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Learn this new overpowered ingame bo4 glitch that gives you a small hitbox by crawling. This glitch is super op and it’s great to use this small hitbox to glitch black ops 4. These bo4 glitches work after patch so they still work. You can watch the best black ops 4 glitches on this channel to glitch bo4 like; bo4 tier glitch, bot lobby bo4, bo4 xp glitch, bo4 dark matter glitch, bo4 glitch spots, black ops 4 tier glitch, more bo4 multiplayer glitches and even a bo4 bot lobby glitch. If you guys want a new black ops 4 xp glitch let me know or even a bo4 tier glitch. Watch the best bo4 multiplayer glitches and this is super OP. Stay tuned for a new bo4 xp glitch multiplayer or a bo4 bot lobby glitch.

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yo what's up YouTube it's your boy bubs you're back with the brand new video in today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys the most OPP o4 in game multiplayer glitch that works right now so I'm pretty sure there's a new bill for ball lobby glitch as you guys can see from the screenshot if you guys want that you drop then let's get 590 legs so the founder which is already can see the demand for this glitch I also want you guys to go follow my Instagram right now I want to reach 1000 followers by the end of the year so please help out I'm also loving the support so make sure you guys enter my card Prince giveaway that's gonna be announced at the end of the month all you gotta do is drop a sub with post notifications that includes community post drop a comment telling me your favorite camo in po4 and drop a like so this first glitch requires a keyboard as we did it on the PC but it can also be done on the console with the keyboard after and show the keyboard glitch I'll show you guys a similar glitch to do which doesn't require a keyboard only a controller but it's not nearly as ope you can shoot in this first one but not the second so all you guys gotta do is change your key binds just change your sprint to hold set the pokey to anything but I would recommend using the scroll wheel that's all you got to do to the key binds you guys can now sprint and spam the prone key you guys use and I would recommend using the scroll wheel that's all you guys got it – and you guys can now crawl like a dog and have a really small hitbox and shoot at the same time I'm gonna play through some more footage of this glitch and then I'll show a similar glitch but with the controller now the closest glitch if you guys don't have a keyboard to do the first one is a emo glitch everything is basically the same you have the same hitbox and it's harder to kill you but what sucks is you can't shoot when you're in this glitch and that's why I recommend the first one with the keyboard you guys can shoot your gun in that glitch so if you guys want to troll people you guys can do this and it's great for doing that so make sure you guys get the door which is a first score streak of 450 points and equip that emote that stays for a very long time just pick the one I used which is called winner-winner now pull out the door and hold down the r2 button go over to your emo and select the long one when you guys see the circle screen go away and you're about to emo just let go of the r2 button it might take a couple tries but once you got it right your first person screen should look very weird just crouch down and you guys will have a better camera angle to move around with even if you guys do die you can quickly do the glitch again because you're still gonna have the dorm when you guys move around the map just look at your mini-map and just tilt your head now I would really recommend getting a keyboard and doing the first glitch because you guys can shoot your gun in that one now if you guys want to see that bolt lobby glitch from Remy let's get 590 likes so you can see the demand for them but if you guys struggle with this then drop a comment down below or message me on Twitter to get some help my twitter link will be down below in the description and go follow my instagram to check out some cool clips now if this video helped you guys in any way make sure you guys smack that subscribe button because that would mean the world to me and run the road to a 50,000 subscribers so please help out but before i sign now makes you guys share this video with all your friends and family this has been your boy bubs and I'm out peace the paper I can open it up and watch it burn I sent somebody card 9-1-1 what's the matter did no letter from my son I feel dumb he's so dumb he's home alone he won't you be somebody


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