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A Review of the Avermedia Live Gamer HD Capture Card. Is it worth buying? Check out my review and see for yourself.

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hey guys Jack here bringing you my review of the AVerMedia live gamer HD streaming and capture card our media were kind enough to send me one of these cars under the stipulation that I would provide them with a fair and unbiased video review of the product this card allows you to either capture or stream footage in many resolutions from a PC or an Xbox 360 as far as I know it will not capture HDCP content coming from a ps3 so you will need to look elsewhere for that included in the box is one live gamer HD card one installation CD a quick installation guide a hot burn this is an exterior dedicated recording button a DVI to HDMI adapter and a HDMI to DVI cable just in case you don't have an HDMI output on your graphics card one HDMI cable and one 3.5 millimeter audio cable let's get the technicalities out of the way first this is a PCI Express interface card so to install it you'll need to have a PCI Express slot free on your motherboard most modern motherboards do have one of these but if you're looking to buy this product please check before you do so installation is very simple and I only requires you to push the guard into the slot and secure it with a thumb screw connecting the card up is also a piece of cake most people will probably use the local PC HDMI method you simply run one HDMI cable from your graphics card or xbox 360 to the capture card input and then another HDMI cable from the Cape's you can output to your monitor for sound you can either use HDMI or simply run the included 3.5 millimeter audio cable from your speaker out to the capture card in and then back to your headset from the capture card audio out easy as that you also have the option to use a separate PC for recording if you wish to do so I personally wouldn't do this but I do know of other youtubers that have a dedicated PC for editing and rendering that might use this solution moving on now to the software that you'll be using with this capture card this is called rec central and it's where you'll be setting up your video capture and streaming methods I would seriously recommend upgrading to the latest firmware and software for the car before you start capturing photos though because early versions of rec center were very buggy and hard to use the two most important tabs here are CAPTCHA and stream let's look now at the CAPTCHA tab if you're unsure what you're doing you can select either the newbie or amateur presets and they will set you up with some okay capture methods most people would want to go into the pro tab though and that's where you can completely customize your recording options in the pro tab you can select where you're recording from your resolution frames per second and bitrate everything you're used to seeing in game capture software is here you can also select where your audio source is coming from and add a microphone if you wish to record commentary along with the video it's worth noting that your separate audio source can be saved as an individual file so if it isn't tied to your game audio and you'd like it separate you can do that way hotkeys can be assigned in here too and you'll also be able to select if you want to use an external hot button for recording the stream tab has pretty much the same options as the capture tab with the one exception of the gateway this lets you connect directly to your streaming service you bang in your credentials hit connect and you're good to go now instead of locally recording your game player will be going out live to whichever streaming platform you prefer and that's pretty much it in terms of setup and use it's very simple and easy to use even a complete novice to recording gameplay will be able to set this thing up so what about the quality and how does the footage look well I'm going to assume that 99% of people who are actually recording gameplay in 2012 will either be recording in 720p or 1080p and this card really produces some nice footage in those resolutions in fact all of the footage you've seen so far in this video was captured using the other media cart it looks great it looks just as good as fraps or dxtory footage on youtube I just wish the card wasn't currently limited to 20000 kbps bitrate as some games with lots of information on the screen such as Daisy with all of its foliage to require more bitrate to get a clearer picture hopefully more bitrate options will be added in the future but for the most part games such as battlefield 3 and black ops 2 look fantastic on this card I'd love to be able to record 1080p at 60fps with this card for editing purposes such as slow-motion but at the moment 60fps only available at 720p resolutions or lower the live gamer HD features a built-in hates 264 video encoder which is incredibly good at producing gorgeous footage for keeping file size down to a minimum if you've got any experience with fraps or dxtory you're gonna know how big a 1080p video file can get within a couple of minutes so it's quite refreshing to see 30 minutes of 1080p fridge already taking up 3 to 4 gigabytes on the hard drive so what about performance if you're gaming on PC do you suffer any lag when recording with this card well the simple answer is no when you're recording you won't see any friend drop or liking game at all all of the video processing is handled by the cart itself so your graphics card and CPU can concentrate fully on rendering the game or the recording software such as fraps can cause massive frame drops and performance hits even on top spec machines when you're trying to play well there's nothing worse than having bad performance but when you record with the other media card you really don't even notice it's recording it just works perfectly in that respect I have to applaud this card for capturing xbox360 footage especially it's extremely easy to connect and set up and it's works absolutely flawlessly for me when capturing that xbox360 footage you plug in the two HDMI cables hit record play the game stop recording and you're left with perfect 720p or 1080p footage there's no component cables or crazy adapters you have to buy it just works really well for capturing Xbox 360 gameplay what more can I say than that as I mentioned earlier the live gamer HD can also work as a streaming card I wouldn't recommend connecting to your streaming service to be rec central because the options are extremely limited and literally all you can do is broadcast the game and have it pick up your microphone if you're into streaming you're much better off using the live gamer HD in tandem with the broadcasting program such as xsplit if you do this you'll have way more options with your stream you can add media files multiple audio sources music you can use various hotkeys to do different things and I imagine that if you bought this card for streaming you're already using xsplit there are a couple of different options with this card option one is to use the card as a camera so nice and easy instead of using a program like dxtory or screen region you simply select the card and it will broadcast whatever is on your monitor you let your cpu do