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you hello hello hangs on shout it to the seven people Zac retro what's up Joel what's up dragon welcome to the stream I'll start customs don't get enough people the moment I get enough people so I guess when I get a short game what should I do I'll just do hashed okay hashtag I'll start off with squads I guess it's easier welcome what's up what's up Attaway all right fixed it shut up to the nine people David welcome what's up I'm just gonna wait till more people come in Anthony welcome Josh what's up you guys can kill third circle no killing toe fat circle all right it's pretty much pretty much fixed tryna 1v1 imagine that I even learned huffing plugins Claude you had a drop too late I think to thumbnail zone I'll add coins in just a sec once I fix it evil bunny welcome what's up imagine having three to ILI's so we're Legends what's up there's no way he has full shield Nathan welcome to the stream dude I got three Dooley's but that's crazy do I have enough people for customs if I'd chilled now what have on that gunfight I'll do one sell offers no such already do garetty what's up it's the code exhibition code she's no stream snapping that stuff do the JIT like get a max off max yield and I threw open no stream snapping on anyone who lands on me literally anyone I'm just gonna shoot right away just be cautious I'll start it once it hits two minutes I don't know if I should see another possible way I don't know I started it with 12 people yeah I couldn't wait that's tough 12 people 13 codes muffin 1 I feel like I should see another pub honestly I died off spawn I'm so squats and stuff clarify what's up Brandon welcome welcome to the stream true Brian it's been off chronic call go like I was a weird klava that's weird I'll be sure though look at the rules if we're gonna be in these rims and FIFA imagine I haven't played FIFA it's like 2010 EQ what's what I mean I should have done another problem should do another pub there's no way I'm gonna wait for an eight-man scrim I'll just reek here Swift welcome it's been a while stealthy what's up kind easy FIFA imagine Adam what's up all right gonna be on later get on way Brandon monkey what's up our slogan our CRS codes muffin wine if you guys wanna join yeah another pot over said I should out for my people I know it depends how many people I can get in this one those new people yeah let me find out my voice whenever you want Brendon you got it you got it watching mods yeah FF you still what's up I wanna count like ten minutes Kiara what's up what's that what's up I know I know I know but she I don't know she's also Python what's weird literally I'm gonna be forever connected to skipper because Maddie wants to play with skipper all my pressure dang what's up what's up welcome he was at Debenham I know Clough uh been a little crazy for me I didn't know about she's here true Brian I just say head mod Ryan so they all effects Ryan make sure it's on any west pressure not my channels pretty much back on track you know you know back on track just got a name he's on you won't be coming for a while Oh take this break yeah same with them same with Marlene yeah what see straight there it what a guy mmm-hmm clean what's up I don't know that's Maddie you know you got upset flow what's up okay so hey what's up your innate yeast yeah should be better and the custom I'll do do dr. the phone you can suck my landed didn't even notice she is gonna be coming back soon name was I don't know ask Maddie I don't know it's cuz I've DM I don't know no nothing like that what the heck you want to monitor yeah my buzz left haven't been keeping up evil bunny now chill she's she's not bad now she's really not dog now they'll be they'll be coming back at a certain point like the stream thanks pressure right in love oh no way you gotta finish your coffee you really want me to the time you out so it's left off thanks like mysterion guys I don't know I will in fact I did just to be fair but saucy what's up all right how's today thanks for stopping in I guess Joe is Joey's is better but I'm stopping him she's she's only 10 I don't so what no I'm gonna do now what is it yeah you guys can kill him once the Sun closes in right here or not me just each other now it's better to stay away from doing imagine hi Elena oh I have classified and she's like oh I thought that was on purpose now the months that the monster hit each other she watches the very start squad and later on I'll do stuff like one or two though guys can engage no I said maybe if I was gonna show I guess technically Ned Marlene would be mon-sol still under there all the way without you can won it [Applause] he's now Brian you're not you're not buy right yeah I'm not either all right all right just uh I'm not asking you know no cuz Maddy said the lots of people were by but I was like I don't think Ryan is now shut it to the 41 instream braid notes up if ID squads I I don't know about that maybe hello a play qualy I do just a warm up this is Bella why not yeah we're customs I passed mad and Suggs dang I was that like 200 subs 100 subs when he raised me someone named Matt a youtuber he used to play fortnight that's my plan all along that was my plan Madison gets jealous about me and Josh Kate no shot though