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Fortnite Trolling Playlist –
In this Fortnite Trolling video, I find this kid in a Fortnite lobby and he thinks I’m the youtuber “Golden Modz”. I tell him repeatedly that I’m not but he won’t take no for an answer. I decided to 1V1 him in playground mode and his mom quickly suspects I’m a hacker.. Thing take a turn for the worse his mom tells him to get off Xbox and he doesn’t listen.. ENJOY!

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– If you read down this far, then you’re a boss. Thanks for watching!
roasted what's up guys this is Xbox addictions in in today's video I find this kid in a four-night fill Lobby and for whatever reason he thinks I'm the youtuber golden mods now I kept telling him that I'm not this guy but for some reason he kept insisting that I was so I decided to 1v1 this kid in playground mode and during the 1b1 his mom kept coming on the mic and calling me a hacker for some reason and then she had them turning off her son's xbox this episode is just crazy but anyway guys let's try and see if we can shoot for 30 likes in this video and of course hope you guys enjoy how do you say your gamertag because that swag bro is that swage bro what is that it's like breath wait why'd you put a in swag you don't know how to spell swag stupid what it's the easiest word ever why did you put a in swag all right listen swage about an invite you okay first W actually dude how about we want v1 listen if you beat me I'll gift you this skin right here I'll give you my account dude bill deal all right let's go lazy I'll mark it on the map this is lazy no you're my team get off my team he'll get off my team why are you on my team where you going wait for me okay you need to switch teams so I can protect your loot what'd your mom say you know how to make the car go faster yeah just press I don't know I'm telling you there's a glitch do you know about it Ellen all right listen hit these buttons really fast as I say them okay yeah okay LT party X I'll go fast LT rgx oh we gotta speed up go fast okay Archie Epps LT arc no I did the glitch worked in the glitch I'm going faster now if you tell me a funny joke why not you got another one why you like the best where's the mention no you gotta switch teams alright switch teams and I'll give it back I'll tell you match begins row alright start now yes a crate there's a crate right here holy I'm a hacker how am i hacker you know just because you got killed like four times in a row doesn't mean I'm hacker Oh chug chug this life oh thanks man please wait what should I come here please why do you have your gun out look right Oh what are you doing dude why are you aiming that gun at me I don't trust it oh I knew it and all you're doing is crossing him he is not a hacker quick cuz he's like I'm right here what do you want oh my gosh you little you little hacker you're the hacker don't kill me how am I your best friends I don't even know you alright no more killing okay I won't find 5.1 you didn't win I don't believe you you're a liar I think you're a hacker I think your mom's a hacker actually they got blown up somehow can I talk to your mom or no talk to you here hi do you think I'm a hacker I don't know who you are oh well did you know your son said my brother has something called lignin vited him I was just trying to figure out what ligament Matt cuz I like I wasn't sure oh you were trying okay now see that makes it but see he didn't tell me he was bullying anybody oh he didn't bother you just said he has a lick my butt like I don't know what that means so I was just trying to figure it out neither do I interesting but Brady comes up with all kind of interesting name Sam okay well I'm sorry that he called your brother a name oh that's fine I was just trying to figure out what it meant but um I'm actually not a hacker I mean I do know how to hack in Minecraft if you're interested like I could get you some diamonds and stuff like that maybe like kill here but yeah that's really it no I just talking to you but now that you're saying why it makes sense yeah thank you no problem yeah herobrine made me do it hacker I know this Brittany stop trying oh by the way I actually I'm youtuber you thought oh no I'm just kidding that really sorry dude I gotta feed my grandma what is he I wasn't just little brother [Laughter] yo he came back with the clap back and then she turn off the Xbox

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