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Hey everyone welcome to my channel hope you enjoy what you see. My channel is not pg13 so if you don’t like cussing then you should not be here. I mainly do live streaming and sometimes do giveaways. Enough of that. Nobody likes to read all of this crap. So hope to see you all soon.
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hello huh what what hi damn hostile I see holy holy crap guys hold on hold on just a second hey and I wonder what happened to freaking animated disconnected and say and and varsity I can't announce a new peanut butter Jeffrey wait I'm not talking to you I'm not though I'm really not I'm saying hi to all my friends my friends if I was saying hi to my friend sunny to this she went dark thick when you need boss some wheels I can bring around it's not bringing – you can't hear you anyway selfish it what hello just a second hold on guys just give me one second okay I'm sorry someone killed me you guys know who killed me I know that's my that's my fault for going at HK right or either one I just killed me good for the past oh I don't think so I think you're lying what the hell's going on with my computer no excuse me wait wait wait you're trying to what you're trying to what so you're trying to take your kind of white hold on Oh God the cops are killing me yeah and you can join I kill everyone I know hey Hulk I am a killer but I won't tell you though I kill in this game though not in real life yes they do he he just accidentally said a he killed I don't know how to do that well you mean the share button from the game okay go to share okay and then what settings and then what cuz I don't know how to frickin do the shit okay I've never done it and then what and then one you said he got me but he's not telling me gave her girl hey I'm sure freaking streamer leo so pissed I'm like damn it it's under audio what he's not telling me I don't know how to do this shit yeah I don't know how to do it whoa whoa my game is glitching I'm granting the money friend three oh you are nice honey my bike oh I'm just going around killing people okay I usually do I don't like her I'm on the clock what you want some wheels after all does not like getting in the car thank you gamer girl how do you do it hold on we go yeah yeah that's I would stop don't ask for that what a jerk so case my advanced settings I see settings but not advanced under settings no I have controls audio camera displayed notifications Rex our editor I didn't know what I can't do it these guys are killing me I can't really go to my settings if I'm broadcasting so now I can't do it I go to options on the in the game okay you know so I got to go to some actual PlayStation and change the settings there then right so okay tell me one word okay go to advance and then what okay I'll be back all right I guess I got to do this have a love of law unleashes okay yeah it's not gonna you know I'm just gonna worry about it later well I guess discern from Friday the 13th is down oh my god hey Matthew what the hey – after all now I have all the dammit I couldn't stay clean just stepping register hi Oh No Oh no I'm kind of get the guys to know surgeon my god they won't die very future hmm not nude that they're not dying the last time I tried doing this last night nice to hear myself they were in god mode not anymore no he's not but last night I said last night some people were in like a tank and the one guy ended up being in god mode and he was like and he's like you killed my friend and I was like no freakin cops these guys think it's hiding or something no oh he's only he shall you're the yellow one right why am i trying to kill you and did you want you just beside the insurgent you weren't um but no I want the guys with an insurgent that's what I want he's on listen a love he's sewing like her what are you selling your car and every soldier car once the guys in the surgeons what I want there they come come on the second there wasn't I thought you coming back there press the play mother upper kill them oh it wouldn't even have limit yeah yeah join up I think I got the passenger or something because I killed someone your car oh no I hate that I did but I kept on driving those glitch I guess well they're this way I'm gonna wait for them to come to me yeah the orange it was glitch though because there's only two people in there so I don't know what happened I should not let him me to cover it anywhere needed to cover with his guys I'm just weighing weight I went for them to come waiting for the man waiting for them okay come on get in you're in surgeon what this bet watch out watch out watch out okay let's see you never mind I'm going where is these other guys yeah there is something aha they weren't running they were running tighter runners I think hey blues I think they want to go get something everybody seems friendly in here hi dragon let's see that's you I'm sorry you can take him out you can take my kill that was I'm sorry for that I was trying to kill I was trying to go after the other guy and he came at me and I thought you were the other guy so it happens I want to get this one in the show yeah there's people in here where's this guy at damn he's all the way over there I can't I'll be so boring it's too boring Oh Oh Shanna yeah I'm going to the ads too boring there's like two people in chat but man he saw me he's still in the same crew or you're a different career I left that one crew because I told from the beginning that nobody's gonna like just kill me oh god it's loud in here but they're not gonna kill me and they started killing me in my crew whoa damn he's like a nasty eater I don't want to get drunk I eat nasty you're like eating my chips and shit