she actually got jealous about sha I'm not sure he'd a PI what's up you know you got third circle yeah third circle her Madison yeah you guys really thought I was gonna say something bad but I was just keep it up keep it up stealthy did you I was timed oh you won't bully me any count anyways I'm too I'm too cool no I'm not even kidding keep it up yeah no she doesn't weird weird weird yeah okay yeah I gotta suck he came in on like nine channels I know it sounds like I'm pretty sure the cuff of that this is this is him we shipped you with a Madison Chiara make sure you put in the code right yeah muffin one Elite what's up yeah I gotta change that but actually next yeah yeah PJ what's up can you add me since I got a win uh maybe you should add ice drawers one excavation code if you gather onnanoko you already time to know if you get in hooked up dealer No Deal I'd carry me please kami pleases Gordon you always choke me first thing I know are you used to when we played pubs went down like six times in one game make sure there's no spaces and so on any worse Swift start I'll start it when inside a minute and 30 being Madson better go off yeah thanks stuffy go ahead go in kela I said what's up where the rules no stream sniping no killing til third circle anyone who lands on me I'm just gonna engage right away even if like literally anyone gauging yeah that's fine stuffy and if someone engages you early obviously engage back 54 in a minute I know I always say that that's stop well Kyra's gonna want to hear you Jonathan I feel good about food hell wasn't I it's gonna be a stacked party Bradon yo yeah there's to get by here got a mini anesthesia let's guy the Chuck joke I'm a kid that's a big thought for you actually now you can take the shot and take a chug I don't either you miss awfully fell asleep I don't know I want you so bad but like that's a boot ha what's up you should have talked to Maddie boot huh with a hand I don't even mean – I did 360 in Charlotte and I ended up hitting you a lot worse Alex welcome hello yeah I don't know yeah if you want I don't know if y'all have time to drink it in game anyways you thought you were running regular games laughs you can start fighting third circle around 12 all right oh thanks Elfie thanks SMR that's that's big huh you keep growing the game chatter fine I talked about how huh go it's what's up I lost my father lazy some chips nice nice finally I Tricia supposed to give you like 90 minutes and why are you eating those ladies get to stop for an odd really want this ad I'm eating huh this third circle yeah go didn't you know who messaged me today Ethan yeah he wants to party up he's afraid of come on yeah I haven't I haven't spoke to him so he that's it I don't know how it sounds like no reason yeah that's a sausage you guys can kill once the song closes in right here I'm not gonna take the Vig I know how far you know I don't know anything she's too shy japheth up night welcome Calvo uh she we can engage in 35 seconds that was you engaging right here yeah come on is the guy rushing here all right now yeah he's like and put up all that neat either fine games nice welcome there's a flintlock Ethan a while I know so I keep going I don't know that's what screens and there's no I I got six mini three Reince Ike says Papa dang there's a guy five seven yeah yeah I need that like it's an RPG yeah yeah yeah they're really like I don't say it so I like on just let my craft lighting your hand away I killed those buddy and weight industry oh yeah hi Chiara how's your mouth looking eyes Wow I got it like I'd be ready [Laughter] I've no Matt let's Yugi laughs I'm mad wait that's Ryan's of one in the party I don't know if Ryan's ever carried a man it's gonna be fire first Carrie wait who didn't please did that carry me please yeah Ryan I can't do five circles if people aren't gonna listen that long there's no way otherwise it's definitely baby couldn't no you need something seven appreciate it season nine what the heck it's like in a stream sobbing no killing till third circle same row I just don't do any later because people who break the rules my two keyboard sweats on me for like a minute they just wanted to build for height no eyes what's up Brandon bunny that's right so changes occurred yeah we're shutting the code to next time I should change it to we will just change it the shot one kid make sure it's on any west and there's no spaces or anything under code just muffin one I'll gonna start it out there's a lot of people and I invite my son mighty throne dang yeah we should look to roast we're gonna be doing his customs now killing total third circle another heading on us Charlotte everyone who is up in 4.7 bang actually it's got to live out the matter not to play but not if work set up it kill Danny and Sam like Madison hunty what's up try not to kill people on those people show you Chloe without ill jobs bill Cayton Josh clapper oh sorry that's just me being cautious you guys here now again yeah looking at me weird hi I don't know they're failing already my I know I know where you play with Chiara dang how old ever again I'll tell you if you ask me in person after that let me know what it does just land I need the stuff all his buddies here tonight yeah it's clear gots nice from the north