*NEW* Fortnite 7.20 Update! | Early Patch Notes, Console Building, Redeploy!

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Fortnite New 7.20 Update – Early Patch Notes, Console Building, and Glider Redeploy is what we discuss today!

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hey what's up guys cam from Russia here welcome back everybody to another fortnight video today we are going over everything to do with 7.2 and man do we have a lot of information so you're gonna want to stick around for the entire thing first my voice is not naturally this deep I got some type of cold going or something I wish it was I don't know if I wish it was this deep it's a little raspy but yeah don't worry about that and I don't know what the item shop is right now I'm obviously filming it before and I'm going to rush this one out so if I make any mistakes hopefully I don't but I got like seven hours of class today I rushed home just to make this quick video I got about an hour till I have to leave again so let's do this deploy your gliders patch 7.2 releases tomorrow January 15th downtime begins at 5:00 a.m. Eastern so exactly as expected I'm super excited for this and yes deploy your gliders there is uh there's a lot of stuff we need to talk about including this gliders thing what's going on well let's start with the obvious one here the scoped revolver this was announced last night the six shot pistol that packs a punch and provides perfect accuracy at range so we can't really assume what this is gonna be like a lot of the comments and responses to this aren't like who at Epic Games wants a revolver in the game so badly but I'm not against it I just I'm very glad it has perfect like one you know perfect accuracy it needs to have that but this thing needs to do some damage or it's gonna be useless once again what that damage number is that depends on the reload time the time in between shots a lot of different factors I my assumption this gun won't be no one will use it I don't know I but I could be totally wrong just based on the previous revolvers they just have not been good enough to to consider putting them in your in your main setup right there's just too many better weapons hey maybe I'll be wrong we will see before we go any further with the update tonight I'm gonna have probably three plus videos going out about the update all the changes all the things in the files Cosmetics things like that and then all the secrets so things probably to do with the new druid the dragon event we think that it's coming I'm sure we're gonna get some info on that tonight so if you're not all ready subscribe to the channel I keep you up to date on all things fortnight make sure to touch that like button for me right now if you're excited for the update and support it creative coat the camping rushar let me know if you do so I can say thank you I really appreciate the support okay itemized glider redeployed glider redeploy is back ladies and gentlemen and I'm gonna read it out to you there is a very split response on the mechanic which reveals some positives as well as some negatives this is to do with the first-time client glad to redeploy was introduced we removed the mechanic from default modes but feel an alternative implementation will help in solving some of these negatives and better suits our goals the goal with the item is to provide mobility and utility but in a form that can be balanced and iterated upon by implementing glider redeploy as an item we can iterate on multiple different levels redeploy height movement speed drop chance charge count including inventory slot tension so here I'll put this on your screen here's a quick overview of how it's going to work at 7.2 the gliders item will take up an inventory slot alright that's big and can be found from normal loot sources you activate guy to read glider read plays you normally would you do not need to select the item so it actually works like those backpack items we were talking about a few bits back each the play will remove one charge when all charges are used the item disappears similar to the grappler use of launch pads rifts to go and LTM respawns will not consume a charge as these put you in skydiving mode the new glider redeploy item can be found floor loot chests vending machines and supply Lammas so to do with the the large team modes when you drop from the battle bus you will be automatically granted a glider item with 50 charges this is only for the big LT ms alright not normal modes this counts as you being in skydive mode so you don't use a charge and then from there you can decide in the big LT M is you can drop that item you can either keep it or drop it for something else and 50 charges is how many you have and that is more than you will get in the normal mode and there's a thread with mister Popo just a fortnight employee right he probably my favorite because he answers any questions and leak so many things normal mode its rarity is rare and can be found in stacks of 10 so exactly like the grappler in normal modes it's got 10 uses you can find it anywhere it's rare the grappler is not rare but whatever that doesn't matter and then you can choose to keep it in your inventory as as an item you can hold multiple stacks each stack takes up a slot you cannot combine the stack so once again grappler other than that that's all the information on this how is this going to affect I think it's a great way to introduce it I think it's going to be used less than more because it takes up an item slot for me personally thinking like my debate would be to have this item over over my utility right and I would say grappler is