it was boring just join me out at my lobby I don't know who's eating like this but I gotta turn this shit down listen I don't even eat like that come on and I burp and stuff like when I'm drunk but not like that yeah Dragon Slayer you're that guy I'm going to yeah right oh yeah it's becoming you just gotta meet him but he stopped I think he's looking any lighter it's not some guy you know he's drinking look looking a lighter oh yeah I was letting in my candle see ya hey Tony how are you doing what are you going again on Twitch oh my god I think it's gonna kick me offline yeah still loading in the lobby I think I'm gonna have to freakin restart it hello I'm gonna start a crew but I keep forgetting to do that let me shoot it up see it there we go yep see I had to go to Rockstar to create one right I have not done one in like II can I have never ever made a crew ever ever ever my G I seen a pic of you and you're beautiful oh thanks Austin I don't lie I don't care fish what's the point of that you know I'm just gonna make me go back sorry guys if I should just story mode one day right nobody cares that you're going with a doctor bitch nope I do not want to do that I should name my crew like Merkin all opps that was my old true thing what if they actually like searched it and they like who the fuck is this bitch taking one I don't know what I would name the crew though I wouldn't name it like it's all the Queen or anything odd name it like GTA zombies I don't fucking know I don't know how to make a crew I fear I completely forgot to be honest I don't I don't know I don't even know I'd I'd nope I didn't forget because I never made one Omar hello what a minute who are you what do you mean me destroyed me who are who is me do you know V animated maybe you can yeah rock star oh I can do it from the game then maybe right shouldn't the name be I wanted to accrue though his I'm Korean Sarah is going to play GTA yay tell him to invite me can you tell him to invite me please let senior crew everybody no please I'm making my own crew cuz I'm so sick of like me dealing with the mass shit every time I'm in a crew there's fucking bullshit and I just want my own and then he can be in different crews though how do I do it someone's in here hello oh my God look at this no I don't think so but let me get before I do it I go to online hi I'm trying to figure out how to do a freakin how to make of how to make a crew oh how do we do you know how to how do i how to make a crew know I don't want to go to the hall online is it creator oh my god nope yeah I can't do it right now damn who's in here do I know you why are you in a little Lobby this is boring to say I meet you I pull a string and my fish tank nice you should do a taco challenge again Tony I like to have good to create no you know mark I already found out how to do it you got to do it for my phone taking okay you got your life phone and a gap yeah I yeah I went there down these the I fruit phone app to create a crew oh let me screenshot that real quick yeah you know I figured you had to do it from your phone or you know offline I forgot to do that okay Amazon but not playing GTA what is he doing then you hear you hear do I hit that girl that he's been sleeping with like said right in the background rehear I think you're the one that told me to call it like you're the one that told me to call him right like are you getting on the bitches in the background was like now I'm like what the fuck I don't want your man I think I know something something a lot longer than he's known her I think that's one that got in the accident he's not McLean I'm back welcome back yeah you know I figured it I think I used to know how to do I just forgot it's so long so let's playing music I like a lot I think someone's sleeping as well I heard breathing no no no no I was just like singing he's on the mic pleasant music all you want see you're getting it on your life you can do what you want zombie queen someone has returned is there anything like fighting or anything in this Lobby I don't really seem to be on I'd miss all of it yeah yeah you're doing when you need boss some wheels I can bring around it's coming at you it was down the other yesterday like all the servers were I'm gonna go after some pink dots I don't know if that that's you guys aren't going after that well you can come and join me what is the point oh man see if I can get some guys see gonna try at least why say I'm gonna go around that way she wants me to go down here what hey venom well I'll try again in the morning yeah yep all this all the servers and Co downwards down really sucks right my server wasn't coming up at all neither for me and it was horrible why did it make me forget look do it like that stupid no no he's gonna kill me uh never mind I killed him whoa whoa whoa whoa I don't know where even orders guys that haha it got him can't my girl welcome back I'm happy to meet families on y'all yeah I'm happy to eat you awesome you're great a nice guy oh hello right oh my god who's this this was that guy yeah I don't see him oh he's over there Bobby today it's not too bad this guy was he was Michael's me so I couldn't really get him but it's good I keep almost getting run over by cars sucks my vision go after together once the other guy it's one I gotta worry about sniper trapezius I know rest in peace right don't even think about good leading or going impassive so I even freaking think about it his he didn't I had to kill this off flipz giving all right disguising I don't know I think he's calling a drop or he's leaving that here he comes here he comes I can't really tall oh he's not me still stepping on GTA yeah heard that can i have a shout out sure everybody shout out to flips gaming