League of Legends w/ tre Part 1/2

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Just a random game with my boi in bot lane. part 1/2
Part 2 here
it's okay because you know here your answers with me hey let's get it bro um wait recording my mic what do you mean I can't record my mic on my phone bro yeah I mean I understand that it sounds very fluent and all but I'm on my phone Matt I'm turning off the mic oh come on bro no sound so stupid just me on the side alright bro I'm ready for this invade let's go ah the side yeah who's uh who's a double again oh you haven't coming with us let's go next Bush oh ah I don't want to waste a pot nice okay that was a kill if someone came no no he's not gonna invade rau he's still good oh gosh we want them to push so yes it's frigging probably can be punching the minions if you want to push well I'm gonna lasso well yeah of course oh yeah jinx yeah girl at a girl alright freeze it right here you want all this farm I did that mid-fight bro I got this I knew she wanted that seeds oh my god bro I can't believe I leveled on my head but mid-fight it got the kill or monsters but now they know so hopefully she's smart enough not to push that hard anymore oh they stood by the turret they're like ah oh I think we shit back now well we need to get these memes in there are you smile on the seat we came back now Oh first back look at that first back purchase do Matt makes that's an extra hit and I got a pink ward why because I could oh she's pushing again she's making unwise decisions and I have more pots than here we go I missed that one yeah you're fucking not getting that seeds you're fresh all right [Laughter] she was gonna come up in here with rockets nah oh hey but that was going in our jungle interesting nah she's out turn around on him bro I'm getting it you're almost sick hey I'll let you wait you are six oh no you're five now sex I'm coming in your six is more important than mine gives damage all right time for me to put my name let's see jinx is here wait we're actually being lane already oh there she is all right I really wanted you to thank it or whatever yeah I couldn't get in you know it's gross so oh yes oh yes oh god I'll just go kill a zeroth real fast all right back I see you bro I see you're just trying to help out the team I get it I'm getting medalie really likes going mid oh you know I flashes think I saver when I go to her junk all right how she cleared this side doing work outside the lane I see hmm don't worry man I'm doing just fine here I'm on my way back though all right we got a siege one coming our in this round I'm still a little bit aways away [Laughter] oh don't worry I got your help I want into that alley to try and gang goes right now okay I would say dive but okay good ganks in Italy we can dive him yeah if he gets close enough oh wow you could throw from that far middle they think she's gonna get frisky with you go for it oh it's laughing OH oh hell no okay now the whole tees down she's an idiot all right here we go is it oh all right press the back we're gonna back right here yeah okay I mean I can afford my Archangel staff so it's like yeah it's like yeah it's time to get it and I'll get this cooldown reduction bra no way all right Bob boots that's too late now well next back I'll pipe clear okay I've had some faster now I don't want this first power but just good and I barrier bitch scared keeps trying to she rolled up in here thinking she was gonna pick up something

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