DayZ Xbox One Gameplay Review 2019 Game Preview

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DayZ Xbox One Gameplay Review 2019 Game Preview of this console survival version bringing zombies and other problems, Update pReview: Coming Soon
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#DayZ #XboxOneX gameplay review of this open world survival zombie game that’s finally available on Xbox One, with the Playstation 4 version arriving later in the year. The game has grown while on Game Preview now having more zombies that are fierce, tons of new items, constant updates, base building, horticulture, vehicles such as cars and more. It is Xbox One X Enhanced with a 4k resolution though no HDR support.

this is Daisy on Xbox one x specifically so yeah the game has changed and evolved quite a bit since it released back in September 18 so on the one X you are getting a 4k resolution with no HDR support I thought it would be neat to do a review of the game after this set period of time because I play it all the time and because they've actually spent a lot of time updating it so this is basically similar to the PC version but just behind it a bit because they test things on PC and then they push it to console so to start we've got controls here and they haven't implemented all the controls that are present on the PC version yet so we still don't have the contextual leaning and stuff like that but we are getting more things like zeroing and basically moving your body without actually shifting your position and generally they've gotten a lot more controls integrated they've added a lot more features we've got full day/night cycles there's different weather although I haven't seen in the rain in a while we used to have like constant rain for days and days servers have changed you no longer know how many people are in them they just tell you high and low that's the height how many players are actually playing the game which is probably not as many as you think but they do have a good amount of servers the server's do consistently work now I think that's fair to say in terms of you don't see them like crashing all the time you don't see them down there actually up and running I usually play on 404 or 410 we're gonna do 404 today so basically you're able to filter what you'd like to join based on slots and everything like that and you play by yourself we still don't have private servers but they've continued to mention that there's something they're looking at trying to implement so we could see that in the future when it comes to gameplay when the game first launched I was actually very impressed with the performance of the game and I'd still say I kind of M to a degree but not entirely because it has gone significantly worse and that kind of came around we got a bigger update which added base-building and vehicles and they've continued to sort of add items and trickled them in I wish the updates were a little bit more detailed because they're very vague you're not helpful and you kind of got to discover things yourself we now have a bunch of weapons the weapons have had name changes lots of items have had name changes and there's just a lot more to it you can there's horticulture a full horticultural aspect to it as you basically are able to actually grow crops over a set period of time I've shown that off a few times you can rip items into a cloth in order to survive and at the core Daisy is very much a survival game and yes you need to monitor your health and your food and your water you see that in the bottom right there we've got clear icons now that make it very easy to understand you know basically what your needs are how empty everything is that's been a huge improvement since the release I'd say generally the mechanics work a lot better they fixed a lot of bugs but there still are a ton of issues present in the game and every kind of update and I get that as a game preview kind of like breaks or fixes things you now get a series of starting items so for a long time it was a very hardcore game so you had nothing to kind of have at the start was very hardcore I should also mention that there's hardcore service to those kind of bug at the moment but basically it's a first-person and they adjust the HUD slightly really not much of a difference so this you can actually play first if you even like DoubleTap on the right stick to do that and you can actually hold the stick to do like at the lean thing I was mentioning third-person is usually what I play and that's an option but yes we have a you get over a rag you get a flare because there's now nighttime and of course there's different that you know if we fog and there's rain the weather changes in the days I close you also get like a rock knife so you can carve things up and usually get a drink item like a soda or water and then a food item like a pear or something so that you can survive and I think that these are good for kind of curving people from quitting right away because you start with nothing and you just get tired of it we also have a quick slot that actually works now and you can quick slot items really easily and you see that with a stick left stick you'll hold it then you press a and then it plots the item properly which is great to inventory and everything works you can interact very easily on items so we've got these here if I was to have basically this rock this knife type of object know what did they get picked up my crap you're able to