make sure to show some love in this reaction Michael I just gave you a shout out oh yes why is it switching my guns like that why is this guy a bitch the guy that protecting is insurgent you're freaking awesome guy from the cops oh my god cabbages section New Year this song old town you told me that about that and I forgot to listen I need to go on passive mode real quick guys just give me one second I need it hold on honey I need to get my charger hold on alright got it I got it companies yeah yeah they do they're all about their RPGs and he's still up there look at Rey and Trust without dying just use little aspirin fuck Oh bond v1 I'm freaking fighting all these guys over here we need to do to do general girl you're probably what my ass afraid of code he snacks I don't eat snacks though and that's the second RPGs obviously maybe I should chicken door passive go up to the sky do that at least I'm closer to him though right use my tank with that yes I'll freakin hide behind it though it'll be great come on little effort where you want she keeps going far away so he can snipe I think oh my god it's not gonna let me keeps aiming at the cops it's my problem and he's too far away for me to enter him fuck I need to go up there and get him down I need to get him down this is bullshit that he's fucking hiding up there I hate people like that I hide helicopter now I'll just run up there I'm gonna pass him run up there fuckin stupid for doing that shit now make him get down oh my god come on yeah you know what bitch you're gonna be a little asshole I'm gonna be one too you better go passive oh here's this little friend up here too he's gonna kill me right now oh he spilled on me but I got his friend someone else come up here help me I can get this guy frickin hiding bitch I'm not going in a helicopter though i'll just get blown up okay she got him just listen with me where they spawn this gone down there of course they did damn it a fox rid of this guy of course he's over there he's down there now he's hiding I just picked himself some design I don't need you Oh Oh God you can hear the hi house it seems really up there again come on motherfucker man where'd it go Oh and there wasn't my shoe anybody do that you see what it's doing is switch for my gun chicken glitchy when it songs supposed to get on you might have this girl's be like hey I'm gonna get on guys and then does he doesn't get on oh go after that guy but I'm going after him now yes Austin it's kind of hiding up here now – what the fuck oh she got him I thought he was on our team that he's not obviously what the fuck man so tired of the shit fucking get run over by everything I'm gonna die one shot with this guy anyways point yep Steve one shot yeah probably this one oh no they're both right here I can't God then his French sucks what I need more ammo come on [Applause] I don't know where they are I dumped their depth down yeah I can't get home there's so many cops around here but haha got him and I'm Canadian fucking kid right here I wasn't going after you more explosive ha ha I think he's trying to go after the other guys I don't even think is trying to go after me but I'm not adding I'm not adding you I don't know who out of thing why I don't know I don't know who you are I wasn't trying to kill me you came after me first and killed me when I was running past you so yeah one no I'm not going to add you you want to go against me for what what mission oh gosh right now oh my god that's laggy it's too tired in here I'm gonna find another lobby how have you been I've been good finding any lie because I want was boring everybody else like um needed they want to like friends and crew because I was talking it was not a lot of talk it have to be quiet for you come on yeah that's what I don't like I like you know guns I like using guns I left that those guys were actually very hard to beat they weren't they're pretty easy but that one was on pretty cool Iping and RPGs but besides that he was shit good hey a working voices there's no one on this mic either I want a loud mic I'm gonna find another I'm gonna keep finding a lobby until it gets really loud hey ey how are you doing yeah it's a good one guy you can only kill me twice but she was like on our team so I think once I became pink once I became pink like they did he started killing me so he sent me a friend request I'm like I'm not adding you dude like I don't know you leave me alone I only had people that I like I'm here one of them Anna I like you here pretty cool Guerra Wow who's high who did hurry the only ones talking in the my in the chat oh my god I'm looking for like some people screaming and talking shit and this sucks maybe someone will get on the mic other people was trolling you but stop because I have to work did you say something else were you in my last slavi excited seen anything how does he say anything besides hi ha ha I need to start being calm calm like I'm games is this yeah there's a bunch of people over here I'm going there that is like nothing but beef I'm not gonna ask build I don't care oh it's armed zombie queen whitey zombie call for some wheels I'm johnny on the spot yeah yes there's a bunch more mutual insurance how can we help you girl like don't even like I think we can do that we don't have to do one we can just go kill each other more experience out of this game than I do I do like going against girls but those girls I was right Mike let me know yeah yeah we should all break him brother a night I was making these bills so mad that's they were so scared of fell against me and I was just like talking shit and they're like it's no matter like tub night and I really wasn't I was just trying to get on you know I'm trying to piss them off you