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A huge issue with Fallout 4 modding is the game itself is just not nearly as fun as previous Fallouts. Despite getting some great content in the form of weapon and armor mods many users find themselves with nothing to do with them. Today I show you some mods that I think can spice up Fallout 4 for PC and Xbox One and even breathe new life into an otherwise dying game.


The Mods:

Start Me Up:
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Xbox One –

True Storms:
PC –
Xbox One –

Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul:
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PS4 –

Fallout 2287:
PC –

a few weeks ago I did post a video called three game-changing mods as you can tell by the title of this video I am back now with four game-changing mods so it's going to be a follow up to that video showing you four new mods that my eyes are going to modify or change the game in a pretty substantial way a lot of you guys really did enjoy the first video so I do want to come back and give you some more content I'll probably make even further follow ups in this quote-unquote series next time it'll be 5 game-changing mods basically the idea behind this is much for you to download and hopefully if you watch the first video and you watch this video let me download all seven of these mods your game will feel pretty substantially different one thing I do want to comment on that a lot of people did talk about in the comments of the first video is the absence of horizon or Frost these are two survival overhaul mods or fallout 4 they're only on PC right now I don't include them in either these videos simply because those are full-on overhaul mods that's not really what my goal with this video is I want to show you mods that are going to modify one aspect of the game and then if you use them all in culmination you're going to have a pretty different game Frost and rising create different experiences and fallout 4 and the really mods like you only download that big mod and it changes the game as a whole I still think they're really great mods it's just not the point of this video with that being said if you guys do enjoy the content I encourage you to consider subscribing or if you want to leave a like or comment that helps the video rank a little bit better but all that will just jump right into it so the very first mod I do want to show you guys is going to be start me up this is an alternate start mod for Fallout 4 there's a number of different mods in the alternate start category but I think this is the best one we do have available to us right now as the title does suggest this only affects the start of your game it's not going to be long lasting really other than the first few hours of gameplay after downloading this one you can have three options an alternate start which is the main meat and bones of this one a QuickStart which basically skips all of the pre-war stuff and it just goes to the beginning of fallout 4 when you yourself are actually playing and a normal start which is exactly the same as vanilla I don't even know why it's included but again the real juicy part of this mod is the alternate start option basically after selecting that option you have a few more options you're going to pick your special stats and your name you could set some traits that are included with the mod is a really cool feature then you can pick a profession for yourself as well as a location to spawn into the world the location part's pretty self-explanatory it's pretty sensitive covering most of the Commonwealth but the profession aspect is the one that I personally really like basically when choosing one of these is going to define what you start with and well that's really it but what you start with it plays a large role and fallout4 especially when using this mod because it determines how easy or difficult you're starting aspect is going to be you choose from hunters to Raiders to mechanics it sets up a great situation for role player really to do whatever you want you don't have to go through that annoying intro scene that you normally have to go to and then the great aspect about this mod is it cleanly integrates back into Fallout 4 you're still going to have a quest where you have to go find a vault and that's going to trigger the main quest – fallout 4 and also modify some of the dialogue in the game so you don't have the normal waking up out of cryo sleep dialogue because you didn't wake up out of a cryo sleep you're now I hunter that spawned in Diamond City this is a great way to start off a new game on the right foot and all around a very high quality mod in general then we do have true storms I've shied away from many of the other weather mods for Fallout 4 because at the end of the day they are largely visual changes I think they're really cool visual changes they make a substantial difference in the visuals of the game but true storms I feel like is the one whether mud that actually changes gameplay so the fundamental aspect of true storms is going to overhaul some of these storms in Fallout 4 as well as adding in a number of new ones let's make the weather just much more immersive when you're walking around during a thunderstorm and you hear the rain and thunder clamouring it really is just powerful it makes you feel a certain way and it really gets you immersed in the game around you but the one thing that again sets true storms out is a lot of the other features it does add in outside of just the weather component first and foremost it does have functionality that when you're in the interior of a building fog or rain is going to be occluded that in the sense that it's not going to be falling in through the building especially with the fog on this part a lot of other weather mods will have the fog pass-through different buildings true storm fortunately doesn't and then even some of the places in this sanctuary that have thee broken roofs you could see where rain is falling through the holes of the roof but not falling through other parts of the roof this also works with custom-made structures and settlements but even beyond all the aesthetic improvements