somewhere should be crazy you guys save us I don't do that people I doubt people can write that long fourth or fifth circle anybody in that place Franny hey what's up what's up all these on top she says playing with me make asphalt brother an old bone thing you're getting shot you're getting some hey I don't know if there's a quad crush it there and what is this right not to the other bad thing you can get up here we gonna have to par you to make it over yonder okay I'm gonna die though you're not revive me are leaving I know I thought you're gonna go yeah whoa whoa that was intense I'm gonna die I'm gonna die on the down-low ban that guy Madison what do you mean I came I bought a fan you yeah that curve so I got no all right yeah you're gonna make it I'm not gonna make it oh you missed it you missed yeah baby Jesus won't lie Hey you can't mess with me friends got it good remember that Betty it's okay wait hold on Ryan let's go to the games after this game actually notice three Dean Klebe Madison varsity what's up who's he talking to you the Buddha's in the party but uh Ryan had the thing with not shared and Madison's too shy so she has not shared but maybe in a we actually had a guy rush us in the store I'm not stop that's why rank up slot you change your name mountain imagine you shy don't be shy hey where we going can't change it no like here youtube name like see what's up her heads welcome now you got your good I don't care I don't care it's up to you never realized it but Lee that's embarrassing I'm surprised you're comfortable with out or not what do you say that's embarrassing you know like and you're like because he calls me honey your voice the clapper yeah you should I am ah please I hate this game I wasn't ready any what oh yeah you just got look at the cows being I guess let's do come on it about three all right you say so but the opportunity I've been Ethan Neurath no need to shy I think I want Ethan and Kiara to talk I am why you actually called her that it's rude that was it through Chiara did he call you that you scared her that's fine you really think so tell me to leave I can leave I don't want I don't want her to be scared of me having the code bottom left right what do you mean because he's another crash now I didn't think that I kept talking because he doesn't like his voice he hates it I was I'm trying to a triumph or Valkyrie I'm her head nod fanboy a challenge am I'll be the judge of that she does the Brandon Oh Brenda don't Brenda's on my case no he said you're on my side what do you mean perspective perspective shout-out to the 73 and stream oh thanks Brandon coated coated seventy-eight show the Saab extreme upside of time right go Gabe nice nice I'll start it got a minute in like 30 we're getting on the party because he's I know if we communicate though I think it just gets annoying for them Justin's your fanboy how about Cree thanks thanks thanks Brandon 76 dang a lot of you codex mission code codes Valkyrie why is that the Code Red I don't know I can think of anything I'll be in it I was gonna okay the things that are coming to minds we're NOFA Charlayne we should push shot one shot one yes sir nabela Korea no no killing so third circle when third circle appears those clauses that basically be fourth circle but you probably commented first what do you mean you guys are weird oh it's a man in 30 sir um for sure Brandon for sure Julia supreme welcome parallel what's up late stream sniper no sorry I mean if you really want you just have to keep distance alright no killing tilt or circles you're gonna be in these customs a poky mean definitely Valkyrie rather than pokey Jose hey Joe I know I like jokes better that's better Joe visa Oh si I'm not exactly fran family-friendly but why I've been ready that I don't know it's not part of my vocab mine either oh we got what uh-huh never cook hello oh my god this to be here I have a people here another 66 in this game you gonna die you guys engaged I was fun he's gonna have to shoot you I'm not to do but yeah he's not the killer one here oh are you knocking with this library yeah yeah I killed him oh right a big pop have name is face teacher trying to be like oh my god these guys have full shield a nice nice long foot 105 and the other one has full shoe as well good on my get you up to I think I got plenty out dream science toxic so playing catch with those guys that is here right all right second imagine literally I could if I had within I like I was trying to see what's around me but then they got shot at so I shout out the other people you know I do the same thing Bob all could have been deafening no killing toaster circle for everyone who didn't mind let me be fun you wanna choke like how many guys I'll take their bed with that thank you just running away or dead Desert Storm do you gift winners just to shut up here that pretty sure there's a koala crash up there a fan just here I wear on every one of them are done I don't even know if this is right spot I think we're fucked I was is unless we get to the split screen right here and maybe I don't know that I think I'll forget then times a night then we'd be like yeah be crazy on loot then you have massive Boudicca dissociating around oh my god why why are you guys think about Chris Josh what do you