know how it is girls here the girl I don't I don't want to talk shitty hi you should be the one who I see how it does oh my god see how I'm playing tonight okay don't freakin drive a car I can't even drive my freakin car oh yeah give the girl yeah I'll do one be one with you you're gonna whoop my ass but no explosives no hiding only done two communities I was really bad it's my thing and I'm really bad okay there we go I'm really I think something real quick I'm really better with explosives obviously cuz you guys would see sniping I'm not very good at I'm slow they have to be standing on 100% snow for like a minute for me to shoot them ahead I used to be very good though nice to varrock has lightning oh I will ask you to one we want to be the practice yeah but I stuck at explosively okay I'm gonna go toss them and then I'll go up to those guys how about that yeah no keep trying people are leaving listen right Church I know someone in this long before hello this is Moore's Mutual Insurance okay wonderful family Ron – loading with that this town is on the road you know I don't want that I'll bring it to you okay I got stuff to do they're not even over there anymore bro spread out now my god this guy we do really do I look myself I mean I know my other my other oh my god I'm looking at the comments I'm looking at my other comments I'm kind of stuffed up to allergies if you're like my attorney why don't you sound like that hey bro you just sitting here chillin something like you see how okay watch watch me with this Piper I mean that was kind of Awesome though that was lucky yo I'm friends with everybody in my chat I don't like when people's like hey like hurry table you see when I send my friends on me – I don't say my shit I am friends with everyone I'm that guy I don't like these lobbies boring slow – right what the fuck hey baby do you prefer funky a lot come on with the gun hold on we but then he's gonna ask like what account are you on you should know already oh I keep it killed man that's my bag did it get blown up so this love is boring – I didn't fun to ride you like talking no Tommy bought hahaha right hey forehead con they for Hong Kong's me I guess right you'd join up too if you want Oh your little I think your little freakin boring honey it's gonna get just get in one please freaking thirsty it was really hot here today I was in the park for like three hours two hours came a little back and one for another hour and a half is hot Oh your ps3 and you can have nobody on here either what now is there nobody on the mic I love I'm going after that person I think let's get him I really want to do a chat with people done over here is where it's poppin' mmm have some mic but they're not talking slow whitey shadow hello you're through to Merriweather oh that soon oh I know I used to play oh yeah what you need boss some wheels shit I can bring him round oh my god I'll get back to our trade fun shit what a shit Morris Mutual we're here to help sure I should buy the most expensive car just like want it so people can blow it up I'm on the clock what you want some wheels what you want it's coming at you do you guys know where that's where I was what you want because I'm up Queen girl you should join me you and me and Anna man girl we would freaking slay it right think girls are trash or not yeah I'll write to my crew but I got a big one first I kind of went around the other way but it's okay you see how it goes over here just might be a bunch of criminals I might die a lot okay there's a lot of people passive it's pretty sucks I'll make a crew nothing like editing videos like all day from my other freakin channel yeah I have another channel guys I do I do I do I do oh you guys are that's from do you do you love you girls Oh we'd love you to whoa we got each other I don't know who that was this and leadership there who is that though is that a chick natural chick apple crush couldn't be a chick could be sounds like going against other girls and I like testing them them off like the girl the other man like oh you're so stupid for putting your name out there this is like she has a name crystal and I'm like yeah my name is crystal and she's like you just did the same thing like this guy yeah he's going up the stairs oh no fuck you bitch oh how are you going to be on GTA like three more hours three three can why people stay the n-word no no they cannot nope no matter how much you hang out with em anything no I have my shoes I want people to say the n-word no you cannot hang say the n-word I don't care I don't give a shit because you know where there weren't come from look up where it comes from it's fucked up so they kind of like changed it themselves you know and so if you call someone n-word whoa yeah oh God cornholio you ain't fucking loading it even gonna get on with banned the shit no but no like white people I say can I say it such as how it is it's respectful you know but I feel can say only flex book and say it just like Puerto Ricans can't say neither I don't know I don't care how black fucking Puerto Ricans can get there's this guy I know like on the play room right he's trans and he likes to constantly like anyone anyone I never like bitch you're not you like you're Puerto Rican I understand it but you like your skin is brown you have no fucking right to say that shit it's fucking down oh fuck he's down the other way cousin was building she's gonna try to blow me up oh god you're being called to hell no no no girl no no no let me freaking join you nope you're not gonna do such as how the hell and I'll see you on community oh my gosh you gonna complain that party or not yeah it is yes thank you request okay barcode and I'm going to your shirt right now so these will say the