that this mod does provide which I don't want to overshadow they're huge and I think that's a great reason to download the mod and its own right but not the point of this video it also adds in a feature that when there's heavy rain or a dense fog enemies are going to have a harder time detecting you I think this is really cool and it really you play around some of the weather types in fallout 4 so if you're trying to sneak up on a certain base and you wait till it starts becoming a heavy rain or really just a big fog does roll in you're gonna have a much easier time sneaking around and taking down enemies one by one few storms is not a mod that really adds in a ton of new weather types what it really does and I think what it does well is overhaul the existing weather types and adding a ton of functionality into the game to make it feel much more polished rather than just having a ton of variety one particular weather type that actually is quite cool is now rad storms will have a chance of spawning random ghouls this makes rad storms much scarier and basically you're gonna have to run around because it feels like a zombie apocalypse if you're outside during one of these all around it's a very high quality mod and although again it doesn't have as much variety in weather at something like vivid weathers or even just some of the other weather mods out there some of the other improvements it does add I think make it pull out a little ahead of some of those other ones so if you have reverb and ambiance overhaul all the other mods on this list did feature gameplay changes including the first video that's really been the focus of these videos this one doesn't necessarily feature any gameplay changes but I think it has such a substantial impact on the game as a whole that it does deserve a spot here what this is going to do is change the way different sounds work in Fallout 4 primarily you're going to experience this with weapons honestly the best way to display this is to just show you what this mod does this might not be for everyone I personally really like this mod in the sense that one it makes your weapons just sound a little bit more realistic and cool but even beyond that I really like the way it works with NPCs when you're exploring around the game just like you would be doing in a survival playthrough where you don't have as easy access to fast travel when you hear enemies firing off in the distance it really just has a more powerful impact [Applause] hearing the reverbs and echoing allow you to kind of figure out where they are more easily as well as I just think it's a substantial improvement on the game there's a ton of gunplay and fallout for whether you like it or not this changes the audio of all that gunplay as well as even some finer details like taking out a weapon in an enclosed space is going to have more of an echo because well it's a tighter space you're not out in the middle of the open so last but not least we have gas masks of the Commonwealth or fallout 2287 this is basically taking one of the fundamental features of the metro series of games and adding that into Fallout and that's going to be that you have to wear gas masks whenever you are outside essentially what this mod does is change the way the environment of Fallout 4 works it does actually make sense from a lore perspective nuclear bombs or drop things were polluted so now when playing a game you are going to have to wear gas masks in order to experience that world in order to not get the radiation that is out there this is a very high quality mod as in a lot of other features outside of just the gas mask in addition to the yeah smash available with this you also do have a filter system we're going to have to put on different filters this comes with its own animations as well as now in the latest update an onscreen HUD indicator as to how much your filter has left and if your filter does run out you are going to start getting massive amounts of radiation and breathing very heavily this mod also includes a ton of sound effects to make everything feel just a bit more realistic after starting a new playthrough and again only if you start a new playthrough everyone in your world is going to be wearing gas masks when they are on the outdoors so if you encounter a few Raiders they will have gas masks on as well typically some filters on them so you could loop filters if you are running low in survival mode it's like adding in a whole nother requirement for you to fulfill you're going to have to make sure you have enough filters before you go out on the adventure it's really restricting and honestly really enjoyable at the same time pretty much everything in this mod is pretty modular you could turn off different features you could change the lengths of different filters you could change how loud you breathe when you're walking or when you're sprinting you can also change how often you will get different dust storms obviously it makes a lot of sense to have more dust with a mod such as this and all around again it really adds in a totally new dynamic the game it's something you have to want to experience because obviously you're going to be wearing a gas mask all the time and it does kind of change the way your hug does look but I personally think it adds in an interesting dynamic and it's really great for a new play through that's why I'm just going to wrap it up for this video I hope you guys did enjoy as always hopefully you found some of these mods helpful let me know in the comments down below is there anything I missed anything I overlooked a mod you thought that should have been on this list and wasn't as always again I do really thank you guys for watching and I hope to see you all next time later

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  1. Reverb and Ambiance is nice, but my one complaint is that the inhabited Vault (I forget its number) has the same echo as an abandoned Vault. Just doesn’t sound right to me.

    Another good mod that works well with it, is the squeaky door mod. Because there is no way a door that has been left for 200 years sounds like its oiled every day.

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