mean like he is though I know same cloth awesome I think we're good when I had been in his whole time yeah and redeploy dang oh yeah i mean ii think there was a combat yeah i get i love her why eating salty Madison how my god if that's what has a bargain I'll give you the thing yeah oh man go flip stuff feeling get strange name you could see one of your videos just really fluffy hair I want ha yeah and any match 20 together than hat oh we can't even got debit either I don't know where to get it oh nothing before stereo guy really tried to smooth my hair that's gonna gauge once the circle closes here you have two fun to not these knots really quick there's like four guys I know know where it's reppin to you how it is the Valkyrie yeah codes bout agree I haven't married on once again push another guy dang we should light here elevating i'll here in booty that alive I wasn't fighting off I wasn't go do you know I said this you know I could poke you mean no we're not fucking name no way honestly if we had late now I'd like how about now Valkyrie has to keep this law off Madison Josh hello what's up like you know the editor I don't know what they own their own homes Jackson what's up shot miss Artie I mean TV's one more screams and tournaments he killed all of you I mean I was low the last part and I couldn't read at the wall GG yes I didn't know what the fuck happened I'll get a shot from every single angle breath there's a different team to our you didn't compare t4 girl risky eye nose teeth lose he's going on scrims I think must be winning like 90% of these girls I forgot the loot in the beginning dude it's always a craftsman out like that because I'm not no how about so I have a the stream thing he carries such as careers spelled out yeah anything's odd I mean not anything but yeah you can do so thanks for subbing like an streamer down there if you if you put anything back work our way in venom welcome just a code exhibition code yeah I don't know what to think about mobile community oh my god how about when they try compare it to like console or PC it doesn't make sense shoutout to the 59 people yeah that's real no killing til third circle no stream sniping like actually it's way too many thanks for subbing like the stream for point stuff and damning creative end of stream I'll do you wanna do unjust people anyone to go on actually if there's any creative warriors you guys just send me a friend request I'm done okey one oh why is he going for the revive I don't know wait go for that I'll hit no math so I yeah I'll lower case for the code 90 subs away all right GG's duties parallel not yet not yet you're an East your goated my face reveal huh foreign a player welcome to the stream what's up Edgar what's up 60 ping by the way your go-to did I'll start it a minute and 30 if it doesn't work make sure it's on any west and it's all lowercase I'm an epic Tristan one it kept on yeah it's all our case all our case are you the only modding so you're you're going I think um Hudson's mad chase what's up you where are we gonna go to right here yeah yeah if you guys are in this scrims game be sure the father Rose no landing on us killing till third circle ain't no way we got people I knew a man I've had a few many tried helping you like that everyone always lets me know and they kill me to a fucking wasn't that bad I don't know my secret ah down you're funny fella it's hard to get going over there all right if we have like read the play or something let's take the high ground Joshua what's up I just have Matt yeah we get to you I couldn't build for this place that's how bad it was okay there's a guy's gonna shoot me from oh my god you can't be here I know take it take it oh hi favorites heaven shake how you feel over the lava oh my god or both that I used I like that sticky what's up yeah I'll just go to love him oh sure all right I'll get there yeah how many pictures can get me though oh there's some right up here on top of me all right well they go up in that high five wherever I am i Diana if you pull that oh my god okay this t-ball everything bill right now I forgot menus Bell – dusty farm at first I had that have a smaller there's late down here are you coming back on cleffa secretary welcome oh yeah I don't bother that anymore I got it I got it right the same same there's two if you want to take another actually if you want to build a ballers actually maybe in a bit you don't applying your best bud thanks to everyone is like an ice jam at seven nice job does it only think that way to get there your honor what's not bad yeah and it's like taking the whole time that's crazy not a that's the guy authority but he's dancing you guys can kill once the storm closes in right here on this circle I'm good Brendan dang work oh it at this time we can actually rush people so much for my headshot 1 for 17 [Applause] but those of you has a boyfriend a headshot of his body too yeah okay that's boy yeah no accurately oh I didn't accident but I shot this guy cuz I do shoot me yeah I Cheerilee us no streams nothing dude toxic what they say I scream sniped and he killed me what my boy bacon isn't matter does that mean okay guys can engage now going for this I drop one big pile right there trying to drink it I cut storm swing I've grenades in this