10 NEW Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE

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This video is about 10 NEW Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE for this week 4 May 2019. Remember to buy the game if the sale is good.

– Games in this video –

0:20 Dead Cells
1:15 Strikey Sisters
2:10 I Am The Hero
3:00 Asdivine Hearts II
3:57 Yoku’s Island Express
4:52 The Aquatic Adventure of the last human
5:42 Tiny Hands Adventure
6:38 Infernium
7:35 ?
8:29 ?

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0 thoughts on “10 NEW Nintendo Switch ESHOP SALE”

  1. I actually rather like Strikey sisters. It feels like a long lost neo geo game. Core gameplay is fun and the characters have a good number of catchphrases to respond to power ups. *voice acting is to…taste.

  2. Yo if the next nintendo generation is the switch 2, i want them to make it just as powerful as the other big consoles if thats possible. So instead of only really have indie developers make games for them they can handle AAA as well

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