n-word no it means nothing now no it does mean something it does it really does like if you're white and you see that shit I don't care how many where you grew up you don't have to write to say that shit oh my god some is inviting me to the party oh my god the shit is full hey sound whoa already back what's up what was that arguing with like arguing with I don't remember I don't remember yeah doctor for that no yeah I don't remember that I remember like Maya saying that she's going to class I wasn't shit like college but I don't remember her saying that just go I don't my friend I'm different sense to be again sharing through lifestyle choices that literally has a black person yeah I don't give a shit if you killing people all trying I mean I'm in love I'm about to do a few jobs real quick and then I'll kill people after I'm doing the rest of my setups and then I'm gonna get paid yeah we are your yeah I don't know I don't really like playing your friend yep just some fight with Sam I'm pulling my friend a hoe who calling my friend Ana ho you don't think I'm gonna fuckin say shit to you you little piece of shit with a fucker bitch you're calling my friend a fucking homo fuck off bitch what she's better than you so you gotta call her oh oh come on in one reason whore come 1v1 me bitch you're obviously guilty for fucking saying shit you're fuckin guilty for saying shit bitch obviously why did I say anything about me having his fucking son did I say anything about me having a son no I fucking did it so you know what bitch shut the fuck up and quit calling me from the hoe they're obviously fucking guilty these guys is completely 100% guilty oh my god I'm gonna fucking cry yeah he's really think I'm gonna fucking cry you think I'm gonna dumb to cry over some little kids come on already watch my bit oh my god I can't listen to them I can't I can't do it I can't do it go back to party so some are you studies you're sending up something right now right no man come on no all right well he don't want like two mil never mind never mind it's fine it's fine well too late I didn't offer you it's fine don't worry about it some mission that I can it's like if I got a little hack in one listen so I need I need hold on the only need to see anybody feed these guys yeah they're fucking scared oh no no I'm not doing I'm not doing the mission right now I'm gonna do that like later I'm gonna try to finish my setup and stuff for my own more boring GTA why don't you say that every time yeah I just yeah I joined a party shot yeah I did all right probably tomorrow oh shit are you guys linking hey how many do I Anna well you um honey want to join up and make some wedding tada we're gonna be right back me Sam I'll be right back yesterday nightmare you should go pro for night I stuck up for night bro I'm not on it enough though good it Tyler hallo hey you know in order to do I know with you I don't get anything Sam sam invite me okay there we go loading okay wait Sam I'm gonna use I'm gonna use that truck that means I won't yes sir the truck so you can't scored don't don't land it what are you doing on the mission what about starbursts skills yeah hack – then I don't know – this iPhone when I what kind of headphones what I said own everything else gonna join her what guess I'm just gonna sit there and do nothing lots explain finally a plane we keep inviting news now we're in a mission but we're here to like join sounds got a shit then there you go alright my friend is setting the thing up stuff Sam if you want to join me in him you still won already yeah yeah there's red tube and xxx videos yep someone asked me I'm gonna be honest is to love now it's pretty fun I've actually like one every time I played this a few times but like back in the day like when I want it with Lego Sam I actually won like three or four times it's pretty great now I might not win this one but cuz they're like Prada now but which one do I prefer xxx videos you think so I know don't go to house there's like nothing videos go to language videos he almost done with the person hey Danny Phantom long time like long time no talk Danny Phantom hey guys let me try let me try and do a sounds voice right guys he can't do mine hey guys this is sound this is very she some hey guys hey hey guys this is very she Sam hey guys make sure to hit the like button hey guys make sure to hit the like are you kidding Austin everybody does I know a lot of guys say they want done like I got it guys they watch porn but ago a lot of girls say they don't know girls due to trust me what Sam I didn't hear you why are you wearing here exotic press one one one if you want four if you watch porn I can't really press fun women right now watches porn come on I don't care who you say you don't amaze baby it's called bomb ball your move shit to someone else before it blows up like working in a corporate office here you go buddy this is on fire enjoy pretty much each team will work to move the bombs in there upon its area before the point goals scored extra points this is all brought to you by the san andreas lottery by a glimmer of hope today fired on them scratch off our sensible investment getting ready [Applause] [Applause] how are you doing tom [Applause] nineteen likes I need one more else to use time play it smooth something else come back no you better be here as Otacon you need to be in here what's going on hey Jeremy how are you doing Jeremy exotic mm you're mean I actually pay attention to me for that comment cardigans get Jeremy Lin's name though you exotic therefore to get on we gonna continue in four stitches here tonight I have one too so many times already inside and I'm gonna do it [Applause] oh I never played this one okay I never play that the new