my number one utility stink grenades dynamite RPG grenade launcher like this heavy sniper rifle there's so many I call it my Z's my fourth weapon slot right my eyes add my Z and I don't think it's gonna be worth it to replace some of those items like there's just too many good items for me to use glider redeploy but it could be like balloons I do like balloons say you know if if you have the available slot and then you know early game it helps you to travel across the map faster to me it's it's not a bad thing and what do you think on this how do you think this is gonna work are you gonna use it do you think it's worth an item slot for you let me know all right Sean mister Popo also leaked a bunch of things to do with building sensitivity and I think it's mostly console stuff so you guys are gonna be excited here from the v7 point to patch notes so this is actually patch notes information I'm sure a lot of this info is right building sensitivity change also applies to edit mode I know this one's been very this has been demanded by a lot of console players it makes sense and I'm really glad they're adding this for you guys separate targeting scope and gamepad building sensitivity settings are now shared between save the world of Battle Royale okay sensitivity settings allow for more granular adjustments I looked up the definition of that word I thought I knew what it meant but to make sure just very small miniscule adjustments right which is a good thing you want to be able to adjust it super slightly so I'm looking forward to that all right that is 7.2 information but stick around there's a couple bonus pieces of info here first one quickly for tonight is celebrating the year of the pig with a special block feature support your festive Lunar New Year Islands by January 19th 2019 so this version rotation of the block will be to do with with this post here so if you're trying to do it if you're submitting make it you know festive Lunar New Year Islands your the pig go that route and you'll have you won't have a chance to get accepted in this rotation if you do not lastly this one is going to this is crazy to me it's a lawsuit it's another lawsuit alright it's orange shirt kid his mother is suing Epic Games over the fortnight orange justice emo and I don't want to belittle the reasoning for it I'll sum it up for you but basically orange shirt kid he you know he put that video online and orange justice is obviously in the game now he did not win the boogie down contest and this was the the contest where everyone submits a dance the winner get that that gets chosen by epic and the community they get their dance put in the game orange justice did not win but because so many people wanted his dance in the game fortnight ended up adding in anyways as reported by variety the lawsuit does not actually include the boogie down contest nor the tweets in which the celebrate in which celebrated the addition of the emo instead his mother Rachel Micawber's claims that orange shirt kid exploded in popularity in or around early 2018 after he made a video of himself performing the dance also when the filing was a claim that her son was subject to extreme cyberbullying and as a result deactivated his social medias well this part of the lawsuit may unfortunately be true it's peculiar and quite interesting that the boogie down contest was excluded from the lawsuit filing entirely it's possible that if this lawsuit makes it to court epic games will use the contest as a very solid defense and I'm reading here from fortnight news for no BR all credit down below so yeah like that's what I want to say there well I think there was some cyberbullying going on here and that that sucks man you don't want to see that and I don't want to discredit you know what what that kid experienced it's horrible but is it lawsuit worthy towards epic games not in my mind at all right and I agree here with fortnight news the I'm actually looking at the PDF file of the actual the actual lawsuit legal lawsuit again credit down below you could check it out yourself it's like 29 pages so I can't really show you any of it and there there's nothing right there's nothing regarding orange shirt kid putting up the video in order to get his dance in the game that was his motivation that was his goal to to leave that out like there's no way he can win Epic Games has such a good defense there that I don't know what do you agree with me do you agree with fortnight news and myself on this topic let me know in the comment section down below ladies and gentlemen that's all I got for you today I'm gonna get this video edited rendered and uploaded hopefully before I have to go to class we officially have 45 minutes so thanks for watching touch that like button for me subscribe to the channel if you new around here and I'll see you all tonight technically for for the brand new update thanks guys

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  1. when you say the orange justice kid's mom sueing epic is to get money also it wasent even his dance he stole it from roy purdy sooooo she cant do Sh*t about that because if she wins the case roy can just sue both of them anyway so XD

  2. Has anyone notice on console apparently the graphics have been bumped up.. anyway it's like PC on ultra settings and I'm not use to the sun in game I could literally not see.

  3. So tired of all the money hungry people trying to sue over dances. I’m sure shes going for emotional compensation but there is no reasonable explanation for a suet from Orange Shirt Kid. They’re just jumping on the bandwagon. SMH

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