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In this video I am showing you the FREE ITEMS In Fortnite: Battle Royale for the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch & Mobile Devices [IOS + Android] in 2019. These are All the NEW FREE REWARDS that you can UNLOCK in the SEASON 8 UPDATE! This is NOT a Fortnite Glitch, Hack or Cheat. Enjoy these Free Rewards / Items in SEASON 8!


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in this video I'm going to show you the new free season 8 rear Arts in fortnight battle royale welcome back city channel I hope you guys are having a wonderful day so far and in this video I'll be showing you guys the new free season a three words for you to unlock in fortnight battle royale I have all the rewards leaks information and much more Naru quake I'm providing my subscribers with free feedbacks I'm giving away a bunch of ebooks to my subscribers and you guys have a chance to win enter this giveaway make sure to subscribe to my channel drop a like on this video and also leave a comment down below telling me what comes will you play on now if you are going to enjoy the video be sure to give the lock down below and let's do another like on this video you guys have been smashing these like goals every single time lately so let's set one of the biggest slide goals I've ever done on the channel can we get 15,000 likes on this video if we can reach that light goal it would make my day and I hope this video does make your day also subscribe for more videos like these and by the way I will be replying to each and every single comment down below in the comment section and if you've turned on your notifications be sure to comment hashtag notification squad and it will give your comment they are and if you don't believe me try it out yourself and your comments will get it harm anyways let's get straight into this video alright the season 8 just got released a fortnight's battle royale now with a new season comes a lot and I mean a lot of content we got a new battle pass we got a new map new vehicles and even a new Lobby background as regards to leaks a bunch of new cosmetics are coming to the item shop in the next couple of weeks and the best thing they're also free rewards which you can unlock and we're actually going to unlock them by just playing the game and knowing what to do okay so let's start with a free glider you can actually get a free glider each and every single season since season 2 epic games gives everyone as they like to go with a victory of umbrella this is pretty much a special glider for getting your first win of the season way to get your first victory out off the season and you back out of the game into the main menu it will look like this you pretty much receive your victory all glider I since season two so let me show Cassio the free victory i'll blighters for a quick and by the way these gliders are all gray and coming here we have the snowflake glider from season 2 here we have the paper parasol from season 3 and here we have the wet bang glider from season 4 this is the beach umbrella from season 5 moving on we have the red Brella from season 6 and we have the snow fog lighter from season 7 anyways if you now get your first victory all in season a the fortnight you're going to unlock the palm leaf glider or palm leaf umbrella this is what it looks like when you unlock it it says congratulations you earned a victory real this glider looks really cool and it's definitely one of the most favored gliders in the game it's pretty much a palm tree the description of the umbrella says kick back and enjoy victory au in season 8 from there you also will be getting a free reward for logging in for the first time in the season egg you'll be getting the battle pass promise which says as a special thanks for buying the season 7 metal fast you will start season 8 off with 5 free thiers this is pretty much a free reward for everyone to own this season 7 battle past last season now as you guys all know each metal pass has a free part and the purchasable part these free pedal paths items are in fact free rewards all you have to do is unlock them by tearing up now with solo of 18 items can be earned with the free battle pass in a particular these items are the GG snake spray the scallywags loading screen the flying standard control the sunshine emoticon the hello frantic mode this pirate banner icon the master portal bag bling the dense matte spray the cinder glider the snakebite housing tool this chest banner icon the snoozefest emote the hybrid loading screen the choral chorus the GG jellyfish emoticon the end spray and 200 V box from there we have a skin which each and every single benefice owner can get this is another one of those free secret season skins if you remember in season four we got the blockbuster skin which was the visitor in season 5 we got the roadtrip skin which was the enforcer in season 6 we got the hunting party skin which was the aim skin and in season 7 we got the snowfall skin which was named the prisoner skin and guests are not but this season with another one of those skins this time the mystery item our mystery skin is called the discovery skin at once again it is going to be a legendary skin which normally would cost to 2003 bucks in the item shop and of course the mystery skin comes with a matching bag blade now if you go over to the new challenges staff you will see that it does say season a discovery is click on it you will see that we're going to be able to unlock the discovery skin for completing 55 different weekly challenges now as each week released seven new challenges we're going to be able to look at in week a sa times seven is 57 which is more than 55 so at the 18th of April are going to be able to unlock the discovery skin for free from there we also have a bunch of style challenges as of now we've got style challenges for a total of three battle path skins we get them for Luke's black heart and for hybrid looks as a total of six challenges and you can unlock a free banner icon a harvesting tool a bag bling and the mouth for outlasting opponents black heart has total of 12 challenges and you can unlock a banner icon hearting tool and bag blank by gaining XP from there we have hybrid he also has a total of 12 challenges and with him you can unlock a banner icon and harvesting tool as well as an e mouth unlock these free items also do need to gain XP and of course all these skins unlock different styles – now that's pretty much it for this video definitely stay tuned from our amazing and crazy videos to come to the channel very soon anyways thank you so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more but with all that being said always remember this was Shiva gamer and I am signing out

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