Pete there's a guy here I think I think it like I know needs me on the tree that's tough I have a fucking that you're here do you see on the tree the whole time I wasn't even I was just running car uh-huh where I'm dead in the middle holy shit what's your ID six minutes on me I don't like that you need to kill these mouths oh my god out over there huh thank you we will hang a push and go ahead and you ah down you have to third party come on bitch oh my god I bet in that way yeah that's my bad to be honest jumping to the 10 appreciate it dude go in it go in how do I fix it for nothing I don't know why I'm like that so that's weird glitch now I have the timer to say something else but it takes like two hours to kick in let me go to the man yeah oh and if mine why just so many much in one command okay yeah it should be should be fast oh it's Valkyrie we can't siphon anonymous nice third circle yeah third circle yes and go get the dog with the rules HEC summation real guys on another rose just no streams and I think landing on us otherwise sorta have to engage no Keeling tell third circle just be sure to look at the rules if you guys are going to be doing these customs I brought their what's up chat up to the 73 in stream what's up what's up I'll start it at a minute and 30 you're gonna play all right where's everyone out it's late it's late it's late screams like me obviously not yeah codes Valkyrie John what's up what's up what's up you okay tell me about your shoes again late jump on me you late jump on me let's play out of here alright I have a glittery 2 player here and we wanna everybody alright have a movie all right already have on your word those fellas coming play you'll have a partner yeah if you don't have a partner then just a fella I got left Illinois hey doctor okay combat what I got I think that's Brendan Bushido not even talking about I think he's bailing all right down here wait don't do it I haven't shut up to the 53 extreme guys I'm selecting stream 7 yeah if someone shoots you then just do your best it's arrived she back what did they stop space I think that's crazy ah shit there's a big I hear something all right only hand down to my god rush welcome what's up sorry to Brian it's just that's how off that's tough oh is that you aunty thanks for the look on that I have to because I noticed is we need grab the ha everyone started talking I just ready to slurp see or do you think no I drank it oh all right I'll go drink this you've got an Austrian snipers up let's record it speak out someone shoots at you then yeah now he's the shoot back not many I don't believe it – yeah Asha's thought too far hunt about it a snack food and water yeah that's right good i'll show about that that seems so many details as you guys can kill each other wants to storm closes in right here so the guy right next to you behind you yeah get stadium get every trees want it shut it to the 49 people in stream how's it going it I think I'm out one show they contacted me grind for 4.8 maybe Oh kind of far yeah there's Claude crashes SLT though yeah if I do you play with someone that's off stream Jones or I just feel like public fills or something duo feels Farah sighs that even the right way and without go ahead yeah like right here right now yeah that bit we're just anybody tell me but oh my god oh my god I can't bail you oh I feel bad for a guy yeah you go think about actually this guy have any but Don's coming if no I'm gonna win no way I neither alone you know I usually can't flying it all my own bit no you're good runner by Sheldon is ring okay that's nice acidity to the hunger to fire no bandages that's crazy way I have a counter for you don't see better if you just diner self laser hit somewhat the heavy it basically gave that killer that kid why I like you only if the guy was a jog on that's right I don't know I can't forget up at all I going I'm day he has to account for how much damage I'm not gonna do 53 there I caught if I dropped it wow that was just how did I drop it well yeah yeah who are they yeah yeah hurry – I gotta mark none of you guys saw that but I literally picked it up and it dropped and everything we should I drop here you should have dropped something I here then wasn't gonna be that yeah you already have to go there's people over here down here I love it shit I don't know oh there's a drum down take it down here you want to hop in a gang there's a big pop here Oh Tommy hang on Ethan jump those 90 holy these guys really want this fight by the paw damage they're both building haidle now buddy Scott I sleep in there whatever we gotta go my father okay you know I myself nice coated we already have to rotate pretty soon I was invited out here I picked Ayane are ready to fight oily Danny I'm something you'd bill to me you do that you have 200 oh yeah that it might be ice skating dang no let's leave my heavy all right thank God above me Hey rather than that these guys nice watching TV look at him now that's what that I just built for high ground about your box up for the mini oh my god lying at mayans 11:01 kill nine times because you don't matter at six I was down a notch people immune never had ice getting anything like that sucks oh geez anonymous secret thanks for to appreciate I did we have seven dollars thanks