record leave [Applause] I suck Oh cheap purple with a goal [Applause] our tower now available you better get there fast hard [Applause] dan you gotta kick someone I never liked always fine for you get off my street no I don't [Applause] [Applause] what the fuck man [Applause] was on the office jong-kook monstrosity [Applause] I don't want to play this I suck [Applause] hey he's a child [Applause] no I don't like this I can't do it I can't do it nope I can't do it I can't do it I can't nope nope nope that's just sucked too bad I can't do that well I told you exotic gotta what gotta what pull oh yeah I can't do that sorry Sam I don't like that shit I don't like it Jordan I just killed him okay let me kill some people right maybe custom people guys maybe do Sam's voice hey guys what's going on guys hey hey guys hey hey guys I mean like hi guys let me get something to eat guys hey hey guys let me get something to eat guys I'll be right back guys hey guys hey guys I'll be right back Hey kidding sounds awesome it's because you're trash I am at that I never played it I thought oh I thought I was something else I didn't like it oh my god there's no one in this Lobby I don't like that one I didn't like I hope Anna leaves and dreams me great down whoever like that is that she sucks dude fucking fix your mic please let me rage on some people are real quick yeah there's a full lobby Oh No they weren't passive real quick damn slut is boring as well haha thanks Austin oh man no and I left that shit was boring there's no one doing anything in there so good I'm trying to find fun some guys are yelling at each other it's hard that's how this shit is really quiet in here though / Sam Carson oh no it's freaking nobody in this shit can I wash your shirt cute boys quest means to sleep at home now I don't want to put nobody to sleep though somebody on the mic maybe something really quick I'm gonna look up something real quick I have to switch accounts oh okay why are you on then losing the chat I'm just gonna go after some low-level to be funny right it's how you do it here like hey welcome to GTA bitch oh shit fuck that was when I did it's funny as shit some chick and there's lunch for like nine and possible in here that's funny hey how come you close two strands but the same name what do you mean you call them for some wheels I'm johnny-on-the-spot I'll hook you up I'll bring it by kiss I must yeah yeah let me give her what he means Oh Oh none yeah I you got a name your shrimps different names every time you know they're still gonna try and blow me up funny right funny thank you not one of them she timed you up for what Gabriel no like I'm Wendy's shrim gave her all you got a name a different name Oh your best for the Sox gibberish where's your mama huh where's your mama really some chick me that's how you do it you have in the car oh boy it's my fifth time hahaha what do you mean alright let me hold on I'm gonna go fast Oh Mercedes Lily oh let's see okay chicken here so hey besties and what haha Gabriel Gabriel put my voice here dad right now okay we and like his dad nacho and Anna and I have sounds for and International House of Pancakes okay okay like an inside joke though right like she called like I had the freaking call that for him is so funny she was trolling without like Gabriel's that was trolling I hate that way you're gonna want to what he's talking on the mic hi that's where electronics lightning or you're moving Tuesday nice tell your mom to call me right now tired of call give real it's my friend's son it's just diapers what you're gonna run away down come on come on bro gonna keep hiding over there bro you told it okay okay ah this guy's on the roof I don't see where he's at though yeah he got him yeah I love you I'm talking about right guys what she told me because someone else was cussing me out what no no no Sam doesn't time anybody out no no his mom yeah his Matsu Oh No hello Brazil hola no Pato okay I should have Jennifer in this shit for this right my friend my friend Jennifer hola yo Puerto Oblast funny oh but I know Paulo our lab pussies well at last Daniel how who has 500 subs who not me Hey look a thousand that's what the fuck bro yeah um I'm about to die with like one shot but I'm good yeah I got run over by a car all right I'm gonna go watch donkeys some milk milk okay that says he loves Brazil who will say hello Brazil yes I heard yourselves I don't care I don't care I have 1000 some good very very good that's your child this is mine bro telework up and tell us like let me look hold on who said that there's no one like my chat I said that shit people have a million stuff thousand subs 500,000 Brazilian watching me another night no Africa 9 you're lying oh oh sorry yeah I don't care though there's nobody in Brazil watching me out they don't resolve stick Portuguese whoa no nope he's gonna come right now yeah we killed each other yeah we're gonna do some overtime I don't nobody pretends Purcell watching me though oh no no you're not gonna do that shit to me you're not gonna blow me up no way I don't give up and I don't beg shaver so people want us up to me and they said to me if they don't they don't that's how I am right I don't speak Portuguese so it's really hard for people from like whoa whoa whoa whoa I'm not talking to you I'm talking to mundo gameplays Tim thanks for coming by though great strong support at this at least speak a lot of Spanish so but I can't speak you see what it does right there she's a big youtuber yeah I'll subscribe to him he does the same I know I'm sorry I don't speak Portuguese but he loves what I have less than young women to have less than yours the English sorry the siient of what what what I'm sorry empty and my guns nothing