combine any inventory to you see that with the beat button for combine and there's just lots of contextual items and options that actually work properly a lot of the gameplay is based around crafting and interacting so items when they're on the ground you can walk up to them and then you've kind of got like recipes with rt like you can turn these into rags if we like it's easy to see items and they're sort of status how damaged they are green icons good and then it changes based on that you get the pristine item I think the shirts a little bit ragged so no it's still good yes you the see you your pants are badly damaged so you know they're not in great condition and you can fix them with sewing and stuff so they really do work on the technical aspects of the game you can cook things you can eat people you can eat animals animals are very rare I'd like them to be more readily available just because I think you know in nature you would see more animals but yeah you can cut trees down and you can make smaller little twigs and you can start fires and you can cook food and you can gather water and you get water bottles and then you got to watch out because there's a bunch of sicknesses you get all kinds of diseases you can be bleeding you know camo net nice and yeah there's just kind of a lot of a bomber jacket that's better than what I have it's just a lot easier to actually do things now in the game like they've fixed quite a lot of the problems but at the same time it's not perfect because you know there's still art issues present why am i running out the snow knife when I got a damn hatchet sitting here that is ridiculous as I'm getting spammed with party invites from people anyways a paramedic jacket I am just lucky as hell alright so we're back to the paramedic jacket I had to take a break just to block somebody that was spamming me anyways there's a lot of items a lot of clothing items tons of clothing items jackets suit jackets skirts helmets firefighter outfits police outfits Oh people are shooting it's not a good sign there's a couple movement options – you can Crouch you lie down you'd be really stealthy it's a fairly quiet world but you do get a little bit of an audience assume somebody's killing someone cuz this is a popular area there's a lot of spawn areas it's a very large landmass so you can actually go very far you can walk through it for hours through forests oh wow I'm not usually zombies up here it's just a massive map the coastline is where everybody chills so usually a lot of people go to the military bases there's a lot of like sights to see a lot of places to visit a lot of houses to explore I can't believe that's not they actually left on to me you can find water in the world that's natural pools you can find it in bottles you can find it in fountains yeah there's a lot to do the zombies are a lot smarter now and they were pretty dumb at launch and there weren't as many of them but now there's quite a few you gotta keep in mind that zombies are mostly found in actual urban areas like not in the forest got just fucking kidding me today sorry tired of this but yeah the zombies are basically a little bit more violence they follow you for further they can become crawlers now they have items they can cause you to bleed as I believe I am right now they ruined my jacket so I'm a little bit pissed off at that people always suggest to fight them I don't get the point cuz they just cause damage but all to their own and yeah they've just generally done a lot to add content to this you got a heal for your wounds and your problems and your diseases you've got to really watch out because anyone can kill you the community is very hostile in this game they basically all kill on sight so it's kind of you know crazy to basically even talk to anyone I mean you can be bold not everyone's bad but you know most 99% of people just kill you that's what I've experienced well I've played this quite a bit and get this soda go in here noticing you know I'm monitoring the water there is a full stamina system in the game you can see that in the bottom the left any kind of shows my position again the icons have really got smoothed out over the the updates they've done it's really it's impressive how much content they've added I got to say that at the start it's like we don't know we don't know and then they've just they've continued to add new stuff so it's actually kind of impressive yeah I'd say that but stamina your stamina gets cut down basically by what you wear there's more heavy-duty vests and items and backpacks and that all takes a toll along with the items you put in them on basically what you can you know how long you can sprint how many actions you can do and stuff like that at one time before getting fatigued and that could be the end of you too because you could run into a pack of zombies and not be able to basically move around very fast right which is obviously a huge problem so performance again you're noticing cities are really nasty at the current point doing this the the rubber-banding which kind of makes you like flop all over the the ground fly around a bit basically what a rubber banding is that is particularly bad right now in cities especially when there's a lot of people are nearby and that could kill you too all it does usually kill you but I think I don't know it depends on how you feel about the trade-off system for having more items and things you can do in interactions and deadly rasam