thanks for the dyno hmm settings for imagine P so thanks for stopping in Marcin II go to go to chat up to the 77 people in stream she like the stream sub that was intense yeah but if you London somewhere else instead of that fucking ice cream part it was I was ice-skating cookie when they half my house gone to the storm you're not doing about that two hours it was a lot longer and two hours I'm alive anxiety what's up welcome squads maybe Cassandra yeah I'll start it in a minute 30 you're gonna be doing these customs should I follow rules 59 likes nice thanks guys run PC though the edits [Applause] okay there were two do I was trying to build battle me to sky limit the Matt's ID squads who should I would I invite four squads let's see Oh Brandon Clapham how do you help it on something left over GG squads ain't nothing that I'm not sure why she is on what a book oh you are alright alright I probably do a couple squads squads is the only thing I've ever done yet I should probably do especially since it says squads in the title thanks to everyone we seven I'm about 76 subs away it's crazy wanna make it discord call that's crying I just haven't asked Ryan come and you use discord a lot don't you know I'm a guy got a server no killing tell third circle how do you people here really check gonna die booter on my land on you you have to tell what skins you got hmm all right I think we're good and I killed the other guy I think it's Brandon I'm not sure sorry I killed you risky pirate girl and ps+ to follow alright kill your partner just to be cautious be sure to look at the rules it's a rule not to land on us it's too it's too risky on our part if people are trying to gauge us mmm I don't know should we that boot huh I found something on us she needs a body coming don't you need a bodyguard though named bass anyone maybe kinda yeah I just didn't study sneaking away what I Kelly started it's a real not the line of us there's a slipstream they don't forget I know Matthew and there's nothing there is a green towel again no much next we could go paradise to see if there's any risk you wanted like these you can go check it on actually no let me go use that sky thing oh that's alright I gotta put someone on killing out salty gonna have to uh I don't know toxic mix emission coat if you guys in another code the items should be yeah I'll make it out $9,000 you won imagine dang where are you hmm there's a guy farm you know why though what I hesitated on this guy that sucks oh it is I'm not the kiddin with the ones going but I'll finish a fight what stuff we have nomads again I'm thinking about Jade $500 that but my me actually everyone was something by the way how to make it actually look a lot of the way you would have made it yeah this guy like very high six mini fellow yeah yeah I got some there's a guy in years off I think you guys how to kill it the campfire oh my god I don't know I just don't know is across the mouth oh my god he's Joe I don't know who that we gotta go we gotta go I know why these guys aren't rotating actually yeah I wanna clap oh nice now I play straight from console we're gonna make it oh yeah that's low the glider out on the cupboard broke a key booth it at last I kind of cookies one my coccyx toxic oh we can basically engage now this guy isn't carrying a metaphor I mean this whole time I just gotta gave it later I've known as brother yeah I'm gonna good there that's 70 miles five but I'm using the slipstream I don't know where I need to farm at some more oh right let's go – okay we can kill now by life nothing with that gotta like they're friendlies like I don't know you got it yeah gave me hundred mouths for what oh my god I can try to be there I want to kill them though no I don't either they gonna like step back honestly yeah I'm not gonna know who do i steam into someone got a little rebooted right here you already blew their hair funny me okay yeah I'm coming I don't mind I got these guys keep following me dang I just popped off the scene they're a hell we're on it on you know I don't even know like I'll be kill them right only Cairo oh fuck I don't know are you kidding now I killed Peters right guy now I gotta help my channel with that thank you really miss Doane Christmas but have nothing I think I know daddy's or Meg ever fuck yeah I don't either have my name's pebble oh yeah I'm trying to tell you you lift it up and this is that I gave it with dude working up to kill someone you're gonna kill anyone yeah Patti what's up trip what's up my bear here there's the chest I want leather here I have no more animal just flirt here for you yeah go get this dirt losing a baller of 300 at the engineer yeah I was around the guys not engaging us did not know he all right I'm not building Friday he's building to the height I'm gonna shop what you have any campfires don't have nothing that's a dip over there I'm gonna tear a party a bit I'm down there Christian one bit oh no I picked up his mantle HP No we have three redeploys left no getting your name out there you know yeah I think the hamper why breath then and nine yeah alakay I connected like those questions are irrelevant Gigi's brand encoded you all right look eighty-four G's shut up to any foreign stream oh that's something else Derek go is welcome she liked