Call of duty Blackops 4 LIVE game play //randomn gameplays//

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Giving up is not something I do!!!! Watch me as I rise and I fall but go back in for the shot, every time…. RESSAMAY is live… I’ll get aggravated… excited… and overwhelmed… playing with all kinds of players trying to adjust to their strategies as i incorporate my own!! Hope you ENJOY!!! Like, comment, share and most def SUBSCRIBE!! I always answer my chat and love to hear what my viewers have to say.. the good and the bad!! Ttyl 😘💯😘
you you you you oh boy what kind of game did I get put in you you all right I'll do a little prop hunt get warmed up and chilly come on jacket okay where is my I just do it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you really that's funny you you [Applause] come on there we go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I'm here and everything to my right don't see nothing [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] that's supposed to give and crazy I can't find one single thing pop ADHD I'm doing good how are you nice most common spot I was looking at your scores compared to mine as far as control and hard pointer and you're so far out there and it's got me Scott McCall jealous vegan Gregg yeah I've actually gotten my assault rifles and my smg's all Dimond since last time I streamed I had a death in the family why I haven't been on um I'm working on my sniper rifles which is hilarious I am NOT a sniper in real life I could probably be one but um I'm not giving up I'm close just not there yet the snd wait wait SDM the SDM is fucking horrible I've been doing it on multiplayer and it's so hard to snipe it gets assault rifle especially if you're not used to doing it so I decided I take a chill pill and do some prop hunt because like I was giving like real irritated and anxious I was like I just need to calm down go play some prop maybe jump in the league I'm up by 500 and then maybe I'll jump back over there I wasn't really good on Hacienda with the cost go with two times go though I surprised myself I went like 16 and 11 I was top three you my mother say see I don't like the hollows right I'm pretty good with three times though but I just quit the thermal one on it but I've been taking turns with Kostka paladin cetera oh I'm like the furthest with the outlaw that I am any other gun the second / this is the paladin then the Koshka and SEM is coming in last but I'm rotating the guns and plus prop times kind of fun the finding is kind of hard it seems like it gives everybody else so good good props but when I go to play gives me all the crappy ones and then little buddy right here so nobody is up this way my headsets pretty good I love it there's two out this way mmm watch it I left in here yep hmm great that's going it's like my cue okay this guy don't moved out further out of here one of those like new props and this one uh this one's over here somewhere how much further could he go out oh no that much right I think I'm like up on my ladder would be nice to get another first-place riot I'm I'm 500 up I check momentarily I feel like right there last minute they're gonna be like on button I know there's another one out here but I don't know I would hear someone by one well II what the hell is this come back and make that work let it work Wow good spot better at Leith I have you seen your scores you're probably like the advance or a lead or something I think he's gonna find them yeah what'd I say yeah I'm gonna get better too oh man we just lost I've seen that one coming by mistake I know where I'm gonna go I think I saw this I'll jump over the leak you got me wanting to try alright now ain't none over here there's one over here [Applause] wherever I was I killed it it's moving or whatever this what is them all two-barrel nice yeah it's always some of those one picking up my grab me something for my legs I'm kind of chillin yeah I'm last-minute grinders are annoying I was 500 above last time I checked Sheen and he went down he's playing but he went down yeah well I'm kidding I'd say I'm pretty good lean if I lose a couple I'll just quit playing he's only got it um this I am so I got a wintry go seven someone's got a real good I got the highest one trigga seems like all in pretty diamonds diamonds are a girl's best friend my art isn't killing me good question I check again I'm like 200 and something and multiplayer I have to I'll check after this game you and as others I just recently hit me I've been having sinus headache after sinus headaches and then obviously the sniffles and congestion love it well that when I got start Jesus reminds just the first hardpoint huh you know what I'm gonna change seriously I'm using the same gonna do seriously Wow I'm usually a lot better than this My Luck she's gonna find the right gun that's on and quit getting jump from buying My Luck I don't even have a dks wonder whether this where's my teammates okay so I lost this one for this warmup oh really why would you sleep it what's going on my team like why they what [Applause] nice go ahead and go to the next one right there samer term vibrating oh my got coke and anyone watching it's crazy I guess it's preference you don't you like your game Oh get it innately I didn't even know no I just know this weekend our bad chicks and I was confused I was like how and then like they kept leaving the hardpoint like I thought it make no sense as points we needed we need at least one person in the hardpoint Oh way I just can't get this map at all you look at my cabbage kills for on the Search and Destroy my win-loss is point nine six like that's not even oh I hate this map yeah it won't let me open up anymore tried to save them you should I don't I always get killed like I can't figure out what to do I'm just like uh uh how do you use the same guns and