peace why why guys you see that um I gotta buy your necesita comprar bolitas crystal some big youtubers watching again wheels I can bring around but he only speaks Portuguese what I got stuff to go yeah okay one dog yeah thank you I'm sorry I don't speak Portuguese I only speak Spanish and English lo siento so the soul of lying Lesley espanol and important all Portuguese bad okay and I Spanish – you speak Spanish this time to me especially polo in Spanish no you just say expansion so you say no that doesn't make sense I kept Oh we've got millions of viewers that's dope the stuff tough for him to find me just like the last guy give me my freakin ammo give me my ammo I don't think any of the stuff you know sighs might not matter I did I wasted all of my ammo I'm not getting famous pick away I wouldn't like even if I had like 5 million flick viewers or whatever I wouldn't ever be famous because hey angel how are you doing we just got one day in here Brasilia and you're Brazilian to Miami girls brazilian girls are so freaking beautiful they are pretty gorgeous this guy following me I was gonna like kill you guys real quick right you guys follow me I'm gonna kill you whoa keep looking up do you play with subscribe yeah absolute severy one I play with everybody not like that come on I am NOT I don't get up dickheaded I was like I don't feel like oh my god guys I have a thousand subscribers I'm so I'm big-headed I'm not like that I'm not that type of person you know I'm stuck home right now what the hell I don't know who to go after like I thought I was friends with the people that were following me but they blew me up oh that's my friend you're my friend okay how am I supposed to go after this guy's right poor night yeah look for nice check out at them okay I played everyday like everybody I watched that be good though right that's how it is when you try that shit every day you're good whoa whoa so whoa whoa what the hell why don't they're already killing himself dude what the hell all the guys let me living I'm gonna get some oh really yeah I said no I don't care I'm just gonna go after who I'm not friends with so you can kill me I can kill you I don't care no I don't care let me try to pass a little quicker I just want to go through this get some water so you better back up because I'm not to kill you want to go I'm passive you know all right I just said that you got a backup just draw explosives no freaking sniping and no hiding this whole I asked listen you're pretty cool though thanks for coming in here mundo huh no no blowing no because I love you but this please don't please a little for her recession ass mundo you can ask ad which one if I have to wait wait wait what do you mean God well I'm gonna send second comments guys come here welcome I'm sorry guys I'm sorry I'm so sorry I'm so I'm really like the hey star man guys I'm when I'm in GTA when I'm fighting I'm completely into this game I'm sorry I don't say hi click right away I do right here let's go get the blue guys the green and whatever the hell that color is come on let's go oh my god you see what it's doing it's me so dumb see I'm running in it switches guns bye mundo thanks for coming here I will support you as well oh my god no I didn't want that oh I think I did it right away Thank You grand all that hey they're so funny oh I just got killed by that guy they're out the radar Wow they went after hitter so that means there and they're down he's got blown no he ran me over but they went off the radar ah just pushing my guns further right there at the right there says 'i'm these guys Pharrell like he's switching on me I don't get it man to leave the lobby what's a fuck man uh you gotta add me and just find my lobbying it's like the radar to get my bike what you need boss some wheels I can really click on it kidding me what it's cuz probably bugging him arises Moore's mutual insurance I'll look into it yep like I said you should go watch upstream though I should play freakin boring ass emissions you through to your garage you uh need me to bring you a ride finally I'll get there as soon as I can whoa you're really fucking like nice you know really well you put your fucking little shit up to me right now let's go scary where's those blue guys huh got him he's making little bit time to kill them like a little bitch I'm not gonna kill myself in a minute after dudes friend friends right there what the fuck man how are you were running away what a bitch that wasn't no no no I didn't mean to shoot at you I was trying to like kill myself and it spun the wrong gun like always sucks some other effort Oh where's ya who's this white dot on the map you just got blown up it did yeah why is everyone who sits there putting it they he's explosives right same thing to me oh my god I was looking at my mouth she was if it falls there's no fools ha so your dad bitch blame to forget oh he's hiding this Ilana oh I think these are gonna leave real quick oh you can talk soon I don't know you Oh Aziz I make for my team you can add me let me just keep poking these guys asses without their car what's out there Carlin whoop their ass what fucking Mars I'm streaming I have a fucking Mons bitch facet about yeah Oh I still owe you our yeah yeah yeah yeah I remember if I see something but you said ninja right yeah that's the name whoa black this guy SOGs he's so they start they fucking suck therefore of all these guys I'm looking their ass both of them already so we just put my name who was a little bitch I'm using a gun that's about it a gun over I like a regular fucking gun on a sniping I'm not using this close nothing I'm just using a gun that's all I'm using so I'm talk shit to me bitch I'm using a gun I'm not using it sniper frickin nothing