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tap the notification bell to never miss a red header video hey wassup guys woke up at ropes in GTA 5 minutes today we're back with foxy candy cat who we haven't seen a long time spring bonnie who we also have is a long time and balloon boy and we're gonna be taking on the awesome awesome bully from baldies basics and he has taken over the neighborhood just down the street from here so we're about to get in our car and head over and take care of some business it's gonna be tough i oh gosh oh gosh I have I just like eight guys and I ate way too much and I'm just I'm gonna be taking some deep breaths right now alright anyways we are going to be this is gonna be fun oh my gosh unless we slip off of this mountain are you serious come on whatever we don't need this oh gosh hopefully there's no Gators down here come on foxy oh this buddy we're just slipping the slide in just kind of thing that we just do around to you guys alright alright we are heading to this neighborhood over here and I believe that we will win this battle guys oh my gosh will we win it we're gonna hit this tree okay or not we're gonna hit that tree and land on the roof that's beautiful oh gosh a little bummer flip over flip over oh gosh oh sorry about the fans whoever's fence this was it was beautiful I'm sorry about that oops sorry sorry oops sorry oops sorry oh alright oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh we're literally destroyed their entire backyard right now guys it's not my fault actually it is fully my fault right now but they don't have any water in their pool or hot tub which makes a little bit difficult there we go home my goodness guys I see a lot oh I see a hyena I say hey you know see a lot of bullies guys dude get down get down get down watch out watch out dude get back get back things are about to get really really hairy come on come on they're not attacking we gotta get him before they get us let's do this let's do this Oh Oh what the heck come on well what the heck dude what the heck get off ah seriously dude seriously I hope help they're surrounding me come by can you help me out guys literally I've like 10 bullies on me right now it's not I can't even get up guys I literally can't even get off at this point help okay great – yeah and just two more just come up this is it pick on foxy today I think it is must be some national holiday real messed up all right oh great oh great I love when I can't use any of my protectiveness gotta get my sword out then stewardess I'll come really dude let's go let's go holy moly okay okay okay all right guys I'm get literally tossed around hell I'm getting back in my car this is these guys are absolutely crazy back Coco Coco Coco come on foxy run dude ride there's way too many of them literally we got to go we got to go we got to go all right guys hop in quickly before bully comes and pulls me out of my own car is very disrespectful he's about to do it he's doing it guys where were you where were you you didn't get in get in get in hurry hurry already get in get in get in doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo let's do this we are we are what's up oh my gosh homies Oh somebody say zombies guys but ball these are their dang there's so many of them hold on circle around here again psych up a psych up guys okay we got this we're gonna have to do a different strategy though we can't go on all crazy-like because they'll win there's just too many there's too strong I have an idea guys I don't think I don't know how smart that I have an idea this is but I'm putting so many stickies on my car and we're all gonna have to jump off and it's gonna be crazy guys it's gon be so crazy I think I'm going a little bit too crazy with them but at the same time we got we gotta do something all right let's do this guy's let's hit it up where the at where do you at come get me guys dariya double-dog dare ya here they are guys we got to get them in the heart gotta get them right or the most of them are come on peeps come follow me come on alright wait a lot of them right there okay guys alright jump out jump out jump out job oh whoa dudes free buddy why did you jump out they didn't jump out you guys are crazy guys I honestly think we maybe got three of them I think we got three of them that was kind of a failure I'm not gonna light screws using spring Bonnie and kandi literally didn't jump out at all come get it what's up that's right guys I can't use I can't use it and won't let me don't know why ciao watch out come on seriously dudes get rekt you're right bully what's good sub u 2 u 3 u 4 what's up coming after all y'all guys we got the everything is enabled yes alright we're gonna need it he's coming he's coming he's coming there he is there he is you AG freak oh my gosh look at him you can let me punch me and then literally catch me and then just slam me to the ground and that's exactly what he did it's not fair at this point at this point guys I need help i need help i need help help somebody please save me he don't care oh my gosh alright i mean he stuck right there he's stuck right there okay nope he's not stuck right there dude stop come on give me a break i we literally can't even get up and then he's just gonna catch up right back up to us are you serious this is a joke alright alright guys that's it I'm done I'm done with them we're gonna get let's see what should we do I mean the Superman Matt out yo alright when he blasts them out of here I'm gonna melt this egg melt you egg what's up dude huh huh what's up oh yeah I can't punch back what's up what's up huh let's go let's go boy let's go boy come on no no there we go that's right that's right punched yeah you don't like this huh oh yeah get on get on oh come on where is he where is he no no no no you must push us back you're back you're back you're back no pushes this little motion Oh grabbed us know what's up that's right Oh get back get back that's right did we get them guys we won so I'm talking about slamming them one more time show em who's boss you know I'm saying guys oh my gosh she's car got wrecked feel whole bit bad about it well see where those guys we can don't forget guys we're gonna fly and be awesome where's her friends at wait there's another bully down here he should be right there he is there he is serious what's up dude huh you want some that's right wait Marie knocked him out I was a little lame well that was easy where's our friends at all right we got two of her friends boo boo boy what are you guys runnin kid he cut back dude aren't we friends come here come here candy I'm gonna grab ya I'm gonna grab you throw yet below boy in Harley Quinn over here oh my gosh I didn't mean to punch oh I'm meant to just grab him again see you down here candy wake up buddy boy where is he there's Balloon Boy pick him up pick him up there we go all right so we have wait where do you go do we drop them no boy hello wait there he is oh he got knocked out no guys we're like too strong for her own good at this point who's this Oh spring-trap what's up buddy huh I just called you spring-trap I meant to call you spring Bonnie I'm sorry dude I'm sorry let's throw him into a pool sir a pool there he called pool he's okay right yeah that's how he swims I think I'm sure of it oh my gosh guys were savage we're too crazy honestly to be handled right now but anyways guys you guys dries up so make sure you smack that like button if ghajini I make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications so you guys do not miss a new video and I'll see you guys the next one [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]


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