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Lisa Gade reviews the Huawei Matebook 13, the smaller companion to the MateBook X Pro. The MateBook 13 competes with the 2018 MacBook Air, Dell XPS 13 and other very slim and light premium 13” Ultrabooks. It has an aluminum casing, a high resolution 3:2 aspect ratio IPS touch screen and it runs Windows 10 on Intel late 8th gen Whiskey Lake Core i5 and i7 CPUs. It has an M.2 NVMe SSD, backlit keyboard, fingerprint scanner and NVIDIA MX150 dedicated graphics on the Core i7 model. Pricing starts at $999.
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this was Lisa from mobile tech review and it's a new laptop from Huawei this is the huawei mate book 13 we already reviewed the mate book X Pro which was really well-received you guys loved it we loved it a lot of value for the money for a capable 14-inch ultra book so this one is it Bob viously from the name a 13-inch ultra book it has a 2 by 3 aspect ratio display which is all the trendy thing Microsoft does it with the surface products for example it's fairly high resolution it's got the latest Intel eighth generation CPUs whiskey lake inside so those are quad core 15 watt Ultrabook CPUs but I'd like that 8.5 generation from Intel a little bit faster that our Wi-Fi inside so that's good stuff we're gonna look at it now so the mate book 13 goes on sale February 7th 2019 any day now in other words there are two configurations available for $999 us you get it with the core i5 eight gigs of ddr3 low power around and a 256 gig nvme SSD and Intel the UHD 620 integrated graphics spend $300 more and go for $12.99 you get a core i7 you still get 8 gigs of ram that's the max with this model and it's soldered on so you can't upgrade it and a 512 gig nvme SSD n in addition to the usual Intel integrated graphics you have nvidia MX 150 lower-end dedicated graphics now that's a low-end dedicated processor that we've seen in some 13 and 15 inch ultrabooks and it gets you a little bit of umph if you're doing something like adobe premiere or if you're playing games say for example for at night which isn't so great on Intel integrated graphics so this one makes it a little bit more playable you can get higher frame rates instead of playing in the 30s for frames you can go up to 45 maybe even 60 depending on your settings so there is a place for even low-end dedicated graphics so it's available in two colors silver and grey and it's pretty darn thin at 15 millimeters and it's pretty light 2.86 pounds which is 1.3 kilograms clearly it's going after the likes of the Dell XPS 13 and the latest generation 2018 MacBook Air certainly it has a lot more power than the MacBook Air more powerful full Intel Core i5 and i7 CPUs and so the low-power version the Mac uses and when it comes to the Dell other than the fact that the poly is obviously a bit cheaper you have the option to get the MX 150 graphic switches and something Dell has done now there's also the Razer Blade stealth the recent refresh it we're going to be reviewing very soon and that one has NX 150 graphics in the same whiskey like late 8th generation CPUs but that one starts around $15.99 so yeah different can of worms the nice thing is from the price you get a very classy looking aluminum chassis it feels rigid it looks like a good quality piece it's understated design maybe a little Apple influence still to this day and why why usually is with their industrial design but it's nice enough looking the laptop is a 3 by 2 aspect ratio display which is pretty popular Microsoft Surface made that popular and it's good for those of you who like to have more space to scroll your web pages and your Word documents less so if you're looking videos because you'll get black bars on the top and the bottom for 16 by 9 aspect ratio content this is a touchscreen that's the only option it's glossy it's not horribly annoying legal icing but it's nice to see a touch screen without having to pay extra for it's also a pretty good display will talk about the metrics later but it's if they did a good job with the panel here and unlike the Mac it has keys that actually move more than just imperceptibly it's a low travel keyboard because it's a thin product but it still has tactile feel the keyboard has two-stage white backlighting and the trackpads Microsoft precision and is pretty large particularly it's pretty wide going across and it works just fine it works nicely as we come to expect with following laptops they do a pretty good job with the trackpad now it is light on ports again just like the MacBook Air and well Dells latest generation XPS 13 we have two USB sea ports they are not Thunderbolt 3 which is a little disappointing for this price and we have a 3.5 millimeter audio jack now some folks are saying that you get a make dock 2.0 in the box which has a USB a VGA HDMI ours didn't have it in the box and ours is a review unit so you think they would have included it if it was going to be there so I don't know if you get that little USB C dock or not other things I like the power button right about the keyboard is also the fingerprint scanner so it's sort of like right there one touch waked up online get some job done one thing I am not so fond of is the display brightness setting not the display brightness itself you remember a couple years ago laptops had this whole auto brightness thing going on he had to go to the modern Windows settings and disable it because it