to stream sub a lot of time clap us not even the hot it there we go yeah she was hurt offline there weird weird weird before zone I can't I can't I would if I could but I can't all right I'm gonna get off okay can what's up Tristan you your character is like loading on my screen what's going on time's it to 82 people you guys are gather crazy it's Friday damn oh yeah thanks for subbing clutch you guys can do Phil if you don't have partners either if it's on squats I'll be doing squads like all this close Great Scott remember how are you doing that failure or like it or not Anthony I think Anthony wants to play alright Drizzy ought off I'm not sure wrong so many people ask you for code yeah it's cotton bitch you've cut your hand chill chill Walmart what's up oh you guys need to make sure you have to go it in Anthony Rockstar what's up wavy I'll be ready up Ron let me leave and come back did I am yep get the coat in Anthony yep leave and run by disconnected all right all right all right you guys backstage I should you're disconnected oh my scream you code no I love this guy nope bonus gamer welcome to quit right I need to take supper tomorrow gotta get my game on I don't like look like a sub I said I'm not always and you don't stupid I'm trying to better [Applause] Ryan do coins coin 125 our is Wyatt I'm waiting let me see alright again Anthony up dad you're gonna have to type it on your Lobby and then turn back [Applause] mr. coward coats Valkyrie that was Valkyrie she played this way for the cup thing that was all bit it's not even it's more of a fun tournament we just get mad oh I gotta fight them again ready upper do and she keeps leopard by she's I'm readying up I figure brushing are you ready to have stickers Ryan was mystic Bob can game hammer something Lobby everything you could new code now it's either that or it's not spot right a new code no there's no it normally works every time there's no way ahead of me take a puff of breath you need a mater – and then I think I'll work and I didn't work oh it's not working wait you need on mater there all right I'll started in a minute and dirty now it's working it's working day hey if it doesn't work make sure it's not any less and you're splitting all right when I get the hundr crescent phase javis uh-huh no way no way that's just crazy I'm getting famous you 76 people got off well no stream sniping or aligning on a no-kill 2/3 circle is actually an Ariane very put a Luna Luna so actus of in a gym see stream hmm no I saw those checking who is this like jr. oh you could check no cuz how does a villain I checked the leaders thing on there sorry I gotta give everyone home but little guy my champ I feel Iran is a scar here but really she's an actress that love what the villain climb yeah aren't you feeling for like an hour ago yeah the moment you joined Dillon I got stream stunt by three members and solo I don't trust people done by killer you and there's some the storm thing no parking for them you gave me a cold combat Ryan how the fuck did you die paradise for the quick I can't can the rift you're gonna rest yeah survivor I'm really quick uh paradise let's say one thing I saw I got a mini for you start streaming let's say YouTube's the best to start off of where you just chop dude hello Oh want to see who you are can use the rift idea oh shit and he gave me a whole world out there all right I got minis all right yeah yeah I did Oh Sam I got 500 me today here max talking about my chopping done you know oh yeah there's ice needs to be changed me I was like dauntless let's go to game I startled you and or 4:00 in the morning dammit exposing you I just take my knees here I don't know oh yeah we played after Kara for a little bit have you created your character you guys can kill him once his own clothes in here because you just play dollars I'm Weaver I can get job on mine like this yeah nice very much gonna do it why are you all right you guys can engage yeah oh my thinking that get it I have a counter I'm gonna drop it yeah I think I gotta find eyes in the Huber dang it really question on oh my god watch him die hello man hey we're gonna go push that and we can aim third party in a week his hair is really pretty dynamite I don't want to be one damage with my people they don't want the stream tonight is you're gonna stream oh yeah why is your sitting fucker buddy I'm didn't roll okay he had no leeches oh oh are you fighting no I'm gonna cool down here oh there's other guys below me though No Oh I'll get him out with Braddock hair what the hell is on Christian by accident was that was a heck yeah my Wow Oh play dauntless with you if you want to play it but we're gonna switch to like their whole squad is boxed up there Oh like a nice like a nice dream my friend that's a really good writer he's trash he's like a any like that has a by teen her name oh my god it's kind of like new stuff get into it therapy one going it kills no way he was following the rules yeah GG therapy disease I want to go in it code Valkyrie coins are just more used for her they keep track of your hours but it's like a stream currency dang dang the grind nuts that's my last one likes watching stream liking subscribing appreciated not wearing that either


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