everything I used to be able to sing that I used to be able to say the same thing just not the case anyone what I say what I say what do you really think you were going to do without any time you know why you're all in that advant shit so that's why I won't get snipers every now so I switch the Kenyan or should I say with the Maddox Oh decisions decisions as I don't have my stuff they're already beating our ass oh where was he like two seconds ago when I looked Johnny no to run all right once I die which I know I will I'll run err look at them I don't think I have enough time oh my god oh my god I see right I tried so hard right it was like right on it I'm so disappointed Jesus is not meant for me to be good today I was always captain – yes – history and yesterday – you're right stupid well it's got me sweating alright dude all right you didn't even notice I can't believe I'm stuck in this button oh here my mouth great where's my aim oh my gosh all these charts dark matter he's playing over clothes and our Arness often I don't know what that is I got to do better remember I've heard of Rainbow six siege I got so you gotta guys know what's funny okay game ended I lost a viewer and I think say she's glad you think somebody peaked I'm a day to the cod this is score looking like oh my god oh god I've got to come up on the check it does drive you crazy for me it's just like I can't give up fucking a girl if I have to dominate I never even try the ICR last night you you oh nice Wow nice I think I replayed it whoa yeah they have a zero oh wow thank you should I post it pushin it wait what you could just relax from keep an eye on okay okay I misunderstand if I said you could just relax what's my lead um shoot I'm at 3058 and they're all I got 22 something so there's a good 700 point lead I'm obsessed with proper I know it's like for the kids and stuff but like I want to find glitches and stuff like I spy in 3d or the I spy books there's they're nowhere that dumb there's no way Oh smart any think about that yeah they are just give away his position that's funny not only no that's not this will oh that's funny you're funny yarn why are these things got to be so damn small down there [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] well I want a cookie all right oh nice [Applause] you know you could be a tree right and you see how I got like hanging outside the map I don't know ever just this like for majority guys guys don't be the addition detail like that yeah I'm in the year so what you didn't know is my stream lagging skip it up your freaking chairs nothing you can do about it that's funny that's funny Wow and they hit you Oh get away get away get away from home what are you doing you're gonna get caught oh my god I'm saying a guy with the pistol Oh get out of it again and again there oh my goodness oh wow I don't know how I didn't kill them huh thank you for this out sky demon Payne aboah what's so funny you okay once you let them choose what they want to look at that cusco babushka I'm level 225 somewhat they player that's like a smart choice I'm not fighting the damn fast little bucket you still didn't see the day I can't hit the little guy oh my god let it go great and the stunts on do nothing but pretty much just let you know they're there [Applause] to get them on he's now we're over here I wish choose this all that little guy wins so every that fucking column ah always give me the crappy stuff thanks I'll notice me [Applause] okay so they're all made [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I am glitched in [Applause] what is he on ice I got a tall chair Oh scuse me all right time you lost the damn suitcase living help go check my league it does if there's something that don't want me to do or play a game you would like me to play let me know I'm just seeing the face of the camera there you go a little slouch cancel up there and I can trick me that I want me to pick and see you and talk about boring who by my sniper class what bhoomesh she didn't get these at timey there what do you mean somebody from behind got me ha Herman LNG oh yeah what gay where am I ha thank you like you're welcome well I wasn't expecting either you can actually see him yeah yeah yeah nice how's that not blow her up excuse me yeah gay don't care all right thank you I had about them okay all right starting exhaust and I got probably about a couple more games I mean be honest are you online I'll see you all work oh they are I'm here hey honey when we playing okay can we try proper building on the student heart do you play Cora multiplayer on this on it Cora hardcore yeah I can play both upper corner right and they're going to start by the way I can't hear the rest of the team I can only hear you so I got my audio set to that I've already been spotted ah let me do that I'm trying to find a glitch yeah you must already be dead yeah let me think of a different spot though what that I am I did not like it happening what I am [Applause] I'm sure you could've looked that's funny I can't believe I survived that [Applause] you got 235 I'm in first place [Applause] oh I fell in the water Oh No [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I killed one I'm chasing is that what you chase it I don't know I shot I hit it I like pretend I don't see them then turn around on there you get some whistles and find out where they're at [Applause] ain't none over here by me [Applause] there's one in the water somewhere we're only as strong as our weakest link is that you well he's taunting you I tried to blend in with a rock yeah I got I know you don't think that's gonna work why don't you go get on one of the couches on the inside okay you press r2 and then press square don't you move I'm a font my broadcast [Applause] I really don't know how you made it this long

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