bees in comparison to losing performance which is something they're constantly you know looking at improving and stuff like that which I guess is cool and that kind of covers that aspect as you can see we're in a theme building there's lots of different distinct buildings in the world they do repeat but they actually it kind of feels like a natural group of cities you know as far as this kind of game could provide you get things such as the general clinics that I was just at tons of regular houses there are gas stations there are police stations there's military zones there's checkpoint areas there's the rail rail yards there's a whole rail system there's hiking trails of it across the map there's distinct signs the world does have a style to it and again you're seeing like huge performance kind of drops in this town this was a good spot I think to show this off I like to do this kind of gameplay because it is one of the more popular areas I don't really find Moss enamel that often I do find a lot of buck shots so I might drop it and get yelled at by people for the thing that I think will most likely be something I'll find ammo for items are a lot more common now so this was one of the problems a lot of people had for a long time in the game including myself was like you're not really finding items in the world there was like nothing but now you can go into any building and you can actually find a variety of things they might all be helpful but you actually do feel a sense of looting progression and looting content within the world so you're not just like you know sort of wandering around for hours trying to find like an apple or something by treating oh yeah trees have apples and stuff can fall down from them so you get food that way too lots of ways to get food kill animals skin them get everything like that Oh pack tomato seeds crap but yes it's also weird how the Rope renders now you get a lot more kind of low texture showing up for a second you just look at a pretty good driver since what they seem to fog it out at times too which is interesting you only see that periodically but used to get a really good job distance in the performance was really good like right now it's it's it's definitely having problems but I assume that's because either people are nearby or they're zombies and just a mix of things ooh both hatchets are pretty good you see early round I don't think I have a gun for that you have to load things the games kind of got like a tedious survival thing to it so I consider this game very niche in terms of what it is it's very popular that's for sure always has been even though it's been getting updates for ever and ever and whatever not on Xbox but the PC version actually did launch on PC which is absolutely shocking maybe a little bit too early from what a lot of people say but yeah it's very niche in that it's a survival game where interactions with people come first and foremost over the actual zombie encounters so it's like oh goes on be capable of but it's not really about that I know a lot of people are like so leave is about zombies no it's more of like people and then there's also some B's the zombies are more deadly now and they can actually be a real threat and problem to you as you try to survive but it's really the other humans that are what you have to deal with how they behave what they do around you and how you survive it really comes down to people because they're so hostile right now I should have mentioned that there's like a full oh yeah you cannot talk to in game there's hold down for chat double chat for forever chat and then the left side d-pad does basically emotes things out but people to piss off stuff like that a lot of options they just they basically have been adding a lot of things there's light sources at night I guess I should mention that too aside from just the fire torch you can also get like a headlamp or you can get it a lamp when you get glow sticks and they're kind of really again leads into the very technical aspect of nature for this game it really is about all the little steps of survival with your items items have multiple functions that's what I'm trying to get to and you can do many things with them for example like you have a cooking pot here and you fill it with items and you fill it with water too so you actually drink out of it or you can use it for cooking you put over a like a torch thing you can cook with it and it's just like that's an example of how technical and in-depth this game can actually be you keep in mind it's basically an island but the inside land is just kilometers and kilometers of forest and buildings and cities you're more likely to find people on the coast because that's where they spawn but I mean there's a lot out there to explore this love to do a lot of things now there's not really a point to the game and I say that in the sense that you're not doing anything perma death is obviously a big part of dayz you died and you get into character so every character you have it's a disposable they could die at any point they can get shot they could get cut up they get a zombies eat them I mean you never know what's going to really happen oh the beach is great for supplies and food now – it doesn't suck but you get that sense of it it's actually got some really beautiful nature to it it's performing worse than usual right now honestly it's a little usually a little bit better than this I know it's gameplay is like really not