GTA 5 Online Funny Moments – Air Walk Glitch, Faggio Cop Glitch, Beer Hat Crate!

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I believe I can fly I believe I can pose the sky flame up again no way I think I'll go to shore where you going man I'm going to fly just believe you can fly I believe I can fly I guess I'm not gonna have a future in the music business you gotta creep beside me walk beside me yes I'm an owl in a tree finally hey man get out of my house mini-live it what are you doing get out of my home are you punching your house oh shit there's another chopper maybe forget tool or I could steal it oh my god almost almost okay stop shooting things at it's not shooting things at it they try to steal it Brock don't be scared we gotta steal this chopper we have to steal this chopper just keep spamming why man down bird down now we understand the struggle of birds here Terrorizer what I'm gonna do is try to get the helicopter close to you so that way you could get inside it I got this I got this Terrorizer I'm gonna approach you slowly okay and you're gonna get into the back of the chopper okay just pretend you're Arnold Schwarzenegger okay come on come on I gotta get to the chopper put your to the fucking low I need to get higher come on you're gonna kill me what's that big question mark box right there it's a beer head it's a beer hat it's my your hat mystery oh definitely no beer damn it who's that guy in your garage what the police officer in your garage sitting on top of your fag sim you don't see this guy no just chilling there is a cop on your faggy way is he on the back so if I go out is he gonna be sitting on it or should i what should i do what should i do I don't know what I should do why the faggio of all things it is our mission to protect this city me and my sidekick cop become the Ultimate Team he's not there for me he's still there what the hell I'm so confused I wish I could see this what's going on what okay well well put it this way he is hanging off all right let's go hey don't make fun of my partner hey what the hell all right Evan we have to deliver this police officer to the police station he's dead you broke it he's my partner he's fine he just had a little too much to drink fight crime I think I put officer Steve Evans misery Evan I must do it he's my partner okay it's okay Steve it's okay just just go to sleep what Oh magnificent man of a bitch stand back he's invisible a bit you have to kill him where's the patio where's the patio over here over here over here and there he is fucking Steve got him he's alive he's fucking alive Evan he's getting up oh he killed him Leggett he's dead he's alive feel alive again okay okay I think we can all agree that he can't die come to this conclusion I feel like I was playing the supporting role to an animated character in a movie like Ted there it is oh shit oh yeah I got all the way bitch we're gonna get that crate we're gonna get that crate it's not the playground Street right there I got it oh wait and drop it and then drop it bitch stop hiding in the bushes and bitch you forgot to pick up the shotgun shells with it though

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