Aukey KM-G3 Budget Mechanical Keyboard

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This video is about Aukey KM- G3 Budget Mechanical keyboard

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Aukey KM-G3 Mechanical Keyboard $65.00:

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Compatible with PC and Apple Computers

RGB-Backlit Mechanical Keyboard: Enjoy a more immersive, colorful typing and gaming experience. Designed with a minimalist edgeless case and brushed aluminum panel that’s clean, desirable, and space-efficient
Tactile Mechanical Switches: The Outemu Blue switches are characterized by precise tactile feedback & satisfying travel with an audible “click” sound. The double-shot-molded ABS keycaps are extremely durable for solid long-term use and extended product lifetime
Accurate & Responsive Key Commands: Not a single missed or confused key-press in any use case scenario. All 104 keys have individual switches with ‘full n-key rollover’ and ‘anti-ghosting’ for flawless performance
Highly Customizable Backlighting: 10 preset LED lighting effects, 5 editable game lighting combinations, and 7 color options for each key. Also features adjustable brightness and LED effect speed. Realize the full potential of this keyboard, no drivers or software needed
Package Contents: AUKEY KM-G3 RGB Mechanical Keyboard, Key Remover, User Manual, 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Product Replacement Warranty Card

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what's good everyone is robbed back with another video yeah man I got me a mechanical keyboard from Aki now look I'm not a mechanical keyboard expert by any means and it's a funny story behind this keyboard being delivered to me Aki has this program for creators I went here and signed up for and I picked out a different product a wireless charger cheap charging pad and somehow I ended up with the mechanical keyboard so what I had to do to make this a much more make this this actual unboxing a lot meaningful I had to research a lot of information about mechanical keyboards which is not my expertise so hopefully you guys liked this unboxing and a walkthrough I did get some information the in little research took some notes and hopefully I can relay this information to you guys on how nice of a keyboard this is now this is the our key km6 three budget mechanical keyboard the cost for this keyboard is $65 now it does have this what you call nondescript packaging here you can get a look at it now inside have a user manual and a 24 month warranty card that's tells you information about your actual keyboard and how to get it registered the key of the manual is three pages in English even those a little thicker it does have other languages but the part you're gonna need the most is the first three pages and it breaks down a lot of little things like the functions to cut the key the function keys what kind of commands they have or what have but uh pretty much your standard user manual all right this gets us out now this is a really nice keyboard well-built have a metal plate background with the keys nice to call the keys up front you've got the oxy branding over here got the little industrial looking screws in between some of the keys up top the keys on this keyboard has a nice clique to them has great feedback nice tactile bump which allows for those sure hits now underneath the key I'll be move blue switches which are based on the cherry blue switches so there is no delay when you type with this keyboard and for what I understand from our research that the blue switches are not that desirable for gaming and that the red switch is found in gaming keyboards maybe more desirable for those who are hardcore gamers now I'm gonna leave the link above and at the end and also in the description of the video that helps explain the differences in the color switches when it comes to medical mechanical keyboards now another cool deal with this keyboard which I like is that you need no third party software to you run the colors on the keyboard sometimes you have to download a particular software that helps coordinate how the keyboard switches colors resonate when you're typing but with this particular keyboard no need for third party software all those features are built into the keyboard itself now to use a lot of these keyboard functions you need to hold down the function button and then press the m1 button to rotate through the colors now there's a lot of patterns or colors you get with this keyboard you also may see the options for Hosting colors and like I said they have the rainbow pattern colors and they're within all the color modes you can change the colors for each posting or pattern style that you see on the keyboard itself you can also control the brightness and you can also control the pace for which those colors are pulsating or the way they're wave flow through the keyboard in the background now up top you have controls for first-person shooters CF games Call of Duty League of Legends and racing games and you have the ability to manually change the function of the keys to your own personal and favorite setting by hitting the function button and the mr button to the right to help change the colors of the different buttons to help you remind you know basically like if you need to reload or if you want if you got a game that has a lot of features with it you can color code each one of those to fit a game that you're playing and there's also volume up and down buttons up here in the function there also you have the ability to forward skip music and pause some of your favorite music through your favorite music library of choice there you have it my unboxing and walkthrough of the Aki km g3 budget mechanical keyboard a great keyboard for those who decided to dip their toes in a mechanical keyboard game I would not recommend this for the hardcore gamers this is something that if you if you got it somebody who want their first mechanical keyboard this would be a great choice for them so again thanks to all key for sending this out to me I appreciate it guys I really do and also people if you liked this video give it a thumbs up don't forget to sub and I'll catch everybody in the next video

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