fantastic at this car point the clouds suck definitely a big problem they have they need to fix huge critical error clouds but yeah I mean nature wise is actually pretty realistic the texture is a good-looking tons of trees tons of plants trying to get like a bit of the load in so you can see how it kind of renders sort of like it does a 2d objects thing and then it renders the textures and stuff it's as interesting but that's been a lot worse yeah that you see that tree over there gotta zoom out it's 2d and then yeah it's just kind of loading aspect of this game and I do wish that it runs would run better but I mean they're updating they are fixing things they are adding new content all the time so they seem to have really gotten a good flow going I want to see if that continues across the year because I do believe that it will release from early access like xbox game preview this year and then we'll also see a ps4 version too based on what they said is there a chicken is it chicken nearby things are really annoying but yeah audio plays a big part of this hello chicken uh-huh so you could really listen inside the environment to kind of hear people talking hearing gunshots hearing people interact with item zombies and stuff like that again I'm kind of impressed with the draw distance you get to see a good distance if you have binoculars or a scope or something you can see it further and again you can build your own little settlement they do tend to like restart things quite often and you know easily there are character wipes present during the updates they've been doing I guess they're working on that in the future but your stuff can get really reset at any point which kind of annoys a lot of people what time I spawned him with like I guess holes and I just started bleeding and that was like a warning for the update kind of this point I didn't run into anybody to show off the kind of interaction in the game but yeah you basically go in you live you survive you try to do better the characters are random right now they're working on an update so you can customize your character in the menu when you spawn so that's kind of cool and oh that's a good site so this was a person at one point and I guess somebody cut them up for human steak things but the bones are what we are after so that we can make a spirit you could eat this and cook it too because it's like on cooked stuff oh yeah it's just an interesting mechanic so we take yeah the menus are they kind of get really lagging when there's a lot of content in it because they're rendering the full 3d objects where did my axe go did my axe vanish oh no it went inside the cooking pot I imagine right yeah it did okay it doesn't matter I can use the rock yeah it's just like a little bit touchy on things oh and the server disconnect it just doesn't happen too often which means I'm gonna lose those bones fantastic all right so so everything's happen I guess it looks like those just a full server reset cuz there's like nobody in this one generally along doesn't happen too often but yeah you get a slightly I guess cleaner look at the world right now well there's less people in it but yeah it's kind of continue with that server issues I guess are so kind of a thing they're not too common but you do see them flare up I'm a little disappointed I don't get to show off the spear making because I think it's a very good item to have but that's how it goes sometimes so yeah I think they're really a featuring are hitting a max in terms of content that they're at really this is the same server though this is a different one okay well I guess I do get to keep the bones and make a spear cool I thought it was in 404 anyways crap that's not good so the items have gone into here okay so we want to have this my hands yes the inventory could be a little bit cleaner and run a little bit better especially in bad situations there's lots of zombies around but I think generally I cover the game pretty well overall in terms of what you can expect I mean again a very niche sort of survival game thing is my hand and I don't think it's for everyone but I think some people really love crafting provide be cool I guess I mean I think some people really like this concept I like the idea of it played quite a bit but you know it's very very set it's kind of hardcore it's a lot easier now more accessible for players to get into which is good but at the same time it's not an easygoing game it's not a friendly game you know combat it's usually present a lot in this and you can spend just kind of hours wandering around finding an item and that you really like some weapons you really like and then just dying at any point and then losing it all which is just part of life and Daisy I should also mention there's a logout timer so if you log out you actually just sit there for 18 seconds or you can just log out but your character could get killed something to note but I think that pretty much covers Daisy on Xbox for the start of the year at least and we'll follow up probably with another review when the game actually fully releases so that's kind of exciting

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  1. By the way you can often find sheep and elks up north quite often. Elks normally spawn in the woods and sheep in the fields. You should try going to more military areas like NWAF, Tisy or the tents at the far west on the coast. Keep up the good work!

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