Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum Gaming Mouse – Unboxing & Review

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today I'm gonna be unboxing a logitech g502 proteus spectrum and gaming mouse on sale on Black Friday for about like 34 dollars but the original price is like 79 I'm pretty sure I'll leave a link to it in the link of the description so yeah let's get into this unboxing so I'm gonna first open up the package alright so my all three Gaming Mouse what happened to it is the sensitivity kind of got messed up and I couldn't change it and since there's no software basically stuck on high sensitivity so yeah so all right so this is papers in the box after that so here's some mouse I guess um it has one two three four five six seven buttons and I don't know I think I counted this eight buttons and you have the cord it's it's a it's a braided cord so it's that's like it's fairly good cuz the braided cords usually will last a long time my favorite types of chords cuz they're pretty good quality and here the weights for the mouse see logitech but i won't be using these clothes not really this mouse seems heavy so yeah and i won't really be you need to use more weights right now it's on infinite spin mode it's not gonna spin for infinitely but it spins for a long time and that's why it's called infinite spin mode and then there's another mode and that's this one another one just click it another time and you have accurate accurate precise spins so if you're browsing the web you should go with this one because it's kind of more smooth by for gaming then you want to go with this one so you're more accurate with your spins usually I'd go like this I'm just through my scroll wheel but sometimes my keyboard yeah and I know there's a software just called Logitech G gaming software you download on your computer and you can mess with the lights on the logo and everything it's not that big but you can do customizable things with the buttons and everything so yeah on my my next dream I'm gonna change my key binds to these and for tonight this is probably gonna be so it's gonna be stare wall floor and then trap because pyramid I don't really use that much and then this is gonna be whenever I'm sniping I'm gonna press this and then it will lower the DPI and then press it again and it'll higher make it higher so I'll get more accurate sipes and yeah that's pretty much it for the mouse this is the same one that ninja has by the way but that's not the reason I bought it the reason I bought it is because number one my house was kind of messed up the number two was on sale so yeah I really recommend you get this mouse because it seems pretty good quality and also it was on sale for me so I'll try to find a wing with the same price and yeah so be sure to LIKE this video so I know if you like doing gaming reviews I'm gonna call this a review and stuff and unboxing so yeah if you like gaming reviews just leave a like and I'll do more of these yeah just like share subscribe and also follow my twitch ex cryptic peace

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