the transcoding simple option 2 is a little more interesting but a function that I personally wouldn't ever use due to lack of customization if you go into your channel properties on xsplit you can set the Abba media card as a codec now what this means is that when you start broadcasting instead of your CPU doing all the work and transcoding the stream it's all handled by the other media card which means you don't know it's any performance hit to your system however the quality isn't amazing and you lose a lot of options I've also noticed that if you use the alpha media card as a codec the stream is very blurry with fast motions so that's pretty bad if you're streaming fast-paced games such as first-person shooters it's not so bad with real-time strategy games but with fps you're gonna have a problem I've looked this up online and apparently it's related to the h.264 codec and cannot be fixed by a firmware or software update if you're using the other media card for streaming I would definitely recommend option 1 and adding it as a camera in conjunction with xsplit as this works really well for PC and Xbox 360 streams and what about that hot record button well at first I thought it would be a bit of a gimmick I can just use a key on my keyboard to record my gameplay but it's actually really useful just being able to hit a button see the lights change on it and no you're definitely recording or streaming it also changes its blinking patterns to let you know when you're running low on harddrive space it's actually quite satisfying to press and it feels like one of those buzzes on a game show and I guess it would also help avoid any embarrassing stream situations too so overall pretty positive so far but what don't I like about this card well not a lot but there are a few little qualms I have here and there the first one as I mentioned earlier is why can't I set a higher bitrate than 20000 kbps I want to go to at least 40,000 this won't be a major concern for most people because the footage already looks great but I like to have the absolute best quality before I upload to YouTube and I feel like some games need a higher bitrate to get the best footage out of them the second one is an audio issue why can I only add one external audio source I want to add Skype line 1 line 2 as well as my microphone in separate audio streams but I simply can't do that with this card at the moment the third one is this sometimes if I record a longer video on PC such as 20 to 30 minutes the audio goes out of sync and that is quite annoying having to go back into an editing suite and match it all back up I'm sure this will get fixed with a software update and please note that I haven't experienced this problem when recording xbox360 footage the fourth problem is something that won't affect a massive amount of people but if you're in the same situation as me it will really bug you if you've got 120 Hertz monitors such as myself it's really hard to get the game setup so it's running at 120 Hertz when you're recording you have to clone your monitor in Windows which causes FPS lag and also if you tab out of the game and back in your monitor Hertz will be reset to 60 and the only way to get 120 Hertz back is to change the resolution and then change it back again this gets quite frustrating and is definitely a turn-off for me problem 5 is only a little one but sometimes the footage can look a little washed out and you have to tweak the brightness and contrast controls before you start recording the controls seem to reset by themselves sometimes as well so maybe now I'll be fixed in a software update and that's about it generally speaking this card works great for both capturing and streaming when used in conjunction with xsplit it's elegant and simple to use even for novices so who would I recommend this car – first off let's talk cost the cheapest I can find the live gaming HD online in the UK is a 152 pound and that is a lot of money I think that your personal hardware and money situation will definitely influence your decision to buy this or not if you just want to record or stream Xbox 360 gameplay get this card it works flawlessly for that seriously I can't find any complaints or problems with it in that respect you plug it all in hit record and you end up with some great footage that doesn't take up a lot of hard drive space it's an elegant solution to a probe that's been hard to fix in recent years however when you're thinking about buying this card for PC capture and streaming the situation changes a bit I'd say that if you have an older or average spec PC and want to record gameplay picking up the other media card it's probably a good idea it'd be cheaper than upgrading your CPM of the board and graphics card and it gives you an easy and reliable way to record your gameplay without stressing the rest of your system so you games still run well however if you've got a more modern PC and want to be able to use more advanced recording and streaming options such as multiple audio streams and the ability to use different codecs I can't recommend you this product when you've got excellent capture and streaming software such as dxtory which you can pick up for around 28 pound in my opinion you'd be wasting money by picking up this card dxtory is a relatively new software that excels at capturing video footage on PC and doesn't like your system either so if you're looking to get into YouTube or streaming you should definitely pick that up you don't have to install a card or anything you just pay for it run the exe install it and you're good to go if I were to give the AVerMedia live gamer HD a score I would give it an 8 out of 10 it's a solid product presented well including easy to use software that is regularly updated ultimately the decision to buy this card depends entirely on what exactly you wanted to record and from which platform you intend to do it from thanks for watching the review guys I hope this is helped out in your decision to buy this card or not give me a like if you enjoyed the video share it with your friends if they're not sure if they want to buy it or not and I'll see you in the next one

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  1. if i had 2mb upload speed, does that mean using this card, i could have a nice quality stream now without me worrying about my poor upload speed?ย 

    someone answer, thanks xD

  2. use the chrome pluging called "magic actions for chrome" it lets you switch it all to black instead of white ๐Ÿ™‚

    Late answer, but hope you already have it sorted out

  3. I have an important question before I buy it on impulse (it's only $144 on newegg right now). This doesn't cause a performance hit while playing at 60fps but what if you play at much higher FPS? I play guitar hero 3 and I can get up to 800FPS (it's actually pretty necessary) but I cannot play if I am limited to 60. Does this cap your playing frame rate or just the finished recording at 30fps?

  4. You know if this card will work with 3rd party recording software like AmarecTV? AmarecTV supports uncompressed video recording so if it does you could get much higher quality recordings for editing purposes. I currently use a Blackmagic card in AmarecTV with the UT video codec.

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