would just bounce the brightness up and down or run into dim if they were actually not if you actually wanted to save some battery life there well this has brought back that feature and I don't think that's a good idea because the first thing I did is I booted up assuming that that wasn't a thing anymore that auto brightness wow it's didn't I can't make sense so I went looked at the settings and disabled it very bright display very nice then metrics on it are good to the the gamma the white points pretty good so not disappointed it didn't quite reach there thousand the one contrast ratio but okay the resolution is 2160 by 1440 which is slightly oddball because it's a three by two aspect ratio display again like Microsoft Surface products and unlike most 16 by 9 aspect ratio laptops so for those of you who want more up-and-down space to see more of a webpage for example or a Word document you'll be happy if you're playing video you will have black bars on the top and the bottom the speakers on this there's stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos software which seems to be the thing lately in laptop thin sound you know what I'm saying it's okay it's not horrible it's not worse probably than the average for 13-inch very skinny ultrabooks but yeah you're gonna want to use those headphones in terms of performance well it's pretty much the same as every other intel eighth generation whiskey lake ultrabook that we've reviewed so far with that little extra boost thanks to the nvidia NX 150 graphics which like i said i'll give you a little extra love for low end gaming kind of stuff but the cpu performance right on par where we expect to see with its competition to charge this you're going to use one of the USB ports specifically only the left tour which is unusual most laptops we review you can plug it into any of the USB c charges and with the Harz every time we plugged it in we get a little message in chinese saying no no no no plug it in on the other one it's a fast charger which is a good thing it has a 40 1.7 watt hour battery that's not a huge battery that's about the smallest than the smaller end of what you would see in a 13-inch ultra bike which probably explains why battery life isn't a strong point granted we have the NVIDIA MX 150 version but just during productivity work where the dedicated GPU isn't called in to play our streaming video that's usually not used there either we saw battery life of around six hours that part is not so impressive and that's one of the cons with this laptop to open this up there's tortes t5 screws that are visible and really annoying you have to peel off the rubber feet to get two Phillips head screws the rubber feet have adhesive on them that is a little bit self-destructive when you peel it off so be careful because you don't want to mess it up so you can reuse it again open it up and here's our two fans one for the CPU one for the GPU they're really proud of their 8000 rpm fans which is pretty high speed usually around 6000 is what we see for laptops it does help with cooling you will hear these fans come on but there are very small fans so definitely I'll be like oh wow if you're making it work really hard but that's about as loud as it gets they don't come on too frequently but once in a while your streaming media you might hear them kick in this is the m2 nvme SSD is a Western Digital brand and our 512 gig SSD and it's shrouded both in mylar tape which might be for interference and we have some heatsink tape over here on top of it as well and here's our Wi-Fi card is the Intel 95 60 AC which is typical for a whiskey lake generation CP that's a very good Wi-Fi card so that's good Ram is soldered on you can't upgrade it obviously here's our big old battery so if you need to replace the battery sometime down the road you can do that so yeah there's that whole Huawei thing particularly if you're in the United States where a telecom equipment mostly 5g infrastructure equipment then the United States government said no no China might be spying on us they're particularly worried about their homebrew chips the ki-rin cpu in the paul way smartphones and the network infrastructure this being a bog-standard intel chipset should be safe in terms of security but you know who knows what's really going on there with that whole thing if it's politics or if it's true or whatever but I'm not too too worried you could always do a clean install of Windows completely wipe it and delete it and start from scratch this is a Microsoft signature build so it already is a clean bill and it's not like a going to be loose a lot of extra added software if you did that so that's the highway mate book 13 and like I said if you're looking at this versus the Dell XPS 13 where you can't even get that nvidia MX 150 graphics or the more expensive Razer Blade stealth 10 it's a pretty good deal honestly but the one thing to consider is huawei's on mate book X Pro like I said there you get a bit better battery life and you get a USB a port which is pretty darn convenient right I'm using for mobile tech review be sure to 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  1. I agree with Steve Jobs, I never use touch screens on Laptops, sadly I never use MacBooks either because you pay £2000 for £400 specs… But also I agreed with him about phone size, I stick to the iPhone SE and hate big phones, so what do I know.

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