a business standpoint I can kind of see where Ubisoft is coming from but I think the clamoring is there I think gamers want to see in you Splinter Cell at this point I just don't know if it's gonna happen because it seems like it's teased every year or every big event and it seems that it never comes to fruition so that's a big bummer to me especially and that's gonna conclude this video again a bunch of new games continue to be announced destroy humans remake is coming in 2020 Valkyrie of phantasm is coming to the ps4 a strategy vampire game in a mortal round ukulele is getting a follow-up in ukulele and the impossible lair and it looks like Rainbow six is getting a brand new game with a PvE shooter and a Zelda style RPG and Orpheus whatever project that turns out to be I'm definitely interested that's gonna conclude this video sound off with all of your thoughts in the comment section down below thank you for watching and good bye hey guys we hope you enjoyed the video and if you did make sure to hit the subscribe button and if you're already subscribed do us a favor and hit the bell icon this way you'll be notified whenever we post a new video that's the best way to keep up with all of our uploads and we usually try to upload two videos a day and with the bell icon hit you'll be notified whenever we do upload a video as always thanks for watching

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  1. I'm wondering when some of these open world games are going to add some next generation features like being able to take a dump. I mean, in most of the adventure games, your character has to eat or consume energy to heal. Nothing more realistic than being surprised by some dragon or biomutant, right in the middle of dropping a "steamy" one.

  2. Bunch of lame looking games and some that you already talked about several times. Thumbs down for this video. At least you didn't arbitrarily abbreviate game names making them and your video unapproachable by casual gamers…. this time.

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