bro okay let's see some hands cuz you're so fucking scared people are so fucking dumb to complain let's use hands cuz this come like he's so like horrible let's ease a regular guns play the game whatever I won't freakin sounds with you any day any time right now you can come to me zombie Quinn helps I can throw down with you with hands and I'm actually pretty good at that so you might die like five ten times so I Bolognese Bolognese right – I'll use my frickin hands quit fucking complaining oh my god watch it like here this guy he's complaining I'm killing him and that's all I'm not fuckin he's like will fucking find him one let's just fight but he doesn't want to this is scared bitch she won't come to me then coax me then quit complaining he's going to playing oh my god you're doing this okay who killed me though I don't even own the children right now you're complaining dude like I will do a fist fight with you if you want to I'm good with that hey what did she call me I think hurry I think I throw some little cogs was like a little clock with your fucking boyfriend's dick sella it's really hard for me to hear you I said it's really hard to hear you I think your dick is clogged with her boyfriend or your side bitches fucking dick it's really hard to hear you when you're choking on that shit really hard to hear that shit what you say you mumble a lot no I think you're fuckin like stroking us is it real quick I don't think so I think you're lying this guy's like sucking on some shit and he's like lying about it that's a fire oh you and your boyfriend now Iran right now I'm sorry I don't mean to serve you guys like getting it on guys let me go and pass it real quick let me use the bathroom I'll be right back go ahead and watch some of those fucking jobs I'm right here shit instant shit having some drama and not being boring I'll be right back [Applause] these changes like me dad okay Shepherd and hey Devin what color is because that right now do the voice oh my god oh my god okay well I'll give you second hello hello hello what do you like to u1 v1 zombie one plate oh my god I changed my fuckin theater name didn't I yeah I did I sure did hello boys you like to 1v1 zombie clean why teeth now press one now I can't believe I'm fucking this fucking biggie – where was the right bucket stream though for real here like 500 fuckin thousand people following him that's pretty badass that's pretty fucking cool hello are you a piece of shit hello hello hello 1v1 me now bitch cuz YouTube coming up to me bro I'm gonna kill everybody and let's just say you're innocent so Selena okay I'll leave you alone I'll leave you alone I'll leave you alone I'll leave you alone bro you're scared you're scared I'm gonna whoop your ass whoa Lackey look at this how am i gay whoa whoa I think I just like lag aphasia no one understand she's here I'm gonna claim duty every fucking night there's a raid with your brain rot on here there I will are you doing damn where's everybody at this lab is kind of laggy though damn I'd like oh it doesn't believe that guy that he I like so many subs now go to his channel he like five freakin hundred thousand I'm like woah come raid me then come braid me and just kidding I don't care hey yeah I can hear you difficut it was don't ask for it what do you real quick here zombie disarray splitter how are you doing the future did it well those guys went they left Wow slums boring now they did though they did I'm fine another another one never better that thanks for asking yeah I'm pretty buzzed right now let me join Anna real quick like I was in here and I was like I never get big youtubers in here you know like lately with the GTA I have been I have though GT is like pop in along with my beer no I don't know what's going on gta-like with the voice shit so weird right what you sure you want to join no whoa what not very many who's this there's no one in here go to another lobby screw this shit there's talking here all hmm thanks for the two dislikes guys come on I tried going to didn't let me in your party chat or mmm I get punch at much I tried joining your party didn't let me I think it was full most of chocolate it's good right now I think all right oh my god I kept drawing late little lobbies if you don't I always have a couple of hairs using wrong I have a lot of haters I gotta get off like soon I won't stand you they snap rapping what clearly supposed to be with you all ready yep oh no she said we're supposed to be together just like kids like 13 years old oh my god who are you supposed to be with no not me I don't know you oh my god you're through to your garage you uh need me to bring you a ride it's coming at you hold on believe you're gonna kill something outside Oh 800 runs in the future can you sing to me what you think me Thank You me Sammy Queen whitey zombie queen whitey sink to Nero Symphony sometimes thank to me you say you're gonna sing to sing to me sink to me come on sing to me come on sing to me he said they're gonna sing to me so why sing yeah I'm ready shut up let him sing to me hahaha yeah yoni [Laughter] you sure about that you sure Rob bad oh well I wanted you to bright now cute shut up my shit son is be so famous on truckin we Instagram but then Oh Oh No this kids like doing on the my god what kiss it boo No No Oh Bravo guys like a furrow ah she's smelling that building right here oh right everybody died so I got I gotta get off I gotta get like six or seven hours yeah thank God everybody have a good night no let me talk to my restroom real quick everybody have a good night I gotta get off it's fucking latest fuck what happened you got that my